first_imgAside from this club initiative, There is another idea that has emerged from the members of the Royal with which it is also intended to put a small grain of sand in this fight against COVID-19. A group of Real Sociedad subscribers have contacted the current club with a letter to express their intention to tell them that they renounce the return of the part of the annual subscription corresponding to the games that are going to be played behind closed doors in the rest of the season and those who will not be able to enjoy in your locality for obvious reasons. The idea arises from the subscriber Peio Godoy, affected because his wife was infected by working as a nurse. Xabier Almandoz, from the ‘Gure Reala’ collective, took Godoy’s glove and, along with a group of partners, sent the request to the Royal, without receiving a response that, in any case, will come sooner or later.The idea is that this part of the subscription that the Real can return for the games behind closed doors (or if they are not played because in the end the rest of the League is suspended) is not returned and This money is destined to health entities for the purchase of material that can help hospital centers or nursing homes to work more safely and efficiently to care for sick patients.. The group of partners who have joined this initiative is quite high, with the conviction that when something more concrete is known about what is going to be done with the rest of the championship, there will be more who will join the cause. La Real is still not clear what to do in case they have to play behind closed doors, although it is clear that it will compensate its members who cannot enjoy these games, either with a reduction in the next subscription, or with more direct compensation. There will be partners who do not want to take advantage of this possibility and ask that their money be used to fight the coronavirus. The coronavirus health alert is bringing out the best in people. Solidarity gestures are distributed throughout the country and in all areas. The world of sports is no stranger to the exceptional situation experienced by this worldwide pandemic. Neither does the world of soccer, where we find different initiatives to collaborate and help eradicate the virus as soon as possible. In that sense, in the Royal Society they have shown to have a very real solidarity, with two different actions but with a common denominator: With them we can fight against COVID-19 and win the most important game of our lives.First there is the initiative that comes from Real Sociedad itself, which has had the brilliant idea of ​​contacting all its subscribers to inquire about their health in the midst of this health alert. Several managers of the Donostia club are calling all members since last Monday to inquire about their health, ask them if they or someone in their family have had the bad luck of getting coronavirus, chat for a few minutes with them to help them in this complicated situation of confinement in their homes and send them encouragement to better cope with the isolation of these days because of the state of alarm that causes very complex situations also from the point of view of labor consequences.The goal is for realistic members to have a message of encouragement from their club, the one that generates that unbridled passion for them, and that they feel that they are not alone in this exceptional moment that the whole world is going through. From the Real they will be increasing the calls throughout the next days with the intention of reaching all their partners, because will try to call all subscribers, regardless of age, from the youngest to the oldest, having special delicacy and attention with the older subscribers, because of that they are within the irrigation population within this coronavirus crisis.last_img

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