The 10 step is to create a successful Web2.0 company

Web2.0 IT both in domestic and foreign circles is a hot topic, I did not think that " a few days ago; who is Chinese in the next ten years will be Web2.0 hero " then hot of an article, I estimate this eye-catching blog title will make this blog very hot). Discussion on many domestic Web2.0 are at the theoretical level, and this blog see today is how to create a successful Web2.0 website from the operational level, some techniques about domestic Web2.0 company worth to learn.

1, for users to solve a " small " problems, and clearly know what you are trying to solve. My understanding is from a small point of view, and this small place is precisely the user demand has not been satisfied place. For example, this paper Google examples, Google is just beginning to solve all the difficulties of information search (but Google Web2.0 website? Ha ha), such as Flickr is to solve all image storage and sharing difficulties, from such targeted " small " start to point to attract users to use your service. read more

Question and answer how does the community operate

received an e-mail from the user, the question is generally said, how should I go to operate the Q & a community? Here, according to their own experience, gossip about this friend’s doubts!


I know the question and answer community

Q & a community, why we called the Q & a community? We literally can be roughly divided into 1. ask /2. answer /3. community! So it is very easy to understand, want answers community success must have two main factors, 2, 1 people ask someone answer 1. someone asks read more

Which data are helpful to improve traffic analysis of web analytics white papers

as a website, especially e-commerce sites, analyzes all operating data, to find ways to continue to improve traffic, increase conversion, and enhance brand awareness. So, the website which requires analysis of technical indicators, as long as the views, IP enough, what data to help increase website traffic? Today, Q pig share is, what are the website analysis important technical indicators.

special note, as Baidu’s dominance in the domestic search market, the text of the statistical tools mentioned, naturally Baidu statistics based. read more

Online translation site competition webmaster charging translation good helper

Internet itself is an international thing, from abroad to China, China’s Internet business began to develop slowly. And now, China’s Internet industry is not confined to the domestic, more and more internationalized.

Adsense industry is no new industry, the competition in the webmaster industry is also daily intense. Many webmaster should continue to charge for themselves, learning network language and website optimization. At the same time, many of the latest and most hot news are published on foreign websites. If you want to know the earliest and earliest consultation and information, you will need to visit the websites abroad to collect English articles. read more

The story of stationmaster

I, like most webmaster, the same simple and persistent, there is a strong and hungry stomach, there are two very God eyes, especially when browsing the web, the efficiency is higher.

was just beginning to know that web production was learned in a book called electronic information in grade two in high school and began to go into ‘research’. Because there is not much opportunity to practice on the computer. In the class to put down the production steps. Other students are playing "landlords", "mine sweeping" or something. And I have been doing the entire class page, in the edit box to enter their own name, and then change the background color, click on the preview, looking at the effect of excitement. In this way, unconsciously, I like the production of web pages, but also in English words to find a relatively good "Web", web production has become one of my hobbies. Because it is in the countryside, come to the school to buy books, small traders will enter the overdue magazine to buy, overdue magazine into cheap, buy also cheap. Everyone is also a student, and he does not care. The same is true of me. When I buy a book, I run downstairs and look for books like "net friend world" and "computer enthusiast". I usually sell it for half a year. No way ah, cheap, 50 percent off, some still quite new, the students see the book for me to sell to see, but a look, see also don’t understand that crustily skin have been watching, a long time will not self. Later sold some pages of the Three Musketeers tutorial books, but also often go to the computer room practice. It was May 2003. read more