What has China brought to our lives

suspect China, the Internet is suspected passenger gathered, not just the machine networking, is the brain of the internet.

has more than 10000 people doubt guest Chinese certification experts to answer your questions, each suspected passengers are experts of their industry. Here for users to solve the problem related to the design of cultural brand names, laws and regulations of labor disputes. It also involves medical practices, procedures, and networks. Questioned guests actively answer, and make every effort to give users tailored answers. Guaranteed satisfaction. For example, someone asked if the child was disobedient or not. "How do you make your calves perfect?" someone asked, "do pregnant women drink sticky rice?" "these are problems that are closely related to people’s daily life.". Another netizen has raised an intellectual problem that has been bothering him for a long time. Thus, the suspect China, indeed for users to solve many real-life problems. read more

Owners need to be vigilant, Xinjiang area can not record without textual criticism

as countries pay more attention to the communication network security, 2012 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region communications authority stipulates that no "enterprise and personal authentication network communication security administrator", will not be able to record ICP. Enterprises and individuals that already have records will be faced with the danger of shutting down websites if they are investigated and punished.

How to obtain the

certification? What are the policies and regulations to obtain this certification? Same as the day before the webmaster, webmaster friends concern, Ms. Yan Xinjiang Urumqi special advisory letter Ministry of communications industry occupation skill identification center. Ms. Yan to webmaster concerns, patience and enthusiasm to do the answer. The following is part of the transcript: read more

Personal website transformation imminent

because of the special environment China, China personal webmaster can say with Chinese Internet together, the Internet has doomed to self into the Chinese is closely linked with the individual owners can not be separated, the Internet 10 years cast beyond count personal webmaster, in the Internet life Amoy first pot of gold brilliant Tengda finally from the Internet personal webmaster Li Xingping, A Fei, also be too numerous to enumerate, Cai Wensheng, king of individual stationmaster’s "grassroots hero", and China Internet but also because of the popularity of "grassroots heroes" to more exciting Chinese Internet are inextricably linked with the "grassroots heroes". read more

Shopping guide website opens the journey of growth, flexible control site construction and developme

now appears on the network a lot of Taobao shopping guide type website, through a kind of product comprehensive shopping guide, so as to greatly improve the conversion rate of the site. Because shopping guide if you do enough professional, then it is easy to win consumer confidence, but also to increase their weight in the minds of consumers, to achieve the ultimate goal of trading in the site. Because of this benefit, so now running a shopping guide website became the trend, various shopping sites have emerged, but the actual effect is not the same, some website operation is very good, expected to play a role. Some of them ended in failure. This article from the market analysis to the entire process of operation to analyze and explore how to more scientific management of a shopping guide website, I hope to give the friends who want to do shopping guide website some inspiration and guidance. read more

The easiest solution for web sites to be blocked by search engines

October 5th server relocation, IP replacement, while this time, I also changed the program, the afternoon of the 6, the server returned to normal, I stop – fly off BT network was established, re tying rice, because of changing the program, but also to collect the data, 7 noon, the site is back to normal. Although IP than before down a bit, but I’m not rely on search to IP, but not the loss, before 4000IP, for IP and server program, 3000IP, their efforts in two days can flow up, not too much. Who knows second days is 8, a terrible thing happened, I use 51LA to look at the statistics, yesterday morning traffic and SEO data, has become a habit, when I SEO data, Baidu included: 0, when the head is big, is K? I have no cheat!? go to the Baidu site, a page, and ask a few friends, are said to be K, how can this do? Although I am not all rely on search traffic, but K is not a good thing, I also want to rely on a day after Baidu to bring 5000IP to me this. Is all over. Think about how you can fix it. Find the reason for K first, and feel the reason for three. 1, the server for IP 2, frequent change program (two months I changed three times) 3, friendship connection read more