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website content quality which is part of the Shanghai dragon optimization is the most important! Do this is Shanghai dragon optimization basis. If your station is a collection of articles, no original things, then included may directly into the 0 great likelihood! Love Shanghai according to the content included scoring algorithm analysis, if the original and 1 points, the collection will be reduced 2 points, then 60 points inside you less than 3 minutes

a lot of friends may disagree, do not collect, where so many of the original works! Weiwei Shanghai dragon’s point of view, you can not learn the original, pseudo original! You copy others’ content, no one else is the good copy of the layout process even in it! Article you copy no value at all! The same repetitive content appeared on the Internet, collection will occupy the space of search engine. Who would be so silly to these things! If you can put other people’s articles collected, on this basis, plus your point of view, no texts and graphics, can add video and video! So your article is not worth more? If you still do not understand how do the pseudo original, you can look at me in front of the " article; how to improve the pseudo original value of " quality is the result of the content of the website! " read more

What is the SMO marketing, a word to let you understand the concept of generalized smo

4, a word to let you understand smo


360smo is a word SMO promotion: as long as not by Shanghai dragon, promotion method SEM can be called SMO, the explanation is simple enough.

SMO", has been a webmaster know today, Amin popular to introduce my understanding of smo.

fell in love with the sea’s answer is to optimize the social media, SMO is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. The literal meaning of social media marketing: Social media optimization (SMO), popular point is 360 degrees in marketing, marketing to use all the cyber source. Methods a few easy to understand: add RSS subscriptions, "DiggThis", the top blog writing and incorporating third party community functions (such as: Flickr, YouTube picture slide video sharing). read more