first_img4. Learn to sing: CubaAre you the next Fleur East?! Or does your vocal prowess extends only as far as murdering Tainted Love at the pub karaoke? Get your chords in trim with a singing holiday in Havana, Cuba. You could be the next Stevie Ritchie. Er, hang on a minute.5. Learn to live the good life: DevonLeave the rat race far behind. If you dream of chucking in the nine-to-five and swapping your Prosecco for potato wine, master the art of living off the land on a smallholding life course in Devon. Learn how to look after cute farm animals, and how to cook from scratch using fresh, seasonal produce… not that there’s any connection, honest.6. Learn a language, SpainGo local. If your knowledge of the local lingo extends as far as ordering a beer, how about a language learning holiday? Spanish in Seville? You’ll learn all the important stuff, like how to chat up the local talent.More: 7 secrets to learning a language fast7. Save the planet, MaldivesTurtle power! Give something back to the planet on a conservation holiday like being a volunteer on a turtle conservation project in the Maldives. Look after cutesy turtles and spend your free time scuba diving and sunbathing. Doesn’t sound like too much like a working holiday, does it?More: 10 Paycations: how to make money on holiday8. Learn to belly dance, TurkeyAs Shakira once said, the hips don’t lie, so learn one of life’s essential skills on a belly dancing course. Learn how to wiggle those hips with more style than your usual uncoordinated floundering on the dancefloor under the expert guidance of Turkish tutors in Istanbul.9. Learn to paint, GreeceEasel does it! Brush up on your artistic skills where the light is bright and the sun is shining, helping you to magic up a masterpiece in comfort. Capture the sunset with a sundowner in hand on a painting course on the Greek island of Santorini, or just pack your paints, head to the Med and get inspired. 2. Learn to cook: ItalyBeans on toast just won’t cut it. Impress the ladies (or the men) with your kitchen skills. If you’re a budding Gordon, Heston or Delia, learn to become a domestic god(dess) on a crash cookery course. Even better, learn to whip up show-stopping dishes using organic ingredients in picturesque countryside at a cook school in Tuscany.3. Learn to surf: CornwallIf, like us, you always wanted to be in The Beach Boys, you’re probably waxing down your surfboard, and can’t wait ’til June. If heading straight to North Shore is a bit scary for a novice, sign up to a surf school and learn to ride those tubes like Garrett McNamara.More: 5 super surf spots for beginners 10. Broaden your mind – somewhere new!Make 2015 the year of travel. Broaden your mind by going somewhere different. If you’ve been stuck on going to the same villa in Tuscany in the same week in August for the last five years, how about you expand your horizons and go somewhere different this year? Be bold: hire a villa in Myknonos. Get inspired for your adventures with our pick of 10 hot destinations to visit in 2015 or use our Everywhere search to see where you can fly to from your nearest airport.More: Travel Trends: World’s top destinations for 2015Wherever you’re going next year, check Skyscanner for your flights, hotel and car hire. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Make 2015 the year. Whether you want to drop a dress size, run a marathon or even learn to belly dance, check out these 10 terrific ideas for holistic holidays. Go on, you can do it!1. Get fit – run a marathon: HawaiiPut down that last leftover mince pie. This is the year you’re going to get fit. But turning off the TV and running once around the park isn’t enough – you’ve got to aim high. Give yourself a real challenge. How about running a marathon? It may be a bit soon to contemplate the London marathon in March, so how about the Honolulu Marathon in December? 26 miles? Easy. RelatedTactical Gap Years: Skyscanner’s 10 CV enhancing career breaksTactical Gap Years: Skyscanner’s 10 CV enhancing career breaks8 Top Marathons: running around the worldSkyscanner presents our top pick of marathons around the worldHow to stay fit and healthy on holidayHow to stay fit and healthy on holidaylast_img

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