The front, the discordant note in the symphony of Fuenla

first_imgThis scoring drought has forced Mere to seek alternatives in more delayed position players such as Ibán Salvador. The midfielder occupied the tip of Mere’s team in the last league day (0-0, against Las Palmas). Before him, Javi Gómez already occupied the tip of the blue attack in the defeat in Lugo (2-0) of the fifth day.The present winter market opens as an opportunity for the entity of the Camino del Molino to reinforce its front taking advantage of some market offer and immediate performance. In this way, the policy of the previous transfer window will be followed. The jarring note in this great first half of the Azulona season is the lead. Not for lack of delivery of the strikers of Mere, who said a few months ago that he is satisfied with the work of Jeisson, Oriol Riera and Héctor, but because of the shortage of goals that suffer from the three points.With the equator of the competition already past, The only striker who has seen the door in LaLiga SmartBank has been Jeisson. The Peruvian is the battering ram who has played the most minutes (899 ’) but that has not been reflected in his scoring figure (two goals). Oriol Riera is the immediate pursuer in disputed minutes (821 ’), but the Catalan still He has not released his scoring account with those of Fernando Torres. The last member of this trio is Héctor Hernández. The athletic squad debuted on day 14 after overcoming the injury with which he arrived at the team in the south of Madrid. Thus, He has only played 148 ’of competition. Hector’s only goal with Fuenla was in the third round of the Copa del Rey in the confrontation against the Peña Deportiva.last_img read more

Parasocial interaction, the key to understanding the impact of the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

first_imgWHEN I HEARD ABOUT #Brangelina Jara Gardi (@JaraGardi) September 22, 2016But in addition to the number of all those opinions expressed on the network, not only via Twitter, it also highlights the tone or confidence they contain. And it is that many people have reacted to the news as if it were the rupture of a friend or acquaintance. Is anyone else still upset over the #Brangelina split? 🠒” Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Image: Dreamstime. The recent divorce petition of actress Angelina Jolie to her husband and also actor Brad Pitt has caused reactions of all kinds around the world, especially in social networks. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, 480,000 tweets with the #brangelina tag were published and 1,400 per minute were published, according to data collected by verne. ? Sierra Dallas (@SierraDallas) September 22, 2016To understand this phenomenon, the concept coined by Horton and Wohl in 1956 is useful: “parasocial interaction”. These sociologists explained with this idea the imaginary experience that the public lives by creating a unidirectional relationship with the characters they know through the media. That is, the illusory relationship that people project on those who ‘know’ through the media is intimacy, like the one they have with people in their closest circle.In the words of Wohl and Horton, the public “knows” that person, in some way, in the same way that they know the friends they choose: through direct observation and interpretation of their appearance, their gestures and voice , their conversation and behavior in different situations “I see them suffering a lot from the divorce of #Brangelina that anyone would say they are friends.? Abdallah Eli Sotter (@AbdallahEli) September 22, 2016In this way, if people have the ‘illusion’ that, in this case, the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is close because they are ‘friends’, their break can be interpreted by each of them as something bad that affects directly individually. This together with the easy generalized access to the Internet and social networks has as a final consequence endless publications, comments and reactions on our ‘known’ Brangelina.Tbh I was more upset about the #Brangelina breakup than about my own parents divorce? Miranda Cottone (@CottoneGirl) September 22, 2016 1,400 tweets were published per minute with the #brangelina taglast_img read more

La Real shows its most caring side

first_imgAside from this club initiative, There is another idea that has emerged from the members of the Royal with which it is also intended to put a small grain of sand in this fight against COVID-19. A group of Real Sociedad subscribers have contacted the current club with a letter to express their intention to tell them that they renounce the return of the part of the annual subscription corresponding to the games that are going to be played behind closed doors in the rest of the season and those who will not be able to enjoy in your locality for obvious reasons. The idea arises from the subscriber Peio Godoy, affected because his wife was infected by working as a nurse. Xabier Almandoz, from the ‘Gure Reala’ collective, took Godoy’s glove and, along with a group of partners, sent the request to the Royal, without receiving a response that, in any case, will come sooner or later.The idea is that this part of the subscription that the Real can return for the games behind closed doors (or if they are not played because in the end the rest of the League is suspended) is not returned and This money is destined to health entities for the purchase of material that can help hospital centers or nursing homes to work more safely and efficiently to care for sick patients.. The group of partners who have joined this initiative is quite high, with the conviction that when something more concrete is known about what is going to be done with the rest of the championship, there will be more who will join the cause. La Real is still not clear what to do in case they have to play behind closed doors, although it is clear that it will compensate its members who cannot enjoy these games, either with a reduction in the next subscription, or with more direct compensation. There will be partners who do not want to take advantage of this possibility and ask that their money be used to fight the coronavirus. The coronavirus health alert is bringing out the best in people. Solidarity gestures are distributed throughout the country and in all areas. The world of sports is no stranger to the exceptional situation experienced by this worldwide pandemic. Neither does the world of soccer, where we find different initiatives to collaborate and help eradicate the virus as soon as possible. In that sense, in the Royal Society they have shown to have a very real solidarity, with two different actions but with a common denominator: With them we can fight against COVID-19 and win the most important game of our lives.First there is the initiative that comes from Real Sociedad itself, which has had the brilliant idea of ​​contacting all its subscribers to inquire about their health in the midst of this health alert. Several managers of the Donostia club are calling all members since last Monday to inquire about their health, ask them if they or someone in their family have had the bad luck of getting coronavirus, chat for a few minutes with them to help them in this complicated situation of confinement in their homes and send them encouragement to better cope with the isolation of these days because of the state of alarm that causes very complex situations also from the point of view of labor consequences.The goal is for realistic members to have a message of encouragement from their club, the one that generates that unbridled passion for them, and that they feel that they are not alone in this exceptional moment that the whole world is going through. From the Real they will be increasing the calls throughout the next days with the intention of reaching all their partners, because will try to call all subscribers, regardless of age, from the youngest to the oldest, having special delicacy and attention with the older subscribers, because of that they are within the irrigation population within this coronavirus crisis.last_img read more

Kyrgios: touch Noah Rubin and beat up a L’Equipe playlist: “Stop reading this shit”

first_imgThroughout as of late of confinement for the coronavirus pandemic, which was decreed in Australia on March 23, Nick Kyrgios alternates particulars of humanity and altruism such because the distribution of meals to individuals who can not go away residence or who lack sources, together with his typical controversial behaviors on social networks.The final goal of his sharp feedback was the 24-year-old American and 225th of the world Noah Rubin, included in a checklist of 20 most influential characters on this planet of tennis that public a few days in the past L’Equipe, which took the worst a part of the wayward participant’s put up: “Why shouldn’t you’re feeling worthy no matter being on this checklist or not? You do a nice job. You might be a nice tennis participant. Cease reading this shit. “, wrote the 24-year-old Australian and 40th within the rating. I wish to thank @lequipe for the distinction of even being talked about on the identical web page because the 19 different individuals who “matter most in tennis”. It’s to not brag however reveals the trouble my staff and I give to tennis. I don’t really feel worthy however promise to maintain working till I do … and gone that– Noah Rubin (@ Noahrubin33) April 9, 2020Rubin was thought-about by the French newspaper for his payroll, which is headed by Roger Federer with Rafa Nadal in fourth place and which additionally consists of managers, coaches and legends, for the claims that led to the creation of an intimate content material weblog for gamers Behind the Racquet, through which he spoke concerning the “closed system” {of professional} tennis and the issues of melancholy and alcoholism that, in response to him, could exist on the circuit. The newspaper calls him “the circuit unionist” for the entrance he has set up to assist protect the well being, particularly psychological, of the gamers.last_img read more

Boateng and Stoichkov the axes of the pottery game

first_imgTo get started, they are the team’s top scorers. Something vital in a team where the striker’s scoring contribution has been modest. Stoichkov is the top scorer with 13 goals and Boateng is second with 5. Both are from the players who finish the most and, therefore, that they generate more danger. Stoichkov the first with 26 shots and Boateng the 5th with 10. This last figure reflects the effectiveness of the Ghanaian since of 10 shots he has scored five.But the importance of both in the pottery game is framed in the number of balls that pass through his feet. They are two of the five players who give the most passes. On the 23rd he gave 678 and the Ghanaian 674. Both are the top two assistants with three assists each. And, in addition, Boateng is the potter footballer who recovers the most balls from Alcorcón with 38 this season.Undoubtedly, when the ball rolls over the Alcorcón, they need both to maintain this good level. The AD Alcorcón Throughout this season, he has managed to avoid any difficulties at any time. In a season in which important teams such as Deportivo, Málaga, Oviedo or Albacete have flirted with the relegation zone, Alcorcón has managed to stay in the middle of the table. Not only not to suffer but to look askance at the noble area of ​​the table. In that team march Two footballers have had a lot to do: Stoichkov and Boateng.Both players are decisive in the pottery football of Fran Fernández. And this is not just a sensation for those who come to Santo Domingo or watch games on television. The numbers say it since the Ghanaian and the Andalusian They cover part of the statistics of the template.last_img read more

Northern Ireland makes the firing of its coach official

first_imgThe Northern Ireland football federation announced on Wednesday the dismissal of its coach, Martin O’Neill, due to the postponement of the ‘playoff’ of access to the European Championship due to the coronavirus.As explained by the federation in a statement, after the meeting held on Tuesday between the 55 UEFA associations, “it seems possible” that football organizations reprogram the ‘playoffs’ that will decide the last four places of the Euro Cup after the first day of the League of Nations in September. O’Neill was chosen for the coaching role in December 2011 and was to lead the team in the playoffs., that in principle they were going to play this spring and in which Northern Ireland faces Bosnia Herzegovina.“Because the matches have been postponed, the decision has been reached by both parties to conclude O’Neill’s time as coach permanently”said the federation.“I would have loved to have had the opportunity to coach the national team in these playoffs against Bosnia and have had the opportunity to qualify for another great tournament, but with the current situation that is not possible,” O’Neill said.last_img read more

Eibar footballers and technicians lower their salary by up to 15%

first_imgFootballers and coaches of the Eibar men’s first team have agreed with the club to lower their salary by up to 15% in the event that the league is not resumed due to the coronavirus, according to what the Gipuzcoan entity from the First Division reported on Friday. 37 million spending on sports personnelEibar budgeted for this season (2019-2020) an expense of 37 million euros (37,695,500) in sports personnel, which represents 70% of the total expected expenses, of 53 million (53,094,000). Or what is the same, two out of every three euros the club planned to spend went to the pockets of the footballers and members of the coaching staff, including trainers, physical trainers, physical therapists, etc. This amount (37 million) for the current year is much higher than last season’s (27 million), so in one year it was going to increase by 10 million.On paying the rest of the Barça employees (total 200) only a disbursement of two million is planned (2,654,000), which represents 4% of the total budgeted expenses (53 million).For this reason, the economic cut should be made in sports personnel – those who charge the most – and not among the most humble workers in terms of wages.Eibar has a healthy economyThe league (employers of professional clubs) In early April, he urged the teams to start an ERTE to reduce working hours. The Eibar he ruled it out as having a healthy economy. It is the second club with the least net debt (in ‘box’ it has more than 40 million euros), only behind Athletic Club (187 million), with data as of June 2019.For the current season the Catalan entity had budgeted a profit of 20 million, before the global epidemic (pandemic) paralyzed almost all sports, economic and social activity. This caused them to quickly declare ERTE Alavés, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Espanyol, without waiting to reach a consensus with its staff.The AFE (Association of Spanish Soccer Players) It is more coherent for footballers to lower their wages so as not to affect all workers from a sports entity, and because it would be frowned upon for elite football to accept public money to pay professional players.The key is the percentage of decrease in wages. In many agreements that have been reached in the First Division, footballers would lower their salaries by 20% if the competition did not resume (This is the case of Real Sociedad, while it is 17% in Athletic Club). Instead, in the majority of agreements between clubs and players in the highest category the ‘take away’ would be 10% if the league continues behind closed doors.Regarding these figures, they benefit Barça footballers, who should ‘scratch their pockets less (in percentage) than other clubmates more powerful. It is the military advantage in the Eibar, a club that delivers on what it promises. And when it cannot, it agrees with the players and technicians a small economic reduction to avoid greater evils to the globality of a modest entity (in First Division) but honest. In case the current season (2019-2020) is resumed in the coming weeks, Template (players and the entire technical staff led by coach José Luis Mendilibar) you will see your remuneration reduced by only 2%, so it would almost charge the same as if the competition had not stopped.The CEO (Jon Ander Ulazia), the sports director (Fran Garagarza) and the technical secretary (Mikel Martija) join this pact, which shows that the ‘Barça family’ remains united even in bad times, when it is time to ‘tighten the belt’.The health, economic and social crisis that COVID-19 has caused worldwide has led to the Eibar to take this painful decision with the consensus of the staff to minimize the economic impact in the eibarresa entity.The most important thing is that this entente will allow the Catalan club to avoid an ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File) that could have affected the 200 workers in Eibar.The agreement has dragged on for the past few weeks, but in the end the positive is that there has been a ‘white smoke’ after a long wait in which the two parties have been negotiating, until an agreement has finally been reached.Eibar showed its “appreciation to all the people who have agreed to reduce their remuneration. In a situation as complex as the current one, these measures make it possible that other workers of the entity are not affected; and that the club can continue carrying out the social work that characterizes it, with concrete measures to help third parties, as it has been developing this past month in hospitals, residences and schools. “The club sent “a message of encouragement to the gun fans and to all of society in general. We thank all the messages of thanks and support received through different channels. With the help and solidarity of all, we will move forward.”last_img read more

KC surges with Hamilton’s leap

first_imgDesperate to regain the title they last won in 2009, Kingston College (KC) have surged to the top of the hill in the early race for the Mortimer Geddes Trophy at the 2016 Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA)/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships inside the National Stadium.With two finals scored, the purple-hearted unit were leading the points standings with 23 points ahead of Jamaica College (JC), 19, with defending champions Calabar High, which must overcome a testing day on the track, third on 10. They are followed by Excelsior (nine), St Jago (seven) and Campion College (four).KC got off to a strong start yesterday evening, with Yashawn Hamilton securing the first points for the North Street-based school with a 7.01-metre win in the Class Two boys’ long jump event.Excelsior’s Joel Morgan, 6.95m, won the silver medal ahead of Calabar’s Kristoffe Clifford, 6.87m.O’Brien Wasome of JC’s 7.50m mark in the Class One boys’ long jump was enough to give him the win and nine valuable points for his school, with St Jago’s Shawn-d Thompson, 7.27m, claiming second place ahead of third-place finisher Shammawi Wellington (KC), 7.23m.Earlier, in the half lap event, Calabar’s titan, Christopher Taylor, showed no signs of wear after last night’s 400m-record run and was comfortable in winning his heat and posting the fastest time in the Class Two boys’ 200m heats, 21.13.His teammate, Dejour Russell, got in on the action, stopping the clock at 21.14 in the very next heat as St Jago pair Gary Gordon (22.01) and Javad Black (22.12), JC’s Chislon Gordon 22.16 and KC’s Yashawn Hamilton, 22.17, will all be looking to upset the Calabar duo.Class One favourite, Nigel Ellis, is determined to leave Kingston with the sprint double, and the early signs are positive.EASY WINThe in-form sprinter was easy in winning his 200m heat in 21.24 seconds, to lead all qualifiers into the next round of the event.With no Jhevaughn Matherson registered for the event, KC fans were relieved to see Tyreke Bryan, who had the second-fastest qualifying time of 21.33 and seventh fastest qualifier Shivnarine Smalling, 21.47 both securing lanes in the next round.Thiea Shea (Wolmer’s) won his Class Three boys’ 200m heat in a time of 22.42 – the best clocking among all qualifiers – as he beat Clarendon College’s Rahyme Christian, 22.80, into second place.Event favourite Sachin Dennis (STETHS), 22.76, is also safely through to the next round, so, too, is his teammate, Tyrone Barnes, 23.32; Petersfield’s Antonio Watson, 22.90, and Papine’s Shemar Willis, 22.91 – the top qualifiers.Calabar suffered a major setback in the Class Three boys’ 800m heats, with Kevroy Venson, who was expected to bring in maximum points in both the 800m and 1500m, struggling to last place in his two-lap preliminary-round race after battling with flu symptoms.The second Calabar athlete in the event, Rivaldo Marshall, also failed to book a spot in the next round, with St Jago’s medal favourite, Jevana Edwards, leading all qualifiers to the semi-finals with a 2:06.23 time. Shanthamoi Brown (KC), 2:06.51, was the next best qualifier in the event, followed by Donald Quarrie’s Jordan Anderson, 2:08.44 and JC’s Malik Ricketts, 2:08.85, also securing semi-final lanes.The Calabar coaching staff, which outlined that Venson was cleared to compete, has indicated that the athlete will line up in the 1500m heats this morning.St Jago’s Keenan Lawrence is expected to push for the Class Two boys’ 800m record of 1:52.27 and it’s about time. Aldwyn Sappleton’s (Edwin Allen) mark of 1:52.27 has been on the books since 1997, and with Lawrence already clocking 1:53.82 this season, there are strong signs that he will be able to carve his name in history.Lawrence was comfortable in qualifying from his heat, clocking 1:58.21 for the win as Dwight Mason (STETHS), 1:57.40 – his fastest time this season, was responsible for the fastest time in the preliminary round.Bellefield’s Shevan Parks, who cruised to 1:56.09 in the heats and STETHS’ Jauavney James, 1:56.79, should take their Class Two rivalry into the Class One 800m and could push each other to special performances in what is a keenly anticipated clash at this year’s championships.It was, however, Rogay Granston (Holmwood), 1:55.29, who posted the fastest time in yesterday’s heats, with St Jago’s Leon Clarke next best with 1:55.30 and Nathan Brown (Excelsior), 1:55.80, also making a statement in qualifying.Warren Barrett Jr (Calabar) 49.25m was the best effort in the boys’ Class One discus qualifiers, with Munro’s Kino Dunkley, reminding all that this will be one of the closest events at these championships with a 48.53m qualifying mark of his own.Petersfield’s Kevin Nedrick, 46.29m and Munro’s Vikarie Elliott, 46.13m, also placed their names in the conversation, along with JC’s Vashon McCarthy, 44.45m and Hydel’s Derrick Spencer, 44.05m, also among the top qualifiers to the final.last_img read more

Austin will face Costa Rica – Schafer

first_imgNational senior men’s football team head coach, Winfried Schafer, says Reggae Boyz captain, Rodolph Austin, whose name was not in the 23-man squad released by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) on Sunday, will be part of the team to face Costa Rica in back-to-back World Cup qualifiers on March 25 and 29. The German told The Gleaner yesterday evening that the midfielder, who recently signed for Danish club FC Copenhagen, was nursing an injury and was being treated by the club. However, he said he has spoken with the player who has assured him that he is fit and will make himself available. “These are two very important matches. We need all players that can play. Maybe he can play in the second match. We don’t know. He is coming, he tells us he is OK. I cannot tell you now (when he will arrive), today is Monday and Friday is the match. He has special (recovery) training (in Denmark) now. But we have all medical papers that we need and everything in Copenhagen comes to us,” he said. Although Schafer could not give a date of the Reggae Boyz captain’s arrival, he says he is expected in another day or two. “We talk today (Monday). We talk about him in Copenhagen and in the morning, he will come to us, or maybe he stays in Copenhagen another day. Maybe he comes for the second game,” he added. DISTANCE DIFFICULT Meanwhile, as the squad continues preparation, Sch‰fer argued that not seeing and communicating with his overseas-based players regularly makes his job more difficult. “One of the biggest problems I cannot watch my players or talk to him. I can’t watch my player here Sunday or Saturday and it’s very important to talk to the player and their coaches and managers. We play at a high level now and are one of the best teams in CONCACA,” Schafer said. “But the problem I have, I can’t see my players from outside Jamaica. That is one of the biggest problems for a coach. I see them one time a year and it’s very important I watch my players in Europe and MLS,” he reasoned. Jamaica Squad: Andre Blake, Je-Vaughn Watson, Kemar Lawrence, Adrian Mariappa, Michael Hector, Westley Morgan, Clayton Donaldson, Garath McCleary, Jobi McAnuff, Leo Williamson, Demar Phillips, Simon Dawkins, Alvas Powell, Jermaine Taylor, Darren Mattocks, Giles Barnes, Ryan Thompson, Allan Ottey, Andre Clennon, Dever Orgill, Andrew Vanzie, Vishunul Harris, and Shaven Sean-Paul.last_img read more

Portmore end MBU streak

first_img – Harbour View 2, Boys’ Town 1 – Arnett Gardens 1, UWI 0 – Waterhouse 1, Rivoli 1 – Humble Lion 0, Reno 0 – Portmore 1, Montego Bay 0 Cleon Pryce netted the game’s only goal as Portmore United beat Montego Bay United 1-0, in their top-of-the-table clash at the Juici Patties field yesterday. The win ended the St James club’s ten-match unbeaten run and put Portmore on the same number of points (24) with them at the top of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) standings. Portmore, however, trail on goal difference. Meanwhile, at Barbican Complex, Claudius Blackburn and Jorginho James’ quick response to Rafiek Thomas’ first-minute strike saw Harbour View register a come from behind 2-1 win over Boys’ Town to start the second round of the competition on a winning note. Blackburn pulled one back after nine minutes and James’ 14th minute goal put them ahead. The win moved them two spots up to fifth, while leapfrogging yesterday’s opponents by one place and two points. Harbour View have four wins, three defeats and five draws in their 12 matches, and coach Ludlow Bernard noted that consistency was their main downfall in the first round and that they are working to fix the problem for this round. “We need to be consistent in players’ performance, as well as team play. We are doing our utmost best to manage games, because we are playing some very good teams. But we are working to ensure it happens,” he stressed. Even though they went behind very early, Bernard praised his players for their composure and decisiveness. “It was innocuous to go behind so quickly, but the players held their nerve and were very decisive in getting the equaliser as quickly as possible,” he added. In the first minutes, Boys’ Town were handed a penalty and Thomas made no mistake as they hunted their fourth win in five games. However, their lead lasted only eight minutes, as John-Ross Edwards left his marker and centred for Blackburn, who guided home from close range. Five minutes later they were in the lead after James turned his marker and struck a fierce shot from outside the area past Kirk Porter. Boys’ Town were better after the break and their best chance for another goal came midway the period when a loose ball fell to Michael Blygen, but he scooped over from six yards. They had another great chance later on when Daemeon Benjamin played in Thomas, but he hesitated and allowed Devon Haughton to snatch the ball from his feet. Boys’ Town coach, Andrew Price, said they lost their composure and discipline after 15 minutes and paid for it. “The players allowed the referee to get into their heads and they started arguing with him. You have to have some concentration and some discipline, but it fell apart, and it was hard for us to get back into the game,” he stated. In other games, Humble Lion (19 points) and Reno (15) played to a 0-0 draw. Arnett Gardens (20) climbed one place above Humble Lion to third after Leon Strickland’s goal gave them 1-0 win over UWI (12). Rivoli (11) held Waterhouse (11) to a 1-1 draw in their bottom-of-the-table clash. Today’s Game Yesterday’s results CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE – 8:40 p.m.: Cavalier vs Tivoli Gardens at Stadium East.last_img read more