first_imgWHEN I HEARD ABOUT #Brangelina Jara Gardi (@JaraGardi) September 22, 2016But in addition to the number of all those opinions expressed on the network, not only via Twitter, it also highlights the tone or confidence they contain. And it is that many people have reacted to the news as if it were the rupture of a friend or acquaintance. Is anyone else still upset over the #Brangelina split? 🠒” Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Image: Dreamstime. The recent divorce petition of actress Angelina Jolie to her husband and also actor Brad Pitt has caused reactions of all kinds around the world, especially in social networks. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, 480,000 tweets with the #brangelina tag were published and 1,400 per minute were published, according to data collected by verne. ? Sierra Dallas (@SierraDallas) September 22, 2016To understand this phenomenon, the concept coined by Horton and Wohl in 1956 is useful: “parasocial interaction”. These sociologists explained with this idea the imaginary experience that the public lives by creating a unidirectional relationship with the characters they know through the media. That is, the illusory relationship that people project on those who ‘know’ through the media is intimacy, like the one they have with people in their closest circle.In the words of Wohl and Horton, the public “knows” that person, in some way, in the same way that they know the friends they choose: through direct observation and interpretation of their appearance, their gestures and voice , their conversation and behavior in different situations “I see them suffering a lot from the divorce of #Brangelina that anyone would say they are friends.? Abdallah Eli Sotter (@AbdallahEli) September 22, 2016In this way, if people have the ‘illusion’ that, in this case, the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is close because they are ‘friends’, their break can be interpreted by each of them as something bad that affects directly individually. This together with the easy generalized access to the Internet and social networks has as a final consequence endless publications, comments and reactions on our ‘known’ Brangelina.Tbh I was more upset about the #Brangelina breakup than about my own parents divorce? Miranda Cottone (@CottoneGirl) September 22, 2016 1,400 tweets were published per minute with the #brangelina taglast_img

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