Shopping guide community development suffered embarrassment precipitation the user system is diffic

China’s shopping community of Chinese Internet company is absolutely original, because so far we have not found in foreign countries have similar or beautiful sites such as, at the same time, the domestic shopping community after more than a year of development, still have many segments did not complete the layout, from the point of view of development space the domestic community is still very large shopping guide. But these do not mean that the shopping guide community can make a lot of money, because there is a huge difficulty in the operation shopping guide community, that is, it is difficult to build a loyal user system. This is mainly reflected in the following three aspects. read more

Enterprise website take off low transformation coat survival way

recently a friend told me that their company website bidding costs have been increasing, and now is a monthly budget of thirty thousand yuan, but in the end there are only a dozen Advisory customers, very distressed. After I saw his website, I think his problem is also a lot of enterprises stand common problem, I hope here can discuss with you.

we all know, our business promotion website is one of the most important carrier, is the bridge of communication with our customers, he is our direct embodiment, the image in the eyes of customers so we found in the website promotion cost substantially has little effect, should calm down to think about it, if you will this carrier to maintain good, I think any marketing cannot do without the control of human nature, whether the site conversion is good, there are some from the start: read more

Cultivate customers’ viscosity on websites and increase the number of long term visitors

observation of some of the better developed sites, it is not difficult to develop, where the user’s viscosity is very high. This indirectly reflects that the higher the viscosity of the user, the more valuable the site is. So, how to train customers on the viscosity of the site, increasing the long-term visitors? The following author has three suggestions for readers, friends reference,

1, the content should have the value of existence

The content that

website provides is the demand of the user, just have its value to show. Imagine that a user enters a website to get the information he needs, not to visit the website and so on. So I think, in terms of content, you can reprint useful content or originality, some of their own experience, experience, and other valuable content. Here I think pseudo original, it is best not to change the content, content to do fine, do not abuse. read more

How to write a successful online essay

I often hear some good writing scholars doubt, ask why the same thing in everyday life has been sought after, but on the Internet but no one cares. Instead, there are articles that seem to be written in general, but often get very popular responses. I’d like to give a brief account of my experience on this subject.

networks are not the same in everyday reading. A good writer may not be able to write a successful essay.

what is called successful net text? Simply speaking, netizens like to watch. Therefore, to hold the net friend’s preference is the key to write a successful network essay. read more

Category information what will your future be like

The popular

WEB2.0 led to the development of classified information, from the earliest to imitate the Craiglist platform, to Wang Jianshuo, to make a transition to decline Kijiji portal 263 classification, the Alibaba investment reputation network to Tianjin flea network ( award, alliance capital giants coveted Google, classified information in the field of unprecedented prosperity.

from the current active in the field of classification information in several sites, are in different ways of development. Business model, it is how to do, how to make money, and its essence is an innovative form. The innovation of the enterprise form throughout the entire process of enterprise management, throughout the enterprise resource development, development mode, manufacturing, marketing system, market circulation and other aspects, in which innovation on each link are likely to become a successful business model. The particularity of the industry classification information, the melee in this field except on the risk investment support website, in addition to the China belong to the division of international big brand, moreover is Alibaba’s investment strategy and market reputation, Google has reached a strategic cooperation, it is indicated that the CEO market "don’t pay attention to profit, only care about product development". But classified by the vast numbers of entrepreneurs fanatical pursuit of the classified portal, Tianjin (network of second-hand goods) has given a different answer. Discuss the business model of classified information website, which is both the need of industry innovation and the urgent problem of survival. Industry’s view of the classified information market is that the classified information market is still in the stage of cultivation, and the continuous training of the whole industry is needed. It is a slow developing market and a protracted war. The nature of the Internet is shared, real-time, interactive, information classification as the essence of WEB2.0, it has the characteristics: practicality, initiative, scale, cheap and self-help, is to follow the three essence in the development. It is for people to provide clothing, food, shelter, and so on, play and life are closely related to the supply and demand information release platform, according to the information content of tissue classification, so that both supply and demand direct docking, created this efficient information base. read more

After all hacker behavior is full of dissent and peace of mind is the right way to stand

hacker, a very mysterious name, always came and went without a trace, often cause no effect can be estimated and the loss to the internet. No one knows which network will be the next one to be attacked. Recently the Internet storm frequency, hacking occurred, we do not know the hacking is spontaneous or organized, but mysterious hackers, or get jittery.

Baidu encyclopedia explains of hackers, hackers (hacker) is a love to challenge the limit with mental intelligence through creative methods, especially in their areas of interest, such as computer programming or electrical engineering. The term "hacker" refers to a computer expert who is enthusiastic about computer technology, especially the programming staff. However, hackers who are exposed to the Internet are not all true hackers. They often take advantage of their own interests, ignore the vast numbers of users, or illegally amass money or just show off their abilities. read more

For a year never understand the nternet to personal websites

I remember very well that during the first few months of my freshman year, I had always wanted to make a website of my own,


because I am learning computer application technology, so the computer is still relatively favorite. However, for the establishment of the site, it is not touched (just in the second grade contact two level domain name, set up their own web site, but high three have no time management).

, but this idea really changed me. He’s my obsession with the Internet, obsessed with building personal websites. Although my classmates were surprised by my idea (I was told that I was ridiculous and didn’t support my idea), I still wanted to go the way I was going. Although the ups and downs are full of challenges, I’m sure I’ll prove myself right some day. read more

And beautiful said mogujie com different rebate network adhere to the shopping guide platform the

The traditional

line brand hastened the development of many commercial brands online channels, actively looking for a downward channel, the rebate intention and offline store launched the rebate card, online shopping and offline credit card, travel and other fields of the rebate group purchase service for users, similar to Lotte R-Point Card, in the domestic business environment is so complex next, the rebate card can achieve a card general


domestic electricity supplier, the most promising than Jingdong and Ali game, Alibaba to open as a logic to build ecology, Jingdong to value chain integration model to control ecology. After the listing of Jingdong is jointly Tencent, with WeChat entrance for Taobao’s resources, and Ali with its own advantages in the payment, financing, micro loans are far ahead. In the face of the city’s electricity supplier dividend gradually reduced, with 900 million people in the rural electricity supplier battle is staged, both sides pay attention to fast, accurate and ruthless. In the big two when the war was going on, with beautiful shopping guide said, electricity supplier, as the representative of the rebate network is also trying to break the siege, to establish their own closed-loop ecosystem. read more

ndividual stationmaster do station be both occupation and interest hobby

the number of sites nationwide about about 3000000, of which one million are small and medium-sized personal website, which represents what? There are one million grassroots webmaster. What does that mean? One million people depend on or rely solely on the income of their websites to make ends meet. In the end, the webmaster should do as a station of their own occupation, or as hobbies, this problem in the webmaster community has been debated, there is no definite answer. Do a webmaster can make money, if you grasp the opportunity of development, even possible Liyudiaolongmen leap, from the grassroots to become the Internet giant trees. But do webmaster also exist too many unstable factors. Many webmaster put in too much energy, both spent time and overdrafts of the body, but at the end of the site by K, league titles, traffic reduced, a lot of problems caused by a lot of people to give up as a webmaster. read more

First station month

after a month of spare time effort from the domain name ( registered to buy space, trying to setup, finally has a can be established to children’s education website, although it is not very perfect, but the cat thought, through learning and effort for a while, it will slowly to get better.

through the establishment and perfection of the site, the cat experienced webmaster is not easy, a little problem, you have to search for answers, or posting for help, in the absence of relevant technical support, very hard. The cat often bubble altar to zero, the cat’s eye also boil red read more

Discussion on the value of social question and answer service based on domestic and foreign question

1. What is a social question and answer service


the so-called social quiz website, personal understanding, inquiry platform established, depends more on social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter etc.), the social network based on the one hand, to find the right person to answer questions through the interpersonal relationship network, on the other hand can also be through the way of socialization, let the user can know more about common topics of interest to people, and found these people pay more attention to the topic of interest / problem based on the socialization of knowledge and the formation of the community. read more

How do build the third day local forum P to achieve 200

new local forum on the line for third days, although Baidu has not included, but IP has exceeded two hundred, following after, veteran don’t joke.

Two days ago I

registered a domain name for the local place, such as the COM domain name has been registered, found that.La is not registered, quickly registered down. Get ready for a local station. Our small town, Xiaoshan, was originally city level, but later planned to Hangzhou. Had intended to do local classification information station, but with its own technology Co. and forced the money bought the program, so it is decided to use DZ to set up a Xiaoshan forum, a forum is easy to gather popularity, such as the popular forum the other content is not difficult to do. Because the domain name is, so the name is "Xiaoshan forum". read more

Dai Renguang Taobao passenger door T no circle the media has the bottom line

recently watched TV drama "no entertainment circle", which tells the relationship between entertainment and media, as the media should know that abstinence, to the public disclosure of the facts, the correct guidance of public opinion. And now the Internet circle is true, IT enterprises is like a bright star, by all kinds of media attention, Baidu and Alibaba IT the two giants fighting the topic, never seem to be endless.

on Taobao blocked the door, Tencent technology telephone interview read more

Learning online marketing skills commodity promotion access to commission

believed this sentence in my mind, the most profitable in the China grassroots occupation is a salesman, whether to sell goods or services, as long as you can put things successfully sold are bad, but also can make a lot of money.

we know the apple owner Steve · Mr. Jobs is a successful salesman. He always packaged his product and sold it at a high price, and it made users love it very much. At the age of 16, Jobs was able to sell blue boxes, which cost less than $40 in simple components – a toll free toll receiver, sold for $150, and sold 100. Of course, the premise is that this product is valuable. How many can you sell if you let it go? read more

From the A5 forum review my stop talk about what do after the station idea

website on-line for a long time, there have been four keywords to do Baidu first page, and now, a ranking does not. Experienced a lot of problems, and now with comments on my efforts to do the following, I think the most critical reason and solution is the three members: do not believe tears, we together very well, lixiaoyao1104 mentioned.

The definition of

1, site title: definition of lack of popular keywords, the title of the page only defines a website design tutorial this keyword; solution: after a period of time, increase the definition of popular search keywords. read more

Looking at the traffic statistics market change from the statistics of CNZZ and Baidu

[J.] Chen view whether the webmaster or traffic statistics providers should recognize a problem — whether we take traffic statistics to do what? Is the display of results? Or decision making? Only understand this, can we discern the future development trend of the market.


analysis before I post in domestic traffic statistics and market competition, at that time, my opinion is: This is one of the Warring States period, the parties have hero killer, there is also a weakness, the final pattern may be seen in the next period of time. read more

What has China brought to our lives

suspect China, the Internet is suspected passenger gathered, not just the machine networking, is the brain of the internet.

has more than 10000 people doubt guest Chinese certification experts to answer your questions, each suspected passengers are experts of their industry. Here for users to solve the problem related to the design of cultural brand names, laws and regulations of labor disputes. It also involves medical practices, procedures, and networks. Questioned guests actively answer, and make every effort to give users tailored answers. Guaranteed satisfaction. For example, someone asked if the child was disobedient or not. "How do you make your calves perfect?" someone asked, "do pregnant women drink sticky rice?" "these are problems that are closely related to people’s daily life.". Another netizen has raised an intellectual problem that has been bothering him for a long time. Thus, the suspect China, indeed for users to solve many real-life problems. read more

Owners need to be vigilant Xinjiang area can not record without textual criticism

as countries pay more attention to the communication network security, 2012 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region communications authority stipulates that no "enterprise and personal authentication network communication security administrator", will not be able to record ICP. Enterprises and individuals that already have records will be faced with the danger of shutting down websites if they are investigated and punished.

How to obtain the

certification? What are the policies and regulations to obtain this certification? Same as the day before the webmaster, webmaster friends concern, Ms. Yan Xinjiang Urumqi special advisory letter Ministry of communications industry occupation skill identification center. Ms. Yan to webmaster concerns, patience and enthusiasm to do the answer. The following is part of the transcript: read more

Personal website transformation imminent

because of the special environment China, China personal webmaster can say with Chinese Internet together, the Internet has doomed to self into the Chinese is closely linked with the individual owners can not be separated, the Internet 10 years cast beyond count personal webmaster, in the Internet life Amoy first pot of gold brilliant Tengda finally from the Internet personal webmaster Li Xingping, A Fei, also be too numerous to enumerate, Cai Wensheng, king of individual stationmaster’s "grassroots hero", and China Internet but also because of the popularity of "grassroots heroes" to more exciting Chinese Internet are inextricably linked with the "grassroots heroes". read more

Shopping guide website opens the journey of growth flexible control site construction and developme

now appears on the network a lot of Taobao shopping guide type website, through a kind of product comprehensive shopping guide, so as to greatly improve the conversion rate of the site. Because shopping guide if you do enough professional, then it is easy to win consumer confidence, but also to increase their weight in the minds of consumers, to achieve the ultimate goal of trading in the site. Because of this benefit, so now running a shopping guide website became the trend, various shopping sites have emerged, but the actual effect is not the same, some website operation is very good, expected to play a role. Some of them ended in failure. This article from the market analysis to the entire process of operation to analyze and explore how to more scientific management of a shopping guide website, I hope to give the friends who want to do shopping guide website some inspiration and guidance. read more