Many disabled peoples families have been driven

first_imgMany disabled people’s families have been “driven to breaking point” by cuts to social care, while other disabled people have been denied benefits and forced by the government into unsuitable work, a UN human rights expert has concluded.Professor Philip Alston, the UN’s special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, said in his final report on the UK that disabled people were “some of the hardest hit by austerity measures”.Alston said that cuts to public spending, and “highly regressive” changes to taxes and benefits since 2010 – combined with the government’s “stubborn” refusal to carry out an assessment of the impact of its austerity cuts and reforms on disabled people and other groups – suggested that the UK government’s policies breached the “principle of non-discrimination enshrined in international law”.The report quotes Equality and Human Rights Commission research that found that some disabled people are set to lose £11,000 on average by 2021–2022, more than 30 per cent of their annual net income.And it says the UK government’s reforms have often denied benefits to disabled people with high support needs and “pushed them into unsuitable work”, while care for people with mental distress has “deteriorated dramatically”.The report describes how disabled people told Alston repeatedly when he visited the UK last November about “benefits assessments that were superficial, dismissive, and contradicted the advice of their doctor”.It adds: “Those with disabilities are also highly vulnerable to cuts in local government services, particularly within social care, which has left them shouldering more of the costs of their care.“This has driven many families with a person with a disability to breaking point.”Alston said he had reviewed “seemingly endless evidence” that showed the “harsh and arbitrary nature” of some benefit sanctions, and the “devastating effects of losing access to benefits for weeks or months at a time”.His report adds: “Many detailed studies give substance to the dire consequences for vulnerable claimants who are sanctioned.”Disabled people are among the groups disadvantaged by the introduction of universal credit, he said, which has “built a digital barrier that obstructs access to benefits”.He said he had heard “countless stories of severe hardships suffered under UC”, reports that were “corroborated by an increasing body of research that suggests UC is being implemented in ways that negatively impact claimants’ mental health, finances and work prospects”.The report points out that work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd admitted in February that food bank use has increased in areas where UC has fully rolled out.Alston said the government had remained in a “state of denial” about the impact of its policies, while it might appear that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) “has been tasked with designing a digital and sanitized version of the nineteenth century workhouse, made infamous by Charles Dickens”.He accused the government of pursuing an agenda “to reduce benefits by every means available, including constant reductions in benefit levels, ever-more-demanding conditions, harsher penalties, depersonalization, stigmatization, and virtually eliminating the option of using the legal system to vindicate rights”.But he also said he had witnessed “tremendous resilience, strength and generosity, and heard stories of deeply compassionate work coaches, local officials and volunteers; neighbours supporting one another; councils seeking creative solutions; and charities stepping in to fill holes in government services”.Alston’s findings were contained in the final report on his visit to the UK last November (pictured), which was published yesterday (Wednesday) and will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council on 27 June, when the UK government will formally respond.But DWP dismissed his conclusions, as it had done when he released his initial findings last year.A DWP spokesperson insisted that UN data showed the UK was “one of the happiest places in the world to live” and the report was “a barely believable documentation of Britain, based on a tiny period of time spent here” that “paints a completely inaccurate picture of our approach to tackling poverty”.The DWP spokesperson said: “We take tackling poverty extremely seriously which is why we spend £95 billion a year on welfare and maintain a state pension system that supports people into retirement.“All the evidence shows that full-time work is the best way to boost your income and quality of life, which is why our welfare reforms are focused on supporting people into employment and we introduced the national living wage, so people earn more in work.”But Alston accused ministers of seeking to “distract from the troubling findings of this report by misrepresenting the process behind it”.He said his report was based on months of preparation, more than 100 consultations, an analysis of over 300 submissions, and more than 100 citations of the government’s own data and that of “renowned UK institutions”.He added in a statement: “I traveled the country meeting with people in poverty, prominent researchers, and frontline staff at foodbanks and advice centers, many of whom said they wished the government would do the same.“The government had an opportunity to review the report ahead of publication, yet made only eight minor changes.“The UK is happy to use human rights to criticize other countries, but it must also reckon with its own human rights problems.”A note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS…last_img read more

Seven MPs have quit the Labour Party and formed T

first_imgSeven MPs have quit the Labour Party and formed “The Independent Group”. Here’s our round-up of reactions from trade union leaders, to be updated regularly…Dave Prentis, Unison:“This is terrible news and the last thing public service employees across the UK will want to hear. Working people need a Labour government but split parties don’t win elections. Labour’s overriding concern must be to look long at hard at the reasons why the MPs feel they are no longer able to stay in the party.“The party must get its act together over Brexit and ensure the country is spared the calamity of a no deal. Crashing out of Europe would be disastrous for public services and ordinary people across the country, and it must be stopped.”Tim Roache, GMB:“It’s hugely disappointing that a handful of MPs chose to attack policies that would change the lives of millions of people as they exit stage right. A new party for tinkering around the edges is categorically not what people in the UK need.“Of course anti-semitism must be tackled, GMB Union has been very clear on that, but it’s obvious from the contributions made today that for those leaving it’s about far more than that – they fundamentally disagree with policies that GMB Union believes would change lives.“I gritted my teeth through the Blair era, when I disagreed with the Labour government on a host of issues. But I stayed in the party because Labour in power is always better than the alternative. It would be unforgivable now for those who have resigned to stand against good Labour candidates, risking a Tory government.”Dave Ward, CWU:“This is the worst press conference I have ever watched. It’s everything that voters have turned away from. No policies, no ideas and no direction. Shut the door on the way out.”Len McCluskey, Unite:“There’s a strong whiff of hypocrisy here. They stood as Labour MPs on a platform in the general election… All of them got massive increases in their majorities. I have to tell them it wasn’t because of their personal charisma.”“The issue about antisemitism, I just think is grossly unfair. You’ve got a new general secretary who has done more in the few months that she’s been in office than previous administrations… I think the whole thing is contrived.”Unite’s @LenMcCluskey accuses 7 MPs who quit the Labour Party of “hypocrisy”, saying they won votes by sharing a platform with Jeremy Corbyn— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) February 18, 2019 Tags:GMB /Dave Prentis /Unison /Labour /CWU /Tim Roache /Dave Ward /The Independent Group /last_img read more

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has annou

first_imgThe Equality and Human Rights Commission has announced today that it is launching an investigation into “whether The Labour Party has unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people because they are Jewish”.The body, set up under a Labour government in 2007, says the party has committed to co-operating fully with the probe, which will seek to determine:whether unlawful acts have been committed by the party and/or its employees and/or its agentswhether the party has responded to complaints of unlawful acts in a lawful, efficient and effective mannerThe investigation is set to look specifically into Labour’s rulebook and the steps taken by the party following the Royall Report, the home affairs select committee report on antisemitism and the Chakrabarti Report.In March, the watchdog started a preliminary probe as an EHRC spokesperson confirmed that they believed “Labour may have unlawfully discriminated against people because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs”.The EHRC had received complaint dossiers from both the Jewish Labour Movement, the party’s only affiliated Jewish group, and the Campaign Against Antisemitism.Below is the statement released by Labour in response to the news.“Labour is fully committed to the support, defence and celebration of the Jewish community and is implacably opposed to antisemitism in any form.“We reject any suggestion that the Party does not handle antisemitism complaints fairly and robustly, or that the Party has acted unlawfully, and we will continue to cooperate fully with the EHRC.“We support the efforts of the EHRC to draw attention to the obligations all political parties have under the Equality Act. But its ability to do so has been undermined by a 70% budget cut since 2010. Labour is the party of equality and in government we will strengthen the powers and functions of the commission.“There has been a deeply worrying rise in antisemitism in the UK and across Europe. We are taking action to root it out of our party by strengthening our rules and procedures. But the issue can only be properly dealt with by all political parties working together to protect the interests of the Jewish community and to combat racism in politics, the media and in society more broadly. That includes the need for the Conservatives and other parties taking action to deal with racism in their own ranks.”Tags:Labour /Antisemitism /EHRC /last_img read more

New Mission District police captain gets an earful

first_img 0% Tags: Mission Police Station Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% During the meeting that stretched well beyond its scheduled hour, Griffin yielded the floor to various city departments that have allied with police over addressing homelessness in the neighborhood and prostitution on Capp and Shotwell streets.Also on hand to field the neighbors’ questions was Griffin’s current boss, former Mission Station Captain Daniel Perea, who is now commander of the district.What ensued was a somewhat candid conversation about the police’s role in solving crime and its collaborations with other city agencies on addressing quality of life concerns.“I hear you, but It isn’t all about the police department,” said Griffin. “There are other agencies involved.”Sidewalks where encampments are located were described by attendees as strewn with needles and feces, but many expressed a more immediate concern about violence within the homeless communities living on their doorsteps.One particular encampment, located at the intersection of 14th and Mission streets, has particularly problematic in the last month, according to residents.“There was a pretty bloody stabbing there last Wednesday…The last that we heard there was going to be a resolution of that encampment,” said Andrew Presley, a resident of Natoma and 14th streets.Presley said that he reached out to the Department on Homelessness and Supportive Housing inquiring about the encampments removal, but had not received a response.Randy Quezada, a spokesperson for that department who was present at the meeting, had seen Presley’s email, but that his energy was focused elsewhere.   The department, Quezada said, is intent on resolving encampments that are “the largest and have been around the longest and have a the most significant impact on the neighborhood.”“Just because there isn’t a resolution plan in place for 14th and Mission today doesn’t mean that we are not doing anything,” said Quezada and pointed to their work at a large scale encampment at Carolina Street in Potrero Hill that resulted in 30 of its inhabitants transitioning to the Navigation Center.Like others before him, Griffin said that he envisioned choreographing city services around a sustainable strategy for responding to encampments in the district.Police will have a Community Outreach Division, he said, that will focus largely on encampment and homeless complaints, freeing up officers to focus on solving crimes.“It doesn’t mean that we are out of the quality of life business at Mission Station – It means that we have the support of a group of officers and that’s what they do and are supposed to do,” he said. “It’s a consistency of service.”It is unclear if that represents additional officers or reassigned officers.Perea attends his last community meeting with the new police Captain, William Griffin. Photo by Lola M. ChavezResidents and business owners from Shotwell and Capp streets voiced their frustrations with an “ebb and flow” of prostitution in an area roughly spanning those streets between 18th and 22nd Streets that is once again at a high.“We are just inundated with prostitutes,” said David Hall, co-owner of Shotwell’s bar at the corner of 20th and Shotwell streets.Hall expressed frustration at a perceived lack of police intervention that he said has caused the sex workers to spread to Mission Street and South Van Ness Avenue. Perea said that their relocation is a result of police crackdowns in the area.Last fall, Perea declared that his focus in addressing prostitution was on pursuing their clients on traffic violations. For a brief period of about a month, traffic control stops and an increased police presence in that area provided relief to neighbors by discouraging prostitution.But those who want their neighborhood cleaned up said the sex workers have returned in full force and questioned the effectiveness of deterring customers.Some wondered why “some 30  women” were left to operate in the area, seemingly unperturbed by police.“Its obvious who the prostitutes are. It’s in your face,” said the Shotwell Street neighbor. “What is being done to address these girls?”Perea, however, disagreed.  “It’s not about appearance it’s not about people being in a certain area, it’s about conduct,” he said.Griffin told the neighbors that he would look into continuing Perea’s recent efforts as well as the best practices of other stations and police departments in dealing with the issue, but that issuing citations wasn’t the answer.“You can’t equate giving somebody a fix-it ticket for solving a crime,” he said. His primary focus would be on arresting pimps, but acknowledged “there are limitations to what we can do.“Assistant District Attorney Justine Cephus explained that it is much easier to “catch women in stiletto heels barely wearing any clothing than her pimp who is circling and going to speed off in his car.”Building a case against the latter requires witnesses – often the trafficked women themselves, to testify and can take years, she said. “ I have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that somebody is engaged in human trafficking, pimping, prostitution.”Griffin asked the neighbors to give him some time to properly assess the situation before developing a strategy to address it.“I’ll be out in your neighborhood tonight,” he promised.Another Mission resident inquired about changes to the police department’s policy in regard to its cooperation with immigration agents.“I’ve come here for the very first time to begin to understand if there are changes to enforcement or policy changes in SF that need to be made public,” the woman said.Griffin said that there are no changes, and that he and his officers are aligned with the department’s continued commitment to the sanctuary city ordinance.“There’s nobody in this community who should fear [reporting to] the police,” he said. “We serve all members of the community… as to their status, its irrelevant.” center_img In his first official community meeting as head of Mission Police Station,  Captain William Griffin did most of the listening, reassuring neighbors that police are working alongside the city to address ongoing concerns about a swell of homeless encampments and prostitution in the district.“I can’t tell you that in the two to three years that I’m here I can fix everything, but I can make things better,” Griffin told some 30 people who attended the Tuesday night meeting at the Valencia Street.But residents who have long attended the meetings knew it would not be easy.“He’s jumping into the Mission fire,” said one neighbor who is one of a group of residents from the Southeastern Mission who regularly attend the monthly police meetings to testify about soaring nuisance complaints and crime that they relate to homeless tent encampments in the area.last_img read more

Community clashes with SFPD at Town Hall on officerinvolved shooting

first_imgDistrust and anger prevail as Police Chief Bill Scott and others sit and listen 0% Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletterEmail Address Tags: SFPD Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img After police attempted to get armed-robbery suspect Adolfo Jesus Delgado-Duarte to show his hands, the 19-year-old fired one shot from the trunk of a Honda Civic last week on Capp Street. Ten of the police officers surrounding the black Honda Civic responded with 99 shots, hitting the suspect 25 times, Capt. Valerie Matthews told community members at a meeting at Cesar Chavez Elementary Monday evening. At a Town Hall meeting Monday, 200 hundred community members, including his brother, sister and father, remained angry and unsatisfied as they listened to the police give their account of the incident that began last Tuesday night around 11 p.m., when two victims flagged down a patrol car to say they had been robbed at gunpoint. Many insisted that the officers did not do enough to de-escalate the situation that ended in the 19-year-old’s death and a block riddled with bullet holes and broken windows from the ricochets. “You are nothing but murderers,” said Duarte’s brother, Victor Torres, during public comment, as Police Chief Bill Scott, Mission Captain Gaetano Caltagirone, and Matthews sat in silence. “I fucking hate you guys, I swear!” he added, looking tired and overwhelmed by anger and sadness. Torres was joined by Duarte’s father, Jose Delgado, and Duarte’s sister, Patricia Torres, who largely sat in a trance as police recounted the events and showed body cam footage of the events that ultimately led to their family member’s demise. Police Chief Scott apologized to the family for their loss, and stressed that the investigation of what exactly happened is still underway.From left to right. Police Chief Bill Scott, Captain Valerie Matthews,investigation’s division major crimes, Mission District Station Captain Gaetano Caltagirone,and Paul Henderson, director of the Department of Police Accountability.In the footage police showed, a young man gets out of the Honda Civic and walks north on Capp Street. He later runs back and jumps into the trunk of the same car.The officers ordered the car to stop, while more officers responded to the scene. The driver of the car, identified as Victor Navarro Flores, surrendered after officers ordered him out of the car. Meanwhile, Duarte could be seen in the trunk,  she said. Officers ordered Duarte to show both of his hands and to get out of the trunk, first in English and later in Spanish through a megaphone. When he did not leave the trunk, officers shot a beanbag round. Soon after, Matthews and, Duarte pointed a 9mm handgun at the officers and fired a shot, at which point 10 officers fired on the young man, who died at the scene. A third person, identified as Christina Juarez Alfaro, got out of the car and was detained. Navarro Flores was charged him with one count of second-degree robbery and has been on conditional release from jail, while Juarez Alfaro has been released with no charges. The 10 officers involved in the shootout are on paid administrative leave. Their names are being withheld for another four days.Police showed five videos that appeared to support their version of events but threw community members into a blind rage. After one of the videos in which officers are seen firing on Duarte, the community erupted, chanting, “Asesinos! Asesinos!” Throughout the course of the evening, most community members who spoke during public comment challenged the notion that police did everything they could to lure Duarte out of the trunk peacefully. Although police said they were open to taking questions, community members who went to the microphone spoke to police or turned to address the community. “Where was the de-escalation?” asked Marjory Rodriguez, one of Duarte’s young friends without pausing for an answer. “Why was a translator called so late?”Victor and Patricia Torres sit to the left of their father, Jesus Jose. Photo by Lydia Chávez.The body-camera footage shows officers initially ordering Duarte out of the trunk in English, and only later in Spanish. Duarte came to the United States from Mexico as a child and began his schooling at Bryant Elementary. He graduated from Life Learning Academy high school on Treasure Island. As a child, he spent much of his time at the Boys and Girls Club on 21st and Alabama. In the year leading up to the incident, he worked at the Metro PCS store at 20th and Mission streets.     Some who spoke said that police did not spend enough time working with Duarte. They said police could have used community members’ voices to persuade him to come out.  “Adolfo was one of my kids,” said Susanna Rojas, a Mission Neighborhood Centers employee who worked with Duarte as a child. “I was there — you could have called me.” Ivan Prado, who worked with Duarte as a 10-year-old, said he had encouraged Duarte to participate in SFPD’s wilderness program, during which he hiked with SFPD officers on Treasure Island. “I asked him to challenge the narrative that exists between police and brown young men,” Prado said. Prado noted that he frequently encourages young people to sign up for SFPD’s community-engagement programs. “So when you ask us to engage with you in the community, and we ask you to engage back, call us in for those moments,” he said, referring to the incident. “Don’t just call us in for the show!” Others challenged Scott who, throughout the nearly two and a half hours of public comment, listened silently, taking notes and sometimes nodding in recognition. “When is this gonna stop, Scott? This is on your shoulders. It’s under your watch now,” said Rafael Picazo, a Mission resident. “Mr. Scott, we are extremely disappointed in you,” said Mesha Irizarry of the Idriss Stelley Foundation, which was founded in memory of her son, a 23-year-old man who was killed by police 2001. “Enough talk about the kind and nice police department that engages with the community.” She noted that she’s heard a lot of talk of reform but has seen no changes. “It’s a shame we have to talk to you over and over again,” she said. Body cam footage and notes from SFPD on the incident. last_img read more

SAINTS eased into the quarter finals of the Ladbro

first_imgSAINTS eased into the quarter finals of the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup with a 46-6 win over York City Knights.Tommy Makinson scored four whilst Adam Swift (3), Mark Percival and Mark Flanagan also crossed in the win.Credit has to go to the Championship One side though as they never gave up, particularly in defence as they kept Saints at bay for long periods.But Saints’ class told in the end and they progressed to the next round.Saints kicked off and immediately won the ball back from a York knock on. Tommy Makinson nearly went over in the corner but the hosts scored on their very next set.Adam Swift bagging his fifth in two matches after a flowing move.Saints had two more sets on York’s line before Mark Percival chipped ahead for Makinson’s first.York threatened in the 20th minute with a kick through but Matty Fleming mopped up the danger.Saints were guilty of not making their territorial advantage count – and a number of unforced errors weren’t helping.But they did score their third try of the night on the half hour mark when a lovely kick over the top was controlled in midair by Makinson’s left boot – for the winger to touch down.His peer on the other side of the pitch then scored his second of the evening after a flowing move he started with a tempestuous run.Saints were in full control but York did show glimpses – mostly when they let the ball fly on the right hand side.They did that with around three minutes left in the first half but Saints went up the other end of the field and scored through Percival.In the second half, Tyler Craig almost profited from a piece of brilliance from York’s half Jonny Presley but was just beaten by the flight of the ball and corner flag.Again Saints went up the other end of the field and scored – this time Tommy Makinson grabbing his hat-trick following a bobbling kick from Jon Wilkin.On 57 minutes Makinson tagged his fourth from a move that began in Saints’ own 20. It went wide from Burns to Percival who scorched down the wing, got it back inside to the stand-off who simply put Tommy under the posts.Mark Flanagan tallied in the 68th minute thanks to great work from debutant Morgan Knowles and Lewis Charnock before Burns and McDonnell fed Swift for his hat-trick.The last hurrah went to the Knights though and it was much deserved as they created enough space for Tyler Craig to go over in the corner.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Swift (3), Makinson (4), Percival, FlanaganGoals: Burns (0 from 3), Makinson (3 from 4), Charnock (2 from 2)Knights: Tries: CraigGoals: B. Dent (1 from 1)Penalties: Saints: 2Knights: 3HT: 22-0FT: 46-6REF: C LeatherbarrowATT: 3271Teams:Saints: 34. Shannon McDonnell; 2. Tommy Makinson, 17. Mark Percival, 30. Matty Fleming, 5. Adam Swift; 6. Travis Burns, 12. Jon Wilkin; 8. Mose Masoe, 26. Lewis Charnock, 19. Greg Richards, 13. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 15. Mark Flanagan, 4. Josh Jones.Subs: 10. Kyle Amor, 25. Andre Savelio, 29. Olly Davies, 35. Morgan Knowles.Knights: 2. Ben Dent; 25. Adam Dent, 4. Liam Cunningham, 3. Greg Minikin, 24. Tyler Craig; 6. Jonny Presley, 7. Pat Smith; 8. Mark Applegarth, 9. Harry Carter, 10. Jack Aldous, 12. Ed Smith, 15. Josh Tonks, 13. Colton Roche.Subs: 11. Ryan Mallinder, 21. Jack Pickles, 29. Brad Nicholson, 32. Kane Riley.last_img read more

School safety the topic of New Hanover County roundtable

first_img Sheriff Ed McMahon stressed the importance and significance of School Resource Officers. McMahon said there are several program in place to train SROs, a program that is essential and necessary.McMahon said ideally, he would like more resources available at school, he’s open to more officers or even former army personnel.“Can we get some law enforcement maybe even some former military who have that, we talked about it earlier, they have more of that warrior mind set and can we implement them in so that we do have some more eyes on only basically safety,” McMahon said.Related Article: Education, tax rebate to highlight SC State of the StateCounty manager Chris Coudriet touched on the importance of mental health, which others agreed with and echoed his concern.New Hanover County Board of Education Chairman Ed Higgins said if necessary, they will suspend and expel students, but he wants to work on creating a safe environment in the schools.Wanda Marino, with New Hanover County Department of Social Services, says it requires proper resources, mental health resources, which are lacking throughout our community.“Unless these kids get a specific diagnosis, they will fall through the cracks and continue to hurt,” Marino said.County Commissioner Woody White brought up a program to help kids who are showing neglect or other problems. White says he knows how parents feel right now.“You hope and you think and you expect and you deserve to know that they’re safe. Not going to get shot. Not getting in trouble with a dangerous violent situation. And so as a parent, I still think about that every single day,” White said.Parents were happy to see officials were paying attention, but some say the community needs to help too.“We need people outside of those who do serving and who do the work everyday to step up. And that’s something we need to really try to start focusing on is what can we as a community do separate from what the professionals are already doing,” a parent Leslie Smiley, said.“There needs to be better integration to serve those needs… I want to know how to break some of those barriers down, ” White said.On the subject of mental health, DSS says it would require the proper resources, which our community is lacking right now. But it requires collaboration from the other parts of the county.Also, North Carolina superintendent Mark Johnson wants to hear from public school teachers about what they think about having guns in the classroom. An e-mail sent out to teachers earlier today included a link to a survey about the issue. NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) –Keeping New Hanover County schools safe, a topic that brought together numerous leaders from the community.They met to focus on and address the concerns New Hanover County Commissioners, judges, law enforcement and school leaders have about safety.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Former middle school assistant appears in court for child sex crimes

first_imgNEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A former Myrtle Grove Middle School teacher’s assistant charged with sexually abusing a minor had his first day in court Monday afternoon.Nicholas Lavon Oates faces charges of statutory rape of a child under the age of 15 and indecent liberties with a child. It is not clear whether the alleged events happened while Oates was employed by New Hanover County Schools.- Advertisement – The 38-year-old Oates saw a judge at the New Hanover County Courthouse for the first time Monday afternoon.The judge denied Oates’ request to lower his $1 million bond.The state says it has evidence of phone calls and videos of the alleged sexual relationship with the minor.Related Article: Wilmington teen accused of hitting parked bus, driving offOates’ next court appearance is scheduled for July 26.New Hanover County Schools confirmed to WWAY that Oates worked as a special education assistant at Myrtle Grove Middle School through 2016 and resigned in February 2017.last_img read more

Publix stores reopen in Wilmington Emerald Isle and Surf City

first_imgPublix at Ogden Market Place7144 Market StreetWilmington, NC 28411Publix at Pine Valley716 Bragg Dr.Wilmington, NC 28412 Publix being built near Surf City on May 7, 2018. (Photo: WWAY) LELAND, NC (WWAY) – We just heard from a Publix spokesperson.Stores are reopening Monday for shoppers.The Publix stores in Wilmington, NC have reopened and are operating under normal business hours. Also stores at these locations have reopened as well.center_img Publix at Egret Landing8800 Crew DriveEmerald Isle, NC 28594Publix at Arboretum at Surf City2765 NC Hwy 210 EHampstead, NC 28443last_img read more

Watch Ta Qali expansion 3rd the size of Londons Hyde Park –

first_img SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> Prime Minister and Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat, has told his supporters that expansion of the Ta ‘Qali park will make it, ‘one third of the size of Hyde Park in London.’Muscat insisted that the government had sacrificed the economy for the environment, pointing out that 52 acres of land will be added to the Ta ‘ Qali park along with other places in Ta’ Qali which according to him, are wasted, inaccessible or dangerous.  He said that in total there are 200 acres which will become the National Park of Malta, that will be twice size of the current Ta’ Qali park today.In addition to expansion, 80,000 trees would be planted in Ta’ Qali. He also referred to the 13,000 square metre recreational space on the roofed Venera tunnel.He went on to reassure Maltese families that priorities had changed from work, wealth and the economy to now focusing on the quality of life and time with family. Muscat said that was why the government chose to replace what used to be a huge factory in Ta’ Qali for a place for families, in his own words went against what investors had been hungry for.“We’ve still need to collect 70,000 for the EU and 130,000 for Local Councils”During the political activity in Rabat, Dr Muscat said that it was important to vote on 25 May, to show support to the Government, to continue moving forward with its progress. He stressed that what is said in homes, at workplaces or Facebook will not make a difference.  Here he referred to comments like, “they will win anyway”.The Labour leader pointed out that many still do not have the voting document: Approximately 70,000 for the European elections and 130,000 for Local Councils. He stated that when you knock the doors you never find anyone at home. He says that it showed that there was ‘work for everyone, even the females work thanks to free child care.’ “290 roads this year”Dr Muscat also said that the government is investing €700 million for roads in seven years, reiterating that there will be 290 new roads this year.“Need a person not a robot or AI”Speaking about issues that affect society, Muscat encouraged children and young people to take up courses in nursing, insisting that work in health is guaranteed. Muscat said that despite the validity of robots and AI, when someone has a health problem, there still needs to be person “because a machine will not look after you”. As for the elderly and pensioners, Dr Muscat said he would increase pensions every year.LIVE: PL leader addresses political activity in RabatLabour leader Joseph Muscat, is addressing a political activity next to Villa Romana in Rabat.The activity is taking place at 18.30PM.WhatsApplast_img read more

Frances Macron pledges to relaunch SerbiaKosovo dialogue

first_img <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrint French President Emmanuel Macron and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic shake hands after a joint news conference at the Serbia Palace building in Belgrade, Serbia, July 15, 2019. REUTERS/Djordje KojadinovicFrench President Emmanuel Macron and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic shake hands after a joint news conference at the Serbia Palace building in Belgrade, Serbia, July 15, 2019. REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday he would to help relaunch talks to normalise ties between Serbia and Kosovo in the next few weeks.After meeting his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic, Macron said he would invite delegations from the two countries to Paris along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.An EU-sponsored dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina has been stalled since Kosovo introduced a 100 percent tax on all goods imported from Serbia to put pressure on Belgrade to recognise its sovereignty.Kosovo declared independence with Western backing in 2008, but Serbia still considers it an integral part of its territory.Together with its traditional ally Russia, Serbia is blocking Kosovo from joining international organisations including the United Nations, UNICEF and Interpol.  French President Emmanuel Macron inspects an honour guard during a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic outside the Serbia Palace building in Belgrade, Serbia, July 15, 2019. REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and French President Emmanuel Macron meet before inspecting an honour guard outside the Serbia Palace building in Belgrade, Serbia, July 15, 2019. REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic French President Emmanuel Macron and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic attend a joint news conference at the Serbia Palace building in Belgrade, Serbia, July 15, 2019. REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic French President Emmanuel Macron and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic shake hands after a joint news conference at the Serbia Palace building in Belgrade, Serbia, July 15, 2019. REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic French President Emmanuel Macron and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (not pictured) attend a joint news conference at the Serbia Palace building in Belgrade, Serbia, July 15, 2019. REUTERS/Djordje Kojadinovic“We are seeing rising tension and sometimes these tensions are fuelled here and there by external powers that have an interest in making sure no deal is found,” Macron said.“Reaching an agreement implies that each party abstains from unilateral and non-constructive gestures and, in that respect, developments over the last few weeks have been a concern, and decisions that were against past commitments must be abrogated.”Vucic said he had asked Macron to help Serbia in its bid to join the European Union, but Macron made no promises.He reiterated his previous view that the EU needed to make decision-making more efficient before Serbia and other countries can join.Recognising Kosovo is a precondition for Serbia to join the bloc.Macron is the first French president to visit Serbia since 2001; a visit planned for last December was cancelled after “yellow vest” anti-government protests turned violent in Paris.In a sign of increased cooperation, Serbia has agreed to buy the French light surface-to-air missile system Mistral.During Monday’s visit, the two sides signed a letter of intent for construction of a metro in the capital Belgrade.Serbia and France have intensified economic cooperation in recent years; France’s Vinci has a 25-year concession to run Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport.Serbia is balancing its relations with Russia, a traditional Slavic and Orthodox Christian ally, with a push to join the European Union and foster ties with NATO, though it wants to remain militarily neutral. In 2016 it agreed to buy nine military helicopters from the European Airbus Helicopters.Vucic and Macron laid wreaths at a monument built to thank France for helping Serbia during World War One.WhatsApplast_img read more

Issue 6 Release Notes

first_imgAdvertisement In our cover story therefore, we’ve done an extensive investigation into the smartphone industry, with an idea on how to buy. We hope that with this kind of guide, choosing your next phone will become easier. MTN upgraded to 3.5G and also brought an innovation that will bring back the memories of the World Cup: their new modem is shaped like the official World Cup ball. We have done a review of this modem. What I was asking myself is why they did not write there, “keep out of reach of children”, because it is expected that children will start kicking the nice looking internet gadget the first time they get an opportunity. We have continued our coverage of mobile health technologies with an exclusive interview with Mr. Bas Hoefman, the founder and Director of Text to Change, an SMS service aiding health care in Sub-Saharan Africa. Apps4Africa, a development contest which will challenge technically minded East Africans to build digital applications to solve big social problems such as government transparency or lack of public health information, is currently on-going. Joshua Goldstein, the cordinator, discusses key questions about the contest, and its objectives. Also, we have consolidated our commitment to facilitating ICT Education in Africa. Last month we launched yet another initiative, Digital Learning Africa, which is basically, an online resource platform. We are populating it with teaching/learning resources for all students across Africa. You will also read about this initiave and the objectives for its establishment. In our pictorial, we have published photos for some of the key activities in which PC Tech was involved over the month of July. Don’t miss the regular sections: What’s New, Features, Reviews, Research, Gaming and leisure.If you are reading online, the FREEVIEW is a summary of the magazine. I hope you find this magazine as interesting as we feel it is.last_img read more

Mark Zuckerberg Cant be Blocked on Facebook

first_imgMark Zuckerberg at their headqauters in Menlo Park, California. Image Credit: Express Advertisement Facebook is a widely used globally with over 1.79 billion monthly active users (September 30th, 2016). However, interestingly it is to use the social platform, at times the people or pages we do follow; Politicians, Celebrities, Artists, Sports Men & Women, and so forth, also at times post awful posts, that a worth blocking the user.Looking at the CEO and Co-Founder of the platform, Mark Zuckerberg, many might say he would be good at using the site. Well, according to one Facebook user, William Turton; Staff Writer at Gizmodo, says he’s not.“His posts are awful, and there is literally no way to escape them,” William writes in a post in Gizmodo. – Advertisement – “After seeing this Tweet, I tried to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, only to find that King Zuck is immune from Facebook’s mere mortal block feature,” he adds.HELP HELP I’M BEING REPRESSED— Johnny Xmas ? (@J0hnnyXm4s) January 10, 2017In his posts, William claims he can block the likes of Facebook’s COO; Sheryl Sandberg, Priscilla Chan; Wife to Zuckerberg, the out-going President of the US; Barack Obama, CEO of the Oprah Winfrey Network; Oprah Winfrey. But not Zuck! “He is invulnerable to blockage.”I tried to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, only to find that King Zuck is immune from Facebook’s mere mortal block feature. Image Credit: kinja-img.comNobody is safe from Zuckerberg’s posts. If one of your basic friends shares one of Zuck’s posts, you must read it.last_img read more

Online Shopping in Uganda Local vs Foreignbased stores

first_imgKilimall Uganda login page displayed on a computer. Photo Taken by: Nathan Ernest Olupot Advertisement Online shopping has a number of advantages. First of all, you don’t have to leave your house. You can shop anytime you want because online stores are always open. You can also do thorough research, read customer reviews and objective product tests, compare prices and door deliveries.However, with too much competition, you may fail to choose where to shop online. However, the difference come in prices, time of delivery, additional prices and a few other factors.In an interview, PC Tech had with the Managing Director at Kilimall Uganda; Mr. Wang Chengyang, our reporter asked how Kilimall is handling “Distrust” since it’s a common challenge with African shoppers – Advertisement – In his reply, Mr. Wang said Kilimall is a B2C platform, all the sellers are big brands, and the company cooperates with them and the media houses to setup campaigns to let their customers know who they are, what they do, and which products they can provide.So we have done a quick comparison of online shopping on Kilimall versus doing it on other international online shopping brands:Water Resistant Shower Bluetooth Speaker The speaker brings enhanced HD music experience with Full Spectrum Coverage, Crispy High Note, Crystal Clear Mid-range and Balanced Bass. Adding on it’s features is it being water resistant that increases mobility and usability either Indoor or Outdoor; Such as showers, Bathroom, Car, Office, and so forth. It also has a high efficiency and an advanced Bluetooth technology compatible to Bluetooth-enabled devices Such as Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Mp3 Player.You would love to own one, buying it from Kilimall Uganda would be much cheaper than buying it from It’s priced at UGX 29,040 at Kilimall Uganda, and $19.59 (approx. UGX 71,000 shipping fee inclusive) via from won’t be a problem that’s only if you have someone who is bringing the gadget to you, other than that, doesn’t ship products to Uganda, and if it did, on the $19.59 you ought to pay doesn’t include shipping fees. As for Kilimall, it’s home so order and have it delivered to your door step within 24 hours.[related-posts]VR BOX Version Virtual Reality 3D Video Glasses Sitting, Standing, or Lying down, this VR 3D Video Headset are convenient to use anytime anywhere. They are made of ABS and spherical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet that is environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed, and can only be used by one person at a time. The distance between the phone and the lens design can be adjusted so that it suits for people with different visions.Suitable for handsets that range between 4.7 – 6 Inch-screens, the VR headset is can be purchased at UGX 55,440 via Kilimall Uganda, have it delivered to you. While the same headset is priced $19.98 (approx. UGX 72,000) via FREE SHIPPING if your orders go beyond $49. But however, remember these products can’t be shipped out of the US, you rather have someone coming to Uganda bring them for you or you use another online store that does delivery to Uganda.APEXEL APL – DG5 5 in 1 Camera Phone Lens Kit Photography is one thing you ought to love to own a smartphone if you can’t buy a camera. Although many have thought the most loved feature on a smartphone is the camera, well! they have it wrong. Research has shown that the cam feature is the fourth most loved/liked feature on a smartphone, where – longer battery life, shatter proof screen, and water resistant features come in first, second, and third positions respectively, according to Statista.But that doesn’t stop you from loving the cam feature first. Tech has gone so far to an extent that they have introduced addition camera lens for phones. We’ve been seeing this only on DLSR cameras, and so forth, but smartphones also do have these additional lens, that enhance, and bring/give you nice looking quality pictures.There different camera phone lens kits, but we notably look at the APEXEL APL DG5 phone lens since they are the same suppliers of Kilimall Uganda and Aliexpress. The kits comes packed with 5 additional camera lens; Fisheye Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Macro Lens, Telephoto Lens, and CPL LensThe price via Kilimall Uganda is 42,000 UGX and $10.74 (roughly 39,000 UGX) shipping fee inclusive with estimated delivery time between 26 to 47 days via China Post Registered Air Mail via Aliexpress, which is much cheaper but the delivery time is really long, however, other options are via DHL that takes 12-24 days for $44.64 (roughly 161,000 UGX) shipping fee inclusive, or EMS that takes 7-15 days $48.59 (roughly 175,000 UGX) shipping fee inclusive, if you tend to get the product in time.Conclusion: Kilimall Uganda has global shippers and some of the products available on some of the famous stores like;, Aliexpress, Ebay, to name a few, can also be found on Kilimall Uganda. Why go through all that hustle and yet you can buy the same products here at Kilimall Uganda. With also their 7-day free return policy, it’s easier to follow up than buying the products outside the boarders of Uganda where follow-ups might be a bit hard and tricky for you.last_img read more

Huawei Contributes to World Customs Organization 4th Global AEO Conference hosted by

first_imgHuawei Uganda’s Managing Director Mr. Stanley Chyn Giving his Speech at The 4th Global AEO Conference at Serena Hotel Kampala. Advertisement Huawei contributes to the World Customs Organization’s 4th Authorized Economic Operator (‘AEO’) global conference hosted by Uganda Revenue Authority in Kampala.The 4th WCO global AEO conference is being hosted at Kampala Serena Hotel from 14th to the 16th of March, with the theme of “Promoting Mutual Recognition of AEOs to Strengthen and Secure Global Trade.” This will provide a unique opportunity to discuss developments related to AEO and global security concerns. The participants will be able to exchange views on both the challenges and opportunities of AEO and MRAs, as well as the increasing role played by technology in this space.This global conference has attracted approximately 1500 participants from over 169 countries around the globe such as; Heads of Revenue and Tax Authorities, Customs Administrations, Government and Multilateral Policymakers, Senior International Logistics, Trade Compliance and Supply-Chain Managers, Chief Executive Officers from Companies in the trade supply chain, Authorised Economic Operators, multilateral financial institutions, Corporate and Trade Organization Executives, Supply-Chain IT Providers, Legal Advisors, Academia and Economists and the Business Community. – Advertisement – Huawei which is a Corporate Sponsor of this global conference and a member of World Customs Organization’s advisory body ‘The Private Sector Consultative Group (PSCG)’, in charge of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations worldwide, appealed to stakeholders for an open and non-discriminatory set of global trade and investment rules to support the future growth of the digital economy. Huawei has achieved approximately AEO certificates in 19 countries and regions including South Africa, Uganda, Malaysia, China and Kenya among others.1 of 3 Huawei’s Solutions Expert showing the Smart Customs and Smart Taxation Solution to Investiment Minister Hon. Evelyn Anite, URA Commissioner Genral Ms. Dorris Akol and Commissioner Customs Mr. Kateshumba Huawei Uganda’s Managing Director Mr. Stanley Chyn Giving his Speech at The 4th Global AEO Conference at Serena Hotel Kampala. Huawei’s Exhibition Booth with the Smart Customs and Smart Taxation SolutionAccording to Huawei Uganda’s Managing Director Mr. Stanley Chyn,” Huawei is willing to participate, and to make its contribution to this customs revolution by aligning our strategies and operations. We would also like use this great opportunity to appeal to all stakeholders for an open and non-discriminatory set of global trade and investment rules to support the future growth of the digital economy, and to implement effective, transparent and proportionate measures to ensure safety, security and integrity of global value chains via AEO and MRAs.”“Huawei Uganda was awarded AEO certificate in 2016. On that note, we pledge to continue to comply with local laws and regulations, and make a great contribution to the ICT industry”, he addedAt the conference roundtable, the importance of the Mutual Recognition of Authorised Economic Operators (‘MRAs’), the perspective of the private sector and how the industry sees this recognition was discussed.Aviva Zhang, Senior Public Relations Manager, Huawei Global Government Affairs Department Trade Facilitation, and Market Access, who was also a participant of the roundtable noted that “MRAs are welcomed by the private sector for their various efficiency improvements, particularly reduced time and costs due to priority treatment at the border.”She added that the ‘MRA’ has been beneficial to Huawei in reducing the import lead time into Japan citing the MRA’s ability to improve the predictability and reduce the cost of moving goods from one territory to another thereby making the company more competitive.Huawei also exhibited its smart customs and smart taxation solution intended to make efficient customs clearance services, promote trade facilitation and bring about social and economic benefits.last_img read more


first_imgHORSE RACING12.55 SouthwellMidnight Jade 4/1 > 5/21.20 NewcastleNostalgie 7/2 > 9/41.50 NewcastleSix Strings 5/2 > 11/83.10 LingfieldCody Wyoming 9/1 > 4/1LIVE FOOTBALLEFL Cup Quarter-Final19:45 Sky Sports 1 / Sky Sports 1 HD2/7 Liverpool 10/1 Leeds United 5/1 DRAWBET WITH STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Tuesday 29 Novemberlast_img read more

Graphitic memory techniques advance at Rice

first_imgShareCONTACT: Mike WilliamsPHONE: 713-348-6728E-MAIL: mikewilliams@rice.eduGraphitic memory techniques advance at RiceResearchers simplify fabrication of nano storage, chip-design toolsAdvances by the Rice University lab of James Tour have brought graphite’s potential as a mass data storage medium a step closer to reality and created the potential for reprogrammable gate arrays that could bring about a revolution in integrated circuit logic design. In a paper published in the online journal ACS Nano, Tour and postdoctoral associate Alexander Sinitskii show how they’ve used industry-standard lithographic techniques to deposit 10-nanometer stripes of amorphous graphite, the carbon-based, semiconducting material commonly found in pencils, onto silicon. This facilitates the creation of potentially very dense, very stable nonvolatile memory for all kinds of digital devices. With backing from a major manufacturer of memory chips, Tour and his team have pushed the technology forward in several ways since a paper that appeared last November first described two-terminal graphitic memory. While noting advances in other molecular computing techniques that involve nanotubes or quantum dots, he said none of those have yet proved practical in terms of fabrication.Not so with this simple-to-deposit graphite. “We’re using chemical vapor deposition and lithography — techniques the industry understands,” said Tour, Rice’s Chao Professor of Chemistry and a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and of computer science. “That makes this a good alternative to our previous carbon-coated nanocable devices, which perform well but are very difficult to manufacture.”Graphite makes a good, reliable memory “bit” for reasons that aren’t yet fully understood. The lab found that running a current through a 10-atom-thick layer of graphite creates a complete break in the circuit — literally, a gap in the strip a couple of nanometers wide. Another jolt repairs the break. The process appears to be indefinitely repeatable, which provides addressable ones and zeroes, just like today’s flash memory devices but at a much denser scale.Graphite’s other advantages were detailed in Tour’s earlier work: the ability to operate with as little as three volts, an astoundingly high on/off ratio (the amount of juice a circuit holds when it’s on, as opposed to off) and the need for only two terminals instead of three, which eliminates a lot of circuitry. It’s also impervious to a wide temperature range and radiation; this makes it suitable for deployment in space and for military uses where exposure to temperature extremes and radiation is a concern.Tour’s graphite-forming technique is well-suited for other applications in the semiconductor industry. One result of the previous paper is a partnership between the Tour group and NuPGA (for “new programmable gate arrays”), a California company formed around the research to create a new breed of reprogrammable gate arrays that could make the design of all kinds of computer chips easier and cheaper. The Tour lab and NuPGA, led by industry veteran Zvi Or-Bach (founder of eASIC and Chip Express), have applied for a patent based on vertical arrays of graphite embedded in “vias,” the holes in integrated circuits connecting the different layers of circuitry. When current is applied to a graphite-filled via, the graphite alternately splits and repairs itself (a process also described in the latest paper), just like it does in strip form. Essentially, it becomes an “antifuse,” the basic element of one type of field programmable gate array (FPGA), best described as a blank computer chip that uses software to rewire the hardware. Currently, antifuse FPGAs can be programmed once. But this graphite approach could allow for the creation of FPGAs that can be reprogrammed at will. Or-Bach said graphite-based FPGAs would start out as blanks, with the graphite elements split. Programmers could “heal” the antifuses at will by applying a voltage, and split them with an even higher voltage.Such a device would be mighty handy to computer-chip designers, who now spend many millions to create the photolithography mask sets used in chip fabrication. If the design fails, it’s back to square one. “As a result of that, people are only hesitantly investing in new chip designs,” said Tour. “They stick with the old chip designs and make modifications. FPGAs are chips that have no specific ability, but you use software to program them by interconnecting the circuitry in different ways.” That way, he said, fabricators don’t need expensive mask sets to try new designs.“The No. 1 problem in the industry, and one that gives an opportunity for a company like ours, is that the cost of masks keeps moving up as people push semiconductors into future generators,” said Or-Bach. “Over the last 10 years, the cost of a mask set has multiplied almost 10 times.“If we can really make something that will be an order of magnitude better, the markets will be happy to make use of it. That’s our challenge, and I believe the technology makes it possible for us to do that.”The ACS Nano paper appears here: more about Tour’s research of graphitic memory here: download images, go here: FacebookTwitterPrintEmailAddThislast_img read more

Getting Paid Highest MBA Salaries in San Francisco

first_img Last Updated Aug 8, 2017 by Jonathan PfefferFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail regions: San Francisco San Franciso means many things to many people. Equal parts counter-cultural mecca, ground zero tech hub, haven for diversity, and real estate development nightmare, SF conjures images of Silicon Valley introverts and Haight-Ashbury hippies, as well as the high-earning Facebook employees who displace them.To say the Bay Area identity is multifaceted would be an understatement. The diversity of the metro’s inhabitants is one of its primary selling points. More than most iconic cities of its ilk, San Francisco’s constituent parts seem to naturally feed into one another. But unlike many other large American cities, much of the friction in SF appears to come from a not-so-typical source. A lot of ink has been spilled about the tech industry’s wholesale colonization of the city but less so about the people and history that inspired those early tech pioneers to gravitate to the Bay Area in the first place. Particularly for the city’s most vulnerable populations, San Francisco’s history—and future—appears in jeopardy in the wake of what many describe as a large-scale housing crisis, which the city has been slow to rectify.The flip-side to the debacle is the tension that makes the San Francisco Bay Area such a compelling place to pursue an MBA and beyond. The region’s revolutionary spirit appears alive and well at business schools like Stanford and Berkeley-Haas, where social innovation and corporate responsibility are placed at a premium.Let’s take a closer look at highest San Francisco MBA salaries:Stanford Graduate School of BusinessGraduates from Stanford Graduate School of Business‘ 2016 MBA class posted record employment numbers for the school, with an average starting salary of $140,553 with a $25,000 signing bonus. According to an overview the school published, 95 percent of 2016 MBAs landed positions within 120 days of graduation. The most popular industries to attract Stanford graduates were technology (33 percent), finance (31 percent), consulting (24 percent), and marketing/sales (27 percent). Entrepreneurs made up 15 percent of the class of 2016.UC Berkeley’s Haas School of BusinessAccording to employment stats from the Class of 2016, the average starting salary for Berkeley-Haas graduates is roughly $122,488. The top three industries that employ Berkeley-Haas graduates are within technology (38.8 percent), consulting (19.1 percent), and financial services (12 percent). Berkeley-Haas graduates who opt for careers in technology can expect starting salaries of around $122,948, with grads in consulting earning around $133,762, and financial services employees earn around $1115,581. Top employers of recent Berkeley-Haas’ classes include Adobe, Amazon, Bain & Company, CitiGroup, Deloitte, Google, Microsoft, and Nike, among others.Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of BusinessGraduates from the Leavey School of Business 2016 MBA class posted an average starting salary of $62,400 and a mid-career median pay of around $124,000, as we previously reported—a fact that places Leavey 4th in the nation when it comes to the earning potential of its graduates.University of San Francisco School of ManagementUniversity of San Francisco School of Management graduates earned an average starting salary of around $89,077 with a $5,500 signing bonus, according to recent class statistics. Top employers of USF graduates include Cisco, Gap, Bank Of America, United Nations, Mckesson, Airbnb, Kaiser, Sungevity, Gartner Consulting, Wells Fargo, Pandora, Genentech, Lyft, Silicon Valley Bank, Salesforce, and Discovery Digital Network. Financial services, technology, government, and healthcare are the top four industries to employ USF graduates.San Francisco State University College of BusinessOffering one of the best salary-to-debt ratios in the Bay Area, according to CNBC, San Francisco State University College of Business graduates can expect to start their careers earning around $94,000, on average. Getting Paid: Highest MBA Salaries in San Franciscocenter_img RelatedShould You Get an MBA in Los Angeles or San Francisco?Although Los Angeles and San Francisco are technically part of the same state, Northern and Southern California have long co-existed as opposite poles on the same spectrum; SF is Oscar to LA’s Felix, to use an extremely relevant analogy. Whereas LA built its reputation as a sleazy, smoggy hub of…June 28, 2017In “Advice”Top Employers in the San Francisco Bay AreaWhile it’s no secret that the Bay Area’s climbing job market is one of the country’s richest destinations for MBAs, recent news from global consulting firm A.T. Kearney only strengthens this fact. San Francisco recently received the title of the world’s leading international city, in a tie with London. Poised…June 21, 2016In “Featured Home”The Best Schools For Silicon Valley IT JobsIt is impossible to ignore the growing need for an understanding of the impact of emerging technologies on the business world. Technological fluency and an understanding of the industry can be crucial for all b-school students, but are especially vital for those who want to be executive leaders in the industry. If…May 9, 2017In “Featured Home” About the AuthorJonathan PfefferJonathan Pfeffer joined the Clear Admit and MetroMBA teams in 2015 after spending several years as an arts/culture writer, editor, and radio producer. In addition to his role as contributing writer at MetroMBA and contributing editor at Clear Admit, he is co-founder and lead producer of the Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast. He holds a BA in Film/Video, Ethnomusicology, and Media Studies from Oberlin College.View more posts by Jonathan Pfeffer last_img read more

Columbia Business School Professor On Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

first_imgColumbia Business School Professor On Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions About the AuthorKelly Vo    Kelly Vo is a writer who specializes in covering MBA programs, digital marketing, and personal development.View more posts by Kelly Vo regions: New York City Every year, half of all Americans make New Years resolutions. Unfortunately, according to the latest Marist Poll, one-third will fail. So, how do you make sure you succeed? Columbia Business School professor of business Gita Johar has advice for holding fast to your goals. Her trick: “Make it painful to break your resolution.”How to Make Breaking a New Year’s Resolution PainfulThe idea is to impose penalties on yourself for failing to keep your resolution. This can make it far more likely that you’ll follow through. By associating a negative outcome with failure, you’ll resist temptations to quit. “Self-punishment leads to heightened goal accessibility,” Johar believes. And the idea of adding self-imposing penalties and restrictions is not new. Its origin goes back to ancient Greece and the Odyssey when Odysseus tied himself to his ship’s mast to resist the call of the Sirens. For modern times, the concept can be applied to using a smartphone app to reduce screen time or using an alcoholism drug to stop alcohol abuse.“Enduring pain, in other words, is not just a nudge to do better in the future but also an inward sign of self-control,” Johar’s research explained. “You feel you have more self-control if you’re able to withstand pain.”Proof Is in the PuddingTo prove her concept of using pain to succeed, Johar and her colleagues conducted a “painful” experiment that tested students’ willingness to drink bitter juice and listen to unpleasant noise.In one experiment, 205 undergraduate students were tasked with thinking about a time they had too little self-control and overspent. They were then asked to read either an article about how negative sensory experiences were an indicator of self-control or how negative experiences had no indication of self-control. All students were then asked to drink bitter juice.The students who read that self-control and negative experiences go together drank more bitter juice than others—they punished themselves for their failure with money. “Upon recalling a self-control failure that one feels responsible for, individuals who believe their personal qualities can change are more likely to endure negative experiences,” explained Johar.The takeaway is that if you want to reach your 2019 New Years resolutions, you need to aim high and back up your goals with firm self-punishments when you fail. Read more about this idea on the Columbia Business School news site.This article has been edited and republished from its original source, Clear Admit.center_img Last Updated Jan 3, 2019 by Kelly VoFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail Relatedlast_img read more