I love to have several forms mule Bo station

blog sprocket

the above two forms have their advantages and disadvantages, so we can be together, how to combine? Is the first form of law-abiding to raise some blog, the blog to raise a website, and then to second blog sprocket form to raise the first blog, this can quickly upgrade the blog weight again, can be avoided after the sprocket is punished directly affect the site SE.

three, two kinds of combination

Jiangshan generation of talented people, perhaps after the owners will have more and better blog operating practices, but the principle is the same, lifting weights so as to enhance the blog website ranking, imaginative webmaster can according to this principle, the invention of the operation form of more and better. This paper from Baxter @ I love mules (new network marketing team), address: 贵族宝贝ebaite贵族宝贝/, welcome to reprint, please indicate the link. read more

In Nanjing the 58 city breadcrumb navigation optimization techniques

arrow, you will find the 58 city of Nanjing Shanghai dragon personnel doing breadcrumbs to the home page for a web site, the site of its core keywords. The general webmaster in website, is to use open source CMS program, so the program in the breadcrumb navigation problem, is a "home" instead. The small details make 58 city of Shanghai dragon was discovered, and it play the most incisive.

website is aware of the term breadcrumbs, a rich content of the station, if there is no bread crumbs navigation, search engine spiders can easily get lost at the same time, breadcrumb navigation optimization and is a part of the station optimization method. How do we go to optimize the breadcrumb navigation makes the website weight rankings? This question we need to answer our 58 city sites in Nanjing. read more

What are the new way of network marketing analysis

: the first use of the most popular event marketing. The popular event marketing method can capture the user’s psychological, but not a good place of event marketing is to seize the events of the time, place and other different view of things, there is the event marketing will not reach for a long time. Take Google PR value update a few days ago, Shanghai love ventilation. The effect of this event on the Internet is great, I think that the word PR is certainly a great day in the search volume love Shanghai, the owners have no time to seize this favorable marketing? The blogger also wrote: Google PR update, it is the love of Shanghai pumping the wind. Can cooperate with marketing event marketing, the use of soft paper to hype the event, such ideas will be more clear. But this event is also the most lasted 2, 3 days, a gust of wind in the past have no other meaning. So the webmaster want to use the event, we must make good use of popular events of the time, and then combined with other forms of marketing to marketing. The characteristics of event marketing is facing a wide range of audience groups are many, can also save cost. read more

Love Shanghai love Shanghai products sixth weapon weight analysis experience

use love Shanghai products do optimization promotion is a lot of things are valued, especially love the Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai, know the weight of these two products in the highest love Shanghai love Shanghai products is the webmaster of a hotly contested spot, in these places are trying to leave a link to the website promotion. At the same time, due to the audit mechanism, these products have been mature and complete the love experience of Shanghai this year launched new products has become a focus of us to analyze. Through the practice in Shanghai before we love Wikipedia and other products above should be able to find love in Shanghai all love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia products know these user oriented open products are with high weight of. Love the experience of Shanghai as the sixth largest weapon after Shanghai, Shanghai love know love, love, love Post Bar Encyclopedia of Shanghai Shanghai library, Shanghai love space, its weight is as can be imagined. read more

This year, only that the giant was injured

filed Chinese Internet giant, everyone will think of the Internet China three mountains (love Shanghai, Tencent, Ali, but recently it seems) often say that now is the four mountains, 360 rise into a new mountain, the stubble on the popular now, want to do what, want to make a name for oneself that must pull a sharedzilla, and this sharedzilla have certain characteristics, that is the scapegoat must be very powerful, but also have a certain "hate", how to hate, here is not to say, we all know very well, remember a few years ago 3Q war, then 360 to the United States, it would have to prove himself to the United States capital game player is very strong, so the director was very famous "two incident" and 360 get listed, although it is more round of short But it is strange, the price is getting up, now is said to have exceeded 10 billion, become the so-called large Internet companies, but on the other hand, after all, not everyone is Zhou Hongyi, remember there are a lot of people want to play the same game, but later failed, which is also very famous is UC and Tencent. UCweb is the emerging small and medium-sized enterprises, and Tencent is the industry giant; the former flagship mobile phone 3G web browser, which is known to every family social tool QQ. However, a number of small horse and industry leader had a conflict. UC President Yu Yongfu publicly sued Tencent, accusing them of the unfair competition in the field of mobile phone browser, occupy the market share of UC. UC under the resignation, the Tencent to court. Yu Minfu in order to UC to market, play the same game, but very unexpected, we do not have the war like 3Q that the one-sided support of 360, accused of Tencent, instead we have not thought of this, social and surprisingly to Tencent round this side, that is to repeat the year of 3Q UC war, but this failure, failure, or that sentence, not everyone can become a Zhou Hongyi, of course, the final UC is not listed as cicadas, such cases are too numerous to mention, but to say that the times have changed, the words hero really is not there in the past, 3Q war in the Internet environment, we all know, the navy is rampant, looked at the one-sided comments, can you believe that is true, if 3Q is not in the war that year, but in the Recently, absolutely has reason to believe is another kind of results, but there is no way, that is such an environment, and this phenomenon has also been seen in the management of the heart, until recently, this phenomenon has been developed into a hot point, Qin fire fire and there was some time ago, Li two and four, Zhou Lubao, the network big V event management quickly introduced a series of measures, Sina micro-blog also re set the rules, the thought that this kind of speculation will be convergence, but it seems a we have not accepted, is also used this technique to achieve their purposes, when in a chat QQ group yesterday. " read more