Do network marketing training liar moreTen deep grilled unicorn Marshal Xu Xin sees Ma Huateng perso

2, I earn more money than you do on the Internet. I don’t have any training courses. What training do you have?

everyone knows: everyone’s family, background, constellation, blood type, personality, habits, education, perception is not the same, the same knowledge, different people use the results will certainly not be the same. On the basis of poor students, you give him a good training, he also sounds like listening to mumbo-jumbo, many of the concepts are hazy. A picture, a single page is done very rough, blog is also erected with free platform, network marketing simply can not be carried out, even if there are a lot of accurate traffic, come in, will waste most. read more

The Dragon Boat Festival in May to pay fees in advance to send blessings firstcall nventory conten

the biggest upcoming. The Dragon Boat Festival in the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, June 19th, with the festival coming, PR hope we will bring a new surprise, membership fee will be in the day of the Dragon Boat Festival to pay one day in advance, with the hope that the Dragon Boat Festival good luck together bring you receive PR blessings, happy holidays.

we don’t even have the phenomenon of public, logical thinking, Wu Xiaobo cited similar channels, Kay stories uncle with millions of fans, many ordinary people it seems not too well-known public venture project, also received a high valuation, hundreds of thousands of yuan is not uncommon. Driven by examples, the content of light asset model has become an upsurge of entrepreneurship, encouraging more and more traditional media people and aspiring young people to join them. read more

Advertising alliance making money experienceAli CEO Wei Zhe B2B’s three difference four rate two

environment there, B2B must be born in the economic winter, when the economy of the spring and summer of B2B have no chance, the real economy to the winter, B2B will have the opportunity to Alibaba each business level, are related to the environment in winter, the day let Alibaba B2B live is SARS, this time can not be met, not by plane can not travel, such activities conducive to the spread of SARS, SARS is not conducive to trade, so the Alibaba is a rare opportunity, but at that time, because of SARS brought inconvenience, then there is no way to do the fair. read more

Taoke5 50 questions Taobao novice needs to know3 and a half years loss of 900 million to PO profit

According to the

Tao treasure novice more and more, the following 50 questions, you must know, otherwise the consequences will be grievous!

19, you have to start studying Empire CMS and Dreamweaver, someday you’ll understand,

! !10, ! !

15, you have to know where to fish for more fish!

7, you must know a few stronger than you "master", when you encounter problems, let you avoid detours

3, must know that Sina blog is not your home, they have the right to kill your dream, make you want to cry no tears! read more

Grassroots media from entrepreneurial experience low key lifeNicky Wu ‘m an entrepreneur not an in

arrived this morning Indoorsman sent me the book, the brother I observed over a period of time, is nothing. Why do you say so? I haven’t seen him. I’ve been to Guangzhou once before. I was meant to meet, because I’m in a hurry to return to Wuhan. So far, we haven’t seen any real people online. From the bottom of my heart, I admire this young man more and more.

in Jiangsu, Xiong Xiong pictures, Nicky Wu’s identity is an art consultant.

to do the benefits of the Internet especially obviously, I still do from the media, every day people diversiform will come to me. Invisible expansion of the network of people, for example, the average person needs to find a talent and projects may be difficult, and I will have to come here to take the initiative to come. Is the negative effect of the corresponding Tuesday, may be scolded. read more

Wangzhuan deceived bring you inspirationMobile payment ten years master the world

if mobile payment is a book, the length of writing has only just begun. However, from the beginning of the story, no matter at any point in time, there is no lack of technical contest and the game of the organization, the protagonist of the story is always changing.


in the country, which was widely referred to as NFC payment, began to sprout ten years ago.

has begun to emerge at the periphery of UnionPay and China Mobile, including equipment vendors, chip makers, solutions providers, banks and businesses. read more

PLUS8 April 4 colorzone advertising payments have been paidHow to build a high conversion rate Taob

client for the first time to see the product description function, use method is described is the business reality, even to see the customer is not completely believe that businesses, especially in the online search? So product evaluation is a lot of people will do shopping.

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

"call of action – effective promotion of Internet marketing power"

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback read more

The hyperlink marketing alliance pluslink may be closedReturn of the United States to see the red ne

address: Shenzhen City, modern city of Nanshan District Hua Ting 6 Building 1 unit 10D

service creator of MCN company, the next few years, China will emerge a large number of video network has the original ability of red, they and the United States now creators, MCN company needs to provide support and help other shooting and service, so you can better concentrate on content creation. read more

The congregation raised platform drawbacks entrepreneurs bear moral burden nowAP cache optimization

however, last week, Apple announced that iPhone 5 will adopt a redesigned base interface. As a result of the manufacturing process, some funders of the project still haven’t received the Elevation Dock. A designer is busy designing the adapter and upgrading the previous product. A sponsor said on Kickstarter: "I just want to get my product before iPhone 6 is available."."

Should pay attention to

it is sometimes easy for Project advocates to get funding. But they have to make their dreams come true and accept the supervision of the sponsors in the process. read more

Quanqian Research on website franchise modelshlf1314 Adsense can’t change the fate of the website

in recent years, because of the rapid development of the Internet, attracted more and more traditional field of business people, these people because of the Internet do not understand, so they chose the franchise system. Because of the franchise model, for traditional projects, the main selling is the successful experience, mode, brand.

although rumors of several classic Adsense build up the family fortunes case, but can not copy. So, if you have a good website, you don’t have to hang it in the Adsense tree. Such as collecting membership fees dating sites, providing fees admission, training and so on. What we need is a train of thought. A website that dares to ditch Adsense is a promising web site. Of course, if you just want to make some pocket money with Adsense, then there’s nothing to say. However, this pocket money is not easy to get, I believe that people who have launched Adsense advertising have this feeling. read more

At this time you will succeed to do WangzhuanO2O entrepreneurship 10 entry point do not block the b

we know that the current Wangzhuan industry is mixed, what people have, Wangzhuan also emerge in an endless stream, free Wangzhuan classic such as hook Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan code etc. do not talk much, new ways such as Wangzhuan like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in the forum, the latest in 2010 Wangzhuan project which will be worth looking forward to?. In the face of all kinds of guidance, many higher tried another Wangzhuan project, finally ended in failure, after all, money is one of the few people. Therefore, many people have the idea of giving up. read more

Suspend the promotion notice ad4all making network productsFrom the point of view of search optimiza

before I didn’t know about Taobao, I kept on publishing my product information in forums and blogs. Maybe you should say, "I know all about it. It’s propaganda."". Of course, you can achieve the purpose of publicity, in fact, I want to through the forum and blog to let sh419 included my product information, to search for a channel. Perhaps the channel was insignificant before Taobao blocked sh419. But now, this channel is very powerful. Think about it, Taobao tens of millions of products do not have this channel, only you have, this is equivalent to search for you free advertising. For example, you search "laptop screen film" in sh419, I will see the product information, price and site name of course, there are other related products online shopping website will compete with you, but in Taobao, only if you do it, and you did not compete read more

Linktech seven shopping the golden mouse of spring green power JubileeBeijing University student

successfully sold a green power M92 payment commission of 40 yuan not participating in an additional share. except for this model, the rest of the site’s commission does not change!

activities details: cntvs/columns/sale/

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


Yuan Xu is a native of Sichuan, Ya’an. He used to be a computer science student at Peking University, but he dropped out of school in 2004. He was the same as Bill, ·, and Gates, who quit school and became a Microsoft. And his fellow venture partners, he is playing online games users, are a group of game fans. read more

Seven princess Cao Qing Girls witness business wealth mythBugle net it is difficult to make money fr

Cao Qing, seven, Top founder and CEO, founder of, founder of Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Hangzhou, was named "Forbes", "China’s thirty entrepreneurs under the age of thirty" list. From the Taobao store to the establishment of the company, so as to achieve financial freedom, this after 80’s "comely girl" is the ultimate in the hearts of many grassroots entrepreneurs.

seven princess, was a hundred bags of wheat bags, etc. Zhejiang network brand, is to seize the e-commerce opportunities to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. read more

5 misunderstandings in network marketingYouTube Chen Shijun 20 months make 13 billion brain tumor c

if things go hand in hand, as a good program monkey, Chen Shijun will enter the big company after graduation and become a good backbone.

in Chen Shijun’s own words: "I dropped out of school in the last semester, others dropped out of school, I was out of school employment, because the job opportunities in Silicon Valley is too attractive."." In this way, he joined the start-up company less than 1 years PayPal.

PayPal, eBay quickly acquired PayPal.

5 months after the listing of   in the modern business operation and high tempo "network marketing" the sky cries a little misunderstanding, ordinary businesses will fall into the network marketing knowledge, or that the discouraged, too high to be reached; or the blind trust, flowers a lot of money on it but not effect. Simply put, network marketing is the Internet as a platform and tools for the company and product promotion, sales and after-sales service in various ways. Network marketing not only has some common features of traditional marketing methods, but also has some unique advantages because of its large amount of information dissemination and rapid communication. On the whole, there are five misunderstandings in the understanding of network marketing: read more

Baidu official recently weapon how to deal with promotion bit reduction


official recently officially responded to the majority of business owners, how to deal with the promotion of a decline, the first time a network message is received after finishing cattle today for everyone to see!

recently, Baidu search changed promotion, the original multiple extension left above and below, on the right side, now reduced to 4; at the same time, the credit is also introduced to the sorting algorithm, influence ranking. A lot of people looking for solutions, hope can ensure before delivery results in the increasingly fierce competition. Here, Baidu promotion for you weapon, from several different aspects tell you how to optimize the delivery, improve their competitiveness, in the change in an invincible position. read more

BUY can store a month three thousand Guangzhou college students settled shop experience


BUY mall, Guangzhou University (formerly south of the Five Ridges shopping mall BUY cool mall), since the great attention and support is obtained after the acquisition of South of the Five Ridges community space space in south of the Five Ridges, another large-scale online line in Guangzhou Tianhe Dongpu area as the basic starting point of the surrounding University promotion, achieved good results. Last month, Guangzhou attracted more than three thousand college students in Guangzhou settled shop, the transaction statistics amount has been broken million, Guangzhou college students praise and attention, and that the future will vigorously support mall development, thanks to the BUY mall can provide such a superior business platform, bring convenience to college students’ shopping. read more

Some comments on Baidu’s rights reduction

Baidu these big updates, really let many webmaster is happy and worry.


update, a lot of websites have obtained good rank, but also a lot of websites are dropped right, even by K. Today, a friend in the group told me that his website seems to have been dropped by Baidu, because his main keywords are not ranked at all, and there is no traffic from Baidu.

We do

SEO principle is not to do rankings, but to better improve the user experience, good user experience will be Baidu’s love, this is me a few days ago in an article about UCD. When we are doing web sites, we must put the user experience in the first place, Baidu spider is also a special visitor, you can not ignore his feelings. In the anti SPAM work, spider automatic recognition and artificial recognition are complementary to each other, first by spiders determine whether your site is SPAM, if any, your site will be included in the SPAM database, and then by the manual review of your site, but you need to know more, the staff of Baidu, also but the mass of web search times, so there will be errors, general spider determine whether your website has deliberately deceive search engine behavior, the staff rarely check, the result is the site is down right or directly by K. read more

Only identify the starting point of the station in order to better achieve the purpose of profit

starting point and purpose, in fact, is a pair of twin brothers. They have a lot in common, and complement each other. Sometimes, the starting point and purpose of a person doing something is the same. There are many starting points, but only one goal. Only by finding the right starting point can we reach the destination accurately and achieve the ultimate goal. No matter what you do or how you want it, start with a starting point. Identifying the starting point does not necessarily mean exactly the same as the goal. Complete agreement does not mean that it can lead you to your destination. It is the right starting point for you to achieve your ultimate goal better. Do website also is such, the number of individual website increases now, stationmaster group expands ceaselessly. But really pinpoint the point of departure of the site is not much, can adhere to their own direction, continue to do even less. The reason is that there is no correct understanding of the relationship between the starting point and the ultimate goal of the website. read more

At expert level SEO from Wuhan webmaster party

younger brother not, today (June 28th) to participate in the Wuhan webmaster, experienced a lot of celebrities, with a deep feeling, but also learned a lot of things, especially I say part of the essence of hair, for everyone to appreciate.

Wang Yi first "long tail" is about many littles make a mickle. king because he is closely reasoned and well argued alimama what what what, the major emphasis is on the role of


1. Pay attention to the small user website group

charts data that users don’t just browse large websites, and that small and medium-sized sites have an advantage of read more