Shanghai Longfeng workers need to have what kind of skills

social media skills should not be limited to maintain a happy net, renren贵族宝贝 accounts, blogs, and forums, but the control of various social networking sites, you can refer to the www.eke020贵族宝贝 community promotion. Through to try and keep in constant contact, can help you develop a comprehensive search engine optimization master, and become Shanghai dragon followers.

social media marketing

in the social media platform in the past few years the opportunity to establish contact, greatly increasing the construction of the chain is easy. read more

Pseudo original tools are generated a lot of garbage


is now in the input fell in love with the sea pseudo original tools, I believe we can search a lot of. Pseudo original tools are generated a lot of garbage, a lot of people say that Scindapsus algorithm does not good, is a means of profit to love Shanghai. But I think both love Shanghai for what reasons, I think that this algorithm is necessary, because I think Shanghai should give those who are in love or want to use false original tools to improve the chain and set the alarm station. The Xiamen Huamei 贵族宝贝xmhmzxmr贵族宝贝 original articles, reproduced please keep the source. read more

Shanghai green chain 2 love new algorithm to soft management and planning

soft operation to achieve a "soft"


marketing to find

soft operation

love Shanghai official following the Scindapsus aureus algorithm, algorithm of pomegranate, in order to create a more clean environment to the Internet, the chain 2 upgrade again Scindapsus algorithm, to crack down on the obvious soft advertising website, and release the soft bearing punishment site. The search engine algorithm is more and more strict, in the webmaster feel soft, the chain is the only way out, again to the webmaster bring hit, in the new era of the construction of the chain, how soft the marketing planning operation? Whether the effect can reach read more

Shanghai Longfeng website optimization do twelve basic principles of the chain

believe in contact with Shanghai dragon friends heard of "content is king, the chain for the emperor", the two most important factors of Shanghai dragon, the quality of the chain is more important than quantity, so, what kind of the chain is good outside chain, which the chain of key word ranking in the choice of more favorable, and what principle?

8, the chain placement, generally speaking, the chain appears in the text is the most natural and the best. Avoid being considered spam links, if the site links are mostly from BBS signature, blog comments, also is bad, easy to be considered spam links, serious. May be punished. read more

The construction site should first demand analysis of optimizing the implementation guidelines

for quantity, the number of key words must be more. But the main keywords but should not be too much, otherwise it will lead to weight is too scattered, not conducive to the whole station and optimize the main keywords, so here suggest the best control in less than five. Since the number to control the main keywords, but also the development of the number of keywords, naturally we must mobilize the power of the long tail keywords. We can through the way of love Shanghai index, customer search habits and so on to dig more long tail keywords, and thus bring more potential customers flow. read more