Baidu official recently weapon how to deal with promotion bit reduction


official recently officially responded to the majority of business owners, how to deal with the promotion of a decline, the first time a network message is received after finishing cattle today for everyone to see!

recently, Baidu search changed promotion, the original multiple extension left above and below, on the right side, now reduced to 4; at the same time, the credit is also introduced to the sorting algorithm, influence ranking. A lot of people looking for solutions, hope can ensure before delivery results in the increasingly fierce competition. Here, Baidu promotion for you weapon, from several different aspects tell you how to optimize the delivery, improve their competitiveness, in the change in an invincible position. read more

BUY can store a month three thousand Guangzhou college students settled shop experience


BUY mall, Guangzhou University (formerly south of the Five Ridges shopping mall BUY cool mall), since the great attention and support is obtained after the acquisition of South of the Five Ridges community space space in south of the Five Ridges, another large-scale online line in Guangzhou Tianhe Dongpu area as the basic starting point of the surrounding University promotion, achieved good results. Last month, Guangzhou attracted more than three thousand college students in Guangzhou settled shop, the transaction statistics amount has been broken million, Guangzhou college students praise and attention, and that the future will vigorously support mall development, thanks to the BUY mall can provide such a superior business platform, bring convenience to college students’ shopping. read more

Some comments on Baidu’s rights reduction

Baidu these big updates, really let many webmaster is happy and worry.


update, a lot of websites have obtained good rank, but also a lot of websites are dropped right, even by K. Today, a friend in the group told me that his website seems to have been dropped by Baidu, because his main keywords are not ranked at all, and there is no traffic from Baidu.

We do

SEO principle is not to do rankings, but to better improve the user experience, good user experience will be Baidu’s love, this is me a few days ago in an article about UCD. When we are doing web sites, we must put the user experience in the first place, Baidu spider is also a special visitor, you can not ignore his feelings. In the anti SPAM work, spider automatic recognition and artificial recognition are complementary to each other, first by spiders determine whether your site is SPAM, if any, your site will be included in the SPAM database, and then by the manual review of your site, but you need to know more, the staff of Baidu, also but the mass of web search times, so there will be errors, general spider determine whether your website has deliberately deceive search engine behavior, the staff rarely check, the result is the site is down right or directly by K. read more

Only identify the starting point of the station, in order to better achieve the purpose of profit

starting point and purpose, in fact, is a pair of twin brothers. They have a lot in common, and complement each other. Sometimes, the starting point and purpose of a person doing something is the same. There are many starting points, but only one goal. Only by finding the right starting point can we reach the destination accurately and achieve the ultimate goal. No matter what you do or how you want it, start with a starting point. Identifying the starting point does not necessarily mean exactly the same as the goal. Complete agreement does not mean that it can lead you to your destination. It is the right starting point for you to achieve your ultimate goal better. Do website also is such, the number of individual website increases now, stationmaster group expands ceaselessly. But really pinpoint the point of departure of the site is not much, can adhere to their own direction, continue to do even less. The reason is that there is no correct understanding of the relationship between the starting point and the ultimate goal of the website. read more