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website content quality which is part of the Shanghai dragon optimization is the most important! Do this is Shanghai dragon optimization basis. If your station is a collection of articles, no original things, then included may directly into the 0 great likelihood! Love Shanghai according to the content included scoring algorithm analysis, if the original and 1 points, the collection will be reduced 2 points, then 60 points inside you less than 3 minutes

a lot of friends may disagree, do not collect, where so many of the original works! Weiwei Shanghai dragon’s point of view, you can not learn the original, pseudo original! You copy others’ content, no one else is the good copy of the layout process even in it! Article you copy no value at all! The same repetitive content appeared on the Internet, collection will occupy the space of search engine. Who would be so silly to these things! If you can put other people’s articles collected, on this basis, plus your point of view, no texts and graphics, can add video and video! So your article is not worth more? If you still do not understand how do the pseudo original, you can look at me in front of the " article; how to improve the pseudo original value of " quality is the result of the content of the website! " read more

What is the SMO marketing a word to let you understand the concept of generalized smo

4, a word to let you understand smo


360smo is a word SMO promotion: as long as not by Shanghai dragon, promotion method SEM can be called SMO, the explanation is simple enough.

SMO", has been a webmaster know today, Amin popular to introduce my understanding of smo.

fell in love with the sea’s answer is to optimize the social media, SMO is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. The literal meaning of social media marketing: Social media optimization (SMO), popular point is 360 degrees in marketing, marketing to use all the cyber source. Methods a few easy to understand: add RSS subscriptions, "DiggThis", the top blog writing and incorporating third party community functions (such as: Flickr, YouTube picture slide video sharing). read more

Discussion on improving method of enterprise website user experience

interactive design gives the user a surprise

a lot of enterprises on the page structure are similar, netizens in the process to access the site actually has formed a fixed access mode, for example by breadcrumb navigation can clearly understand their position in the web site; no matter what page, click logo to return to the home page. So when making a website template, should give full consideration to the user visits the site of the habit of thinking. At the same time in the page but also to retain their own personality, such as the uniform marks the click of a button, and as a clear picture of a larger view can hover. Every good website, there must be a lot of original design out of the ordinary. read more

Fish love you on how to live theater P million

was first A5 love you theater (贵族宝贝 please indicate

then I found this site from the inside to the outside was not a pop ads, when people visit the feeling very fresh, very comfortable. It is important to me the meaning of this sentence is actually "user experience!". At present, many do film website owners to make their websites profitable, at the expense of the user experience for a temporary windfall, actually do is also very deadly, a good website must face off station. read more

Solve the pain of entrepreneurs cattle island for entrepreneurs to provide one stop entrepreneurial

so you want to start the business, you are still waiting for what, do not let the so-called experience affect your judgment, to cattle Island enjoy one-stop business to achieve your ideal!


with the increasing return of red chips, once the shell resources are becoming scarce, speculation heating up, the Commission’s regulatory stick to the speculation at the same time, the revised "measures" major asset restructuring of listed companies, intended to curb backdoor speculation. 360 direct IPO disguised A shares to kill a poison to curb the backdoor, speculation of the wind, to those who attempt to knife wind to fight back to the prototype, the Commission backdoor curb speculation in the teeth of the storm, 360 is the return of red chips A shares IPO leader. read more

Love Shanghai graphic icon will appear in the search results which websites

website now also belong to a more representative, relatively large Jingdong, including Suning, Gome, Tesco, good music to buy these, from these sites to observe, Tesco, Suning, Gome, Jingdong. There were No. Good music to buy the text label.

women’s fashion website is relatively the most graphic signs appear site, are typical representatives of the Pacific women, rayli贵族宝贝.cn website etc..

Four, forum website

movie website, Jire movies, Youku movies, double vision movie network. Youku movies belong to online play, currently do not see the text label. The odd network currently do not see the text label. read more

Why do the long tail word optimization how to choose long tail keywords to bring flow

said a clear nature of

long tail keywords

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

what is the long tail word, the so-called long tail keywords refers to the search volume is small and unstable but can bring traffic to the site of words. To some extent, as long as a word may be found, it can be called the long tail word. This may be more general, the author will make a detailed analysis of the long term, to help you better understand the meaning of the long tail word for the website. read more

The website was hacked by the invasion should be how to solve


then we can access the web access log view, find out the Trojans IP address of record, according to the query to the IP address, once again see hackers also visited what pages, these pages check whether there are other loopholes.

general hacking site is adding code in the web page Trojan cultivation, allowing users to open automatically when browsing the site and download the Trojan program, some Trojans will automatically add a line of code behind all web documents: if the website, many documents, a clear hand is almost impossible. Then we can use "batch batch modify the software to delete the malicious code. read more

The new site must understand

you bought the domain name and space, you can do a website, but many grassroots webmaster in system trouble, many domestic famous free station system, known as Dede, as well as open-source Empire, and the forum of class phpwind, discuz, these newcomers how to choose? First of all, you need to know what your content system is built this website or BBS, if the construction of the content system website, recommended to choose the Dede novice dream, the operation is simple, suitable for beginners, the empire is open source, or used, but did not understand the code for the novice, may have to spend a lot of time to study. The forum, phpwind and discuz, each one has its own merits which do you think is, your food, which you choose. read more

The logic behind the search engine rankings to make users think of us

Shanghai dragon is after all dealing with search engine. The search engine is by the invention, it can not be divorced from human behavior, as long as we recognize this behavior. Understand the logic behind this behavior. We will give the direction of the operation.

State Trademark Bureau ranked first, will not be because he has a GOV domain name. And the logic behind it, what is the logic? Below please to restore a

the waist thick head little friends say, this is the national ranking institutions, of course, what to say? But you want? Why state institutions ranked in front? It is not the state agency’s website would be more consistent with the search engine algorithm? Well, the answer is of course not obvious. This is because the search engine for their specific properties. This attribute is the logic behind us today to discuss. read more

The search engine also traps the temptation to optimize the successful implantation of HOLD

! included spider crawling and not included

: optimization rules don’t look good, let the webmaster have modified the temptation of

two: tangled

more and more webmaster friends may have on the search engine when, because some of the so-called law of many webmaster love into search engine, and these rules can often cause a lot of traps, let the webmaster friends accidentally fall into the trap of search engine! In fact, just a quick optimization of the pursuit of some webmaster useful love, although Shanghai launched a search engine optimization guide to love Shanghai very detailed, but truly love Shanghai to do the webmaster optimization guide is less and less, so Shanghai can only love to stimulate the webmaster by optimizing the trap, let the webmaster understand a truth, that is to go to optimize road. Trap if the ox hair, no one will be worth, so for the optimization of HOLD, the temptation is king read more

The website is not to act rashly

believe that many webmaster have revised website website experience, in general, is the development for the site better, its essence to its dregs, make the site better and better, and has the opportunity to succeed. When we decided to redesign the site is operating, to rely on search engines to get traffic to the webmaster, website, whether or not to act rashly? Perhaps, action scale determine the site of the "ups and downs"

I recently rival station on the revised, and successfully passed the inspection of Shanghai love. In this article, the author think through some reaction to the phenomenon of Love Spy Shanghai website changes, to share with you webmaster, in order to optimize the way of common progress. In this business station, the author made changes as follows: read more

The website included many new insights in the end is good or bad

The problem is that you

these pages like the Internet under the iceberg that can never be seen by the user through the search, if the search cannot be used to allow the user to see. These pages are so valuable? The search engines of the time? These are negative. And you will be included in the more dispersed the weights of the home page, the home is like a mother, but the inside pages like a child, the child, the mother to the natural dilution. That is to say to the first page of the weight lost, one might say the inside pages of the home page and transfer the weight. In fact, this is to see the situation. read more

The relationship between the reverse link and the chain you remember


chain: a lot of time is called the chain, links, but accurate terms should be called reverse links. In some cases the chain contains the chain, the reverse link refers to the relationship between the two "direct. There are two "," X "and" X Y, in the form of a hyperlink link to "Y," X "is then the reverse link Y. Simply say the chain is the document on the document, is the only site on the site outside chain station, "A to B, it is only the reverse link. read more

The original false original is not shameful glory

love Shanghai advocate two purposes: one is the original, but the user experience. Of course, the two are inseparable, high quality original content will bring a good user experience, but to improve the user experience, not necessarily the original can, strong practicability, practical help to users and cause users to resonate with the pseudo original can also improve the user experience. Love Shanghai has been emphasized in the original content, but in the current situation, to have the original content of one hundred percent is not possible, I list some cases: read more

The new owners should be how to quickly establish target keywords

1, according to the website of the main project, the first large selection of some related, target customers easy to search in the word, the stars jewelry as an example, this website is an online trading platform for Korean jewelry wholesale, according to the main project, the most relevant "wholesale jewelry, jewelry wholesale Korea" "small jewelry wholesale network", "purchase" and other words. Chinaz first view of each word love Shanghai index, see search volume big, if not what people search, can PASS out; then check each word at present natural rankings of the first page of the website is the inside pages, or home page, if most of the page, we use the main page to do, the other is it is easy to do, and less than 500 thousand pages of words is relatively easy to do; if it is particularly hot, more than tens of millions of pages, or home are relatively high visibility of the site (see the number of included weight, etc.), you should try to avoid, be thankless, can turn to do the word. read more

Jing Yuan capital traditional business venture financing dropped 60% invisible consumption platform

Jing Yuan capital founding partner Wang Qi, Jing Yuan at present the main investment direction for Internet innovation, consumption upgrade, digital health and innovation of science and technology. In the four direction, Yuan Jing will focus on exploring the industry "transformative" opportunities for entrepreneurs have a vision, and to rejoin after the service mode of entrepreneurial projects.

on the other hand, the new board found online, the new board plans to issue new shares steady development, to be implemented in the program set by the subscription postponed gradually into the normal, the time required for issuance of shares of the listed company have the potential to extend. read more

Wangzhuan based series a with the popularity of the home computer we use nternet to do whatsh419 Ma

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback read more

Xu Yirong notes entrepreneurs should obey the trend still water runs deepHow to improve the user exp

According to Xu Yirong

car bag early machine learning data from the founder had already accumulated three years of artificial only accept text car quiz, a total of 120 thousand car car car + Q & A peak average daily trips 1000+, q structured data 6 million + car data and false fault, in the 32 car from the media platform has over 200 million + total amount of reading.

talked about ·, Zhigang and his friends when he recorded his story, and Xu Yirong moved a little. Nearly a year’s time, he was alone in the office of a person, a little cornered state, what do think of every day, eat cold noodle Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce up at noon, trapped in the old sofa to lean on. Slowly, he has the feeling of fog clouds. read more

There is no essential difference between making money online and making money offlineThe online part


to sum up, the line of money making mentality is only one: trading. Trading generates currency, and currency circulation means moneymaking opportunities. According to the different trade goods, can be divided into physical transaction as in the previous example, sales of food service transactions such as Zhang San in the village opened a barber shop in two categories. Whether it’s physical or service, it’s essentially an exchange. To make money under the line, to put it plainly, is to pin a series of exchange for villa, in exchange process, by raising prices for profits. read more