Congratulations on the twenty-ninth Zhengzhou International Franchise Exhibition will start

is currently the world’s most popular franchise chain suction gold project, the chain of large and small brands hit the hearts of entrepreneurs interested in this area of interest. With the rapid increase China international economic status, the national franchise showing a good trend of development, franchise industry has become a hot topic in the international market, with advantages of minimal imput and fastest minimum risk ", become the preferred way of entrepreneurs to enter the market, and quickly swept the world. read more

How to properly match the curtains in home life

home life, want to have a more intimate space, you can not lack curtains, which is very important. Moreover, with the high demands of people’s lifestyle, the curtain should keep pace with the times, more in line with their own home decoration style. So, do you know which curtains are used together?

A, red and black collocation can alleviate insomnia. If the living room curtains to talk to the guests, then the bedroom curtain is designed specifically for the master. Warm, romantic, intimate bedroom space, curtains, in addition to decorative effect, the main protection of privacy, regulating the light. Choose dark shading cloth, good, and can play to promote the role of sleep, especially the black curtain collocation is a good choice for insomnia. read more

How to easily open a breakfast shop

breakfast is indispensable in people’s life is the most important meal, a meal, but now it’s time, few people make your own breakfast, so breakfast sales are very hot, open a breakfast shop will have a very promising market, so as to better open a breakfast shop?

in the city, the subway, the breakfast car in the village breakfast restaurant, office foreign fast food, the public can according to personal preferences and convenience breakfast breakfast market is very popular, which contains business opportunities, what business can make money? How to open a breakfast shop? Now we come to a concrete analysis. read more

The new trend of modern catering management

although the hunger breeds discontentment under the background of the times, the catering industry is an enduring industry, the development prospect is considerable, but with the rapid development of economy, the change of the times, people change the diet management of consumer life, want to successfully operate a restaurant, or to follow the trend of the times, grasp the future direction of the catering business. In order to have better development.

investment and operating experience of the food and beverage industry veteran pointed out that open restaurants, restaurants, to grasp the social status quo,  . read more

What kind of business strategy can be used to open a snack bar

snack bar should pay attention to what issues? Many people want to invest in the snack bar, but may not consider in the process of preparation, in order for everyone to have a good start, small finishing skills hope that can help you solve a business problem, hurry to see it.

1, store address is very important

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How to do a lot of work in the snack bar

investment to open a snack bar, we must look good market. The cost of investment is not very high, the market is also very strong adaptability, many businesses think casually look at the market, you can site. In fact, this is the wrong idea. Small series of information can help you find the right location reference.

a, now there are many business snacks entrepreneurs like through newspaper advertising, housing agency, real estate fair, the Internet and other shops to understand information. In fact, the market shops have a "2:8 rule" that public rental information accounted for only 20%, while in the transfer of private means of covert transactions accounted for 80%, so, for operating a snack shops to open channels, multi pronged. read more

Steamed stuffed bun brand in the old Shen buns

China should be a country adhering to the traditional culture, the food and beverage industry also has its traditional culture that is steamed buns, etc. These are common to see, but it is the Chinese people can not let go of food and beverage feelings. Today, the food and beverage industry can be described as a stuffed bun brand, what brand is better, Xiao Bian recommended for you to the old Shen bun shop.

old Shen head baozi Inn adhere to the "people of all ages, moderate price, close to the people, business positioning service working", go through the Chinese fast food franchise development, in a short period of 6 years from 3 stores quickly expanded to more than and 150, became the capital of the largest fast food chain buns. Old Shen head to create Chinese first CMC buns brand in all, old Shen tou baozi Inn as the service object, fully rely on the strength of enterprises, to create a good environment for the development of chain enterprises; build a communication platform, a hot issue for developing strategic and operational management of exchange and consensus, and jointly promote the development of the old Shen head baozi Inn chain business better. read more

What is the best product online shop

China along with the enhancement of the economic level, the development of the Internet speed is rapid, which has prompted the development of electronic commerce, the shop has become the main way of venture capital, a lot of people have joined the ranks of the open shop, so in many people, the competition is big, how can the talent shows itself in numerous in the shop, a good product will make you prosperous, wealth.

single brand goods

if you can get the famous brand products of the original single goods, is definitely a big selling point. Some famous brands of goods inventory backlog, some businesses simply sell inventory to the full network of sellers. read more

Small puppets to create huge business opportunities

every year a large number of college graduates flock to the market, there will be a lot of people who can not achieve employment. Among them, apart from social factors, there are many reasons for college students. Here, take a look at the success of college graduates Zhou Junrong road! />

by a street vendor in the street, a few months down Zhou saved five thousand or six thousand yuan. In April 9th, Xiao Zhou used the money in Jiefang West Road department store, opened up his own puppet jewelry store, and asked a sister to help  . When business is good, a week had an income of 900 yuan zhou.

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The flood control measures in Henan Internet plus era

in the heavy rain of the offensive, a lot of places into the flood situation, to people’s lives and security threats, but also directly lead to significant economic losses. So, Henan heavy rainfall in the face of the time, how to take the "Internet plus" flood control? The following and small series of specific in-depth understanding.

entered in July, the province of the south, the north have suffered heavy rains, Xinyang, Xinxiang and other places due to rain. By the 1951 observation of the largest intensity of El Nino events since the impact of this year’s meteorological year bias, flood control situation in our province is not optimistic. read more

[there is a picture of the truth] to teach you to open hand WeChat store

now WeChat’s growing influence, it’s every new move is attracting people’s attention, especially WeChat stores, but also to win the attention of many entrepreneurs. We just need a simple application and certification in WeChat has its own WeChat shop, then how ordinary entrepreneurs to open their own WeChat store it?

A, open WeChat store


1, must have access to WeChat certified service number

2, WeChat shop to connect WeChat payment function

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Shu Jiang fish headquarter in what place

Why choose to join the project

fish Shu River fish to join the project, the main reason is the Shu River fish, are nutrition, taste buds meet consumer demand to a certain extent, it will attract the attention of investors. So what Shu River fish? Shu River fish, industry well-known brands, unique fish, exclusive skills, composite business diversification profit, helped many small entrepreneurs succeed, is a worthwhile investment project. A lot of investment in the franchisee will ask, Shu River fish headquarters where? The following small for everyone to talk about. read more

Ten of the world’s most expensive engagement ring, there is always a let your heart

2014, marriage is a hot topic, and the engagement ring is also very concerned about, then, the world’s most expensive engagement ring to count? Today Xiaobian for everyone to take stock of the world’s ten most expensive engagement ring, come and see which one of the most let you echocardiography.

tenth: 18 Carat White Diamond Sapphire Ring

18 Carat White Diamond Sapphire Ring, Prince William gave Catherine · Elizabeth · Middleton’s engagement ring, the ring cost about $137 thousand, and with 14 small diamonds surrounded by mysterious sapphire. Is a priceless treasure, but also a symbol of luxury, also known as the proposed ring. The engagement ring is from the late Princess Diana, the most famous of the British Royal jewels. read more

Next to the university to open a hamburger shop to make money

we know that it is very important to open a shop to choose the address, then open a hamburger shop next to the university to make money? There are a lot of prospects for the development of the surrounding market, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about this market, the following Xiaobian to introduce, in the vicinity of the university to open a hamburger shop can not make money? Hope to help you.

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Part-time white-collar business needs to be alert to the four mistakes

in the chain of entrepreneurial team, "full-time join" investors is the main force, another part-time franchisee is guerrillas, this part of stores in the work, often is the company’s white-collar workers.

white-collar workers join is often due to financial support, career planning, family reasons of different considerations. But no matter what is the reason for their accession to the franchise field, is a force can not be ignored.

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How to manage the Internet cafe cashier

The normal operation of

an Internet cafe, will be involved in all aspects of the work, but for many owners, a day care attendance and popularity of Internet cafes, Internet cafes every day except outside the business income, rarely ask a very important thing: cashier. Some people say, is not concerned about the operating income of the cashier? This statement is wrong. Today we would like to say that the operating income and cash register is not the same. To put it simply, operating income is how much money you earned today, and the cashier can be different, he decided directly to your Internet cafe is a loss of income. If you don’t believe it, please look down. read more

What do you recommend to do a good job in rural areas to make money

in rural entrepreneurship, the key is to consider the characteristics of the target consumer groups you face. So, what do you do to make money? Do you have any good suggestions? If you are thinking about these questions, then this article should be useful to you, come and see.

rural what money? Agricultural machinery. With the increased mechanization of agricultural machinery in rural areas, there is scope, conditions can buy three, four wheel, supporting agricultural machine, rotary digging pits, engaged in the export of labor services to make money. The acquisition of trafficking in rural agricultural and sideline products rich in variety, the price gap between urban and rural conditions, the purchase of agricultural products brought to town to sell and earn the difference. read more