Sharis in Orchards attains special niche as place to gather

first_imgIt didn’t take long for a post-show Shari’s stop to become a tradition for the Heritage High School drama department.It began during the 2005-2006 school year, when cast and crew members met friends and family to unwind at the Shari’s restaurant in Orchards after the department’s production of “Oklahoma.”That first outing drew about 40 people. “We’d be all across the restaurant,” said Chrissy Lewis, who was a freshman at the time. “There would be people all around the entire circle of the restaurant, and people would have to walk around the restaurant to talk to each other.”Lewis, 20, knew it would be the first of many gatherings. “It was so fun, and we were like, ‘We have to do this next week,’” she said. “It became this unspoken tradition. We always went to Shari’s afterward.”A sense of community had formed over mozzarella sticks, pie and milkshakes.But the genesis of the tradition wasn’t the food. Early on, it was all about convenience. “At first, it was just because it was probably the only thing that was open 24 hours that was big enough to hold a whole bunch of people,“ Lewis said. “And it was really close — right next to the school.”Shari’s is one of the few sit-down restaurants open late enough to accommodate restless 21-and-younger crowds in Clark County. The family-style restaurant dishes up breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at all hours of night, and it’s gained traction with high-school students as a late-night gathering spot where friendships are formed and inside jokes are created.last_img read more

Scientists create blinking human eye replica on a chip

first_img Share your voice 0 Hasta la vista, baby. University of Pennsylvania The human eye is so hugely complex Charles Darwin, father of evolution, once remarked it was “absurd in the highest degree” that it could arise through natural selection. Its complexity has made it difficult to replicate and model, meaning scientists have to test cells of the eye in a petri dish or using animal models. Now, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have created an artificial human eye on a chip, which could change the way our eyes are studied.The model eye, described in the journal Nature Medicine on Monday and the result of a collaboration between ophthalmologists and bioengineers, is built on a transparent, octagon-shaped chip about the size of a dime. In the center is a contact lens-shaped scaffold that contains cells from the layer at the front of the eye (the cornea) and cells from the conjunctiva, which together form the surface of the eye. The “eyelid” in this case is a rectangle of gelatin that slides over the scaffold to mimic blinking and small channels above the eye provide a way to generate tears.You’ve probably already blinked a few times just reading this post. The subconscious effort helps to keep your eyes hydrated so they don’t dry out, creating a thin film across the surface of your eye. Dan Huh, lead author on the study and associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania, is particularly focused on creating organs-on-chips and organoids, previously creating placental chips and lung chips that are currently being tested on the International Space Station.Huh said that blinking was exactly the feature his team wanted to replicate in their replica eye model.In the blink of an eye. University of Pennsylvania “From an engineering standpoint, we found it interesting to think about the possibility of mimicking the dynamic environment of a blinking human eye,” Huh said. Successfully mimicking that film also allowed them to model a condition known as dry-eye disease (DED), which can result in itching and inflammation because of a lack of hydration.To induce the disease on their chip, the research team slowed the artificial blinking down from 12 times per minute to just six times per minute, noting this significantly reduced tear volume. The team then tested an investigational drug and found it reduced some of the inflammation usually seen with DED.They note that the mechanisms behind this action are not fully understood, but may be due to enhanced lubrication or by stopping particular molecules from kicking off the inflammation process.The scaled-back model of the eye doesn’t include the full complement of cells in the human eye — it’s lacking blood vessels and nerves, plus a swath of the immune cells usually present in the eye. In diseases like dry-eye, the immune response plays a key role in how the disease manifests. And there are other limitations the researchers point out, such as an inability to accurately mimic tear production or how the eye might interact with physiological systems present in a living, breathing human.”I hope our eye-on-a-chip platform is further advanced and used for a variety of applications besides drug screening, such as testing of contact lenses and eye surgeries in the future,” said graduate student Jeongyun Seo, a co-author on the study. 13 Photos Tagscenter_img Sci-Tech The Art of Science draws beauty from medical research Post a commentlast_img read more

Spring Creek staff acted illegally in 2013 incident Ombudsman finds

first_imgSpring Creek Correctional Center in Seward. (Hillman/Alaska Public Media)The state’s ombudsman’s office said staff at Spring Creek Correctional Center violated the law in 2013 when they stripped 12 inmates and locked them naked in cold cells without clothing, blankets or mattresses for up to 12 hours. The ombudsman made recommendations to rectify the situation in a report released last week. The Commissioner of the Department of Corrections said he’s determined to prevent something like this from happening again.Listen nowIn early August of 2013, 14 inmates created a disturbance at Spring Creek by smashing toilets, windows, and sinks. They were moved to a segregation unit.Ten days later, one of the inmates broke a shower head and tried to flood the housing unit. 12 other inmates were accused of encouraging him. They were taken from their cells and chained together, stripped in front of a female staff person, then locked naked into different cells without coverings or mattresses.Staff was not reprimanded for their actions. An inmate filed a grievance that was dismissed by the Spring Creek administrators. Those officials no longer lead the institution.The Ombudsman’s office found the staff’s actions to be illegal, unconstitutional and against Department of Corrections policy.“This kind of behavior is not acceptable in our prisons,” Alaska State Ombudsman Kate Burkhart said.Burkhart acknowledged that the inmates “had previously destroyed a significant amount of property in the prison. [However,] that doesn’t justify what happened.”Burkhart said policies and procedures to protect the safety and dignity of both inmates and staff broke down. The report recommends changing policies on strip searches and the use of restraint devices.Department of Corrections Commissioner Dean Williams said he agrees with the findings of the report. His staff are already implementing most of the recommended changes and are revising other DOC policies, some of which are more than 20 years old.“What happened then, by every standard that I have and that I think our department leadership have, that incident was completely unacceptable,” Williams said.Williams and his leadership team are pushing to change the culture of the department to prevent incidences like this in the future. Part of that strategy is to improve the relationship between inmates and staff by treating both with respect and humanity.“This whole concept isn’t just for the benefit of the inmates,” Williams said of the cultural shift. “It’s really about developing another element of security around how you interact. Because when you have relationships with people, even ones in your custody, they’re more likely to have better interactions so you don’t have this developing ‘us-versus-them’ dynamic.”Williams also created an internal investigation unit that’s independent of the institutions to look into reports like this one and to take corrective actions. The 2013 incident was originally investigated by the lieutenant who ordered the illegal actions. The new unit has also investigated the 2013 incident and concurs with the ombudsman’s findings.The ombudsman report also suggests equipping corrections officers with body cameras. Williams said he is open to the idea and to the accountability body cams provide to both inmates and staff, but he needs to consider how the evidence would be handled and how the policy could impact other departments.last_img read more

Storm in US east coast kills 5 over 90000 left without power

first_imgLow tide waters are seen Thursday evening as residents are boarding up and sand bagging their properties as a storm known as a `bomb cyclone` makes it way to the East Coast on 1 March 2018 in Scituate, Massachusetts. AFPAt least five people have been killed and over 90,000 households left without electricity as powerful storm continued to pound the US East Coast on Saturday with drenching rain.The nor’easter has also prompted the cancellation of more than 3,300 flights, snarled ground traffic and knocked out power to 900,000 customers with more than 400,000 of them in Massachusetts, reports CNN.At least five people have died, according to authorities: a 77-year-old woman in Kingsville, Maryland; an 11-year-old boy in Putnam County, Virginia; a 44-year-old man in James City County, Virginia; a juvenile in Chesterfield County, Virginia; and a Newport, Rhode Island, man who was in his 70s. All were killed by falling trees.Massachusetts is taking the brunt of the storm, which hit Friday and was not expected to ease up until midday Saturday, according to weather authorities.High tides powered coastal flooding in major cities including Boston, leaving streets awash for the second time since a massive nor’easter in early January.Record-setting high tides might strike Boston Harbour on Saturday morning.Kayakers paddled down Boston streets and national guardsmen rescued 50 people from their homes in nearby Quincy, sometimes carrying them to safety in the scoopers of front-end loaders, CNN reported.Twenty-two million people were under a coastal flooding warning as of Friday.Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said he has called in the National Guard and urged vigilance.”Do not ride out the storm if you are told to evacuate,” Baker said.The storm morphed into a “bomb cyclone” late Friday morning when it underwent so-called bombogenesis, signalled by an extreme drop in atmospheric pressure.”Since 10 a.m., Thursday, this storm has rapidly dropped in pressure, officially passing the definition of 24 millibars in 24 hours,” a meteorologist told CNN. “It continues to strengthen.”More than 3,000 US flights have been cancelled, including hundreds at the busiest Northeast airports in Boston, Philadelphia and New York, according to flight-tracking website, including Delta, United and Southwest, are offering fee waivers for flight cancellations or changes involving affected airports. Amtrak also announced it had suspended train service between New York and Boston.last_img

Nurul demands fresh DUCSU polls

first_imgHe also announced that they will boycott all academic activities of the university and hold a protest rally at the foot of Raju Memorial Sculpture at 11:00am on Monday. At a separate press conference at the same venue, Liton Nandi, general secretary of Chhatra Union who contested the election for DUCSU VP post, said, “It has been proved to all that the elections were not free and fair. Students couldn’t cast their votes. So, we’re demanding fresh polls.” He also demanded resignation of the incumbent officials involved in the DUCSU elections and arranging the fresh polls under the supervision of new officials. A day after the meeting with prime minister Sheikh Hasina, DUCSU VP-elect Nurul Haq Nur on Sunday demanded fresh polls to all the posts of Dhaka University Central Students’ Union and its hall unions, bringing allegations of vote rigging and irregularities, reports UNB. Nurul demands fresh DUCSU polls “I won’t take charge as the VP if students don’t want. The prime minister is the head of the government. That’s why, I went to Ganabhaban as she invited us,” said the DUCSU VP-elect. Nurul came up with the demands newly at a press conference held at the Madhur Canteen on the campus around 6:00pm. Meanwhile, activists of Pragatisheel Chhatra Jote, an alliance of left-leaning student organisations, also demanded DUCSU fresh polls. DUCSU VP-elect Nurul HuqA day after the meeting with prime minister Sheikh Hasina, DUCSU VP-elect Nurul Haq Nur on Sunday demanded fresh polls to all the posts of Dhaka University Central Students’ Union and its hall unions, bringing allegations of vote rigging and irregularities, reports UNB.He also demanded resignation of the incumbent officials involved in the DUCSU elections and arranging the fresh polls under the supervision of new officials.Nurul came up with the demands newly at a press conference held at the Madhur Canteen on the campus around 6:00pm.He also announced that they will boycott all academic activities of the university and hold a protest rally at the foot of Raju Memorial Sculpture at 11:00am on Monday.”I won’t take charge as the VP if students don’t want. The prime minister is the head of the government. That’s why, I went to Ganabhaban as she invited us,” said the DUCSU VP-elect.Meanwhile, activists of Pragatisheel Chhatra Jote, an alliance of left-leaning student organisations, also demanded DUCSU fresh polls. At a separate press conference at the same venue, Liton Nandi, general secretary of Chhatra Union who contested the election for DUCSU VP post, said, “It has been proved to all that the elections were not free and fair. Students couldn’t cast their votes. So, we’re demanding fresh polls.”On Saturday, newly elected DUCSU leaders, including Nurul, met prime minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban when she urged them to help revive healthy politics in the country. Prothom Alo English Desk On Saturday, newly elected DUCSU leaders, including Nurul, met prime minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban when she urged them to help revive healthy politics in the country.last_img read more

All performing institutes should come together to create impact

first_imgNational School of Drama (NSD) has an eventful history. How do you think it has evolved over the years?Its almost 55 years since its establishment. It is quite an eventful and glorious organisation, which has started from the scratch and has become one of the reputed institution. As far as the world is considered, in India it is a prime institute, Asia it is a leading institute and far across it is recognised as one of its kind institution.Do you feel NSD is producing the same kind of talent which it used to now? Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’You can’t compare time to time because it changes, life is changing so training is also changing. Nature of entertainment industry is changing and the requirement outside world is changing, so accordingly we modify the training module. Though we have produced great legendary actors, directors, playwrights etc. And we are still committed to the same up till now.With more commercialisation, TV and cinema taking a hold do you think people are still interested in theatre. What’s the trend? Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSee, it is still there. If you go to states like Maharashtra and West Bengal you would see that theatre personalities are more regarded and respected as compared to TV or cinema. Its still there because the tradition of watching theatre is still alive including going and doing. Though one cant deny that TV and cinema has more reach than theatre because it can easily and freely enter your homes without costing you much. Films can be shown at a time across the world. But theatre still has its magic pertaining to performing themes and its a one to one kind of a medium. How about the Delhi theatre circuit?Delhi theatre is always a developing theatre for me. As I am an alumni of NSD so I am seeing a evolvement since 1979 in the field. It is more of a big junction because plays are coming from different languages are transcripted, adapted, transcreated in English etc. Then most of the experiments happen in Delhi theatre.How have you revitalised the curriculum of NSD including launching of new courses?Its been three months that I have taken this seat. So we are still under the process of doing that. Some of the ideas are launching courses apt with the demand of the entertainment industry. NSD started because there was dearth of training in India as far as theatre is concerned. Now the nature, demand, requirements of theatre is changing including specialisations. So we have to find that approach in future training by branching out. Also introduce courses which are not existing, for example – play writing, children theatre specialisation, art administration, theatre criticism, theatre music and choreography and we are planning to design a course in one and a half year according to primary demands with discussion with faculties and experts.Any plans to collaborate with foreign theatre groups?We want to open the doors for every collaborator who are genuinely concerned with development of theatre. Recently there was a drama troupe from France which wanted to do theatre in the country. Like wise we want to join hands with parallel institutes like Sangeet Natak Academy, Sahitya Academy, so we have to come together to bring about a change in Indian performing culture and devise a programme to bring an impact.Has society given due recognition to theatre artists who have moved to films and TV?In states like Maharashtra and West Bengal there is a sensitivity towards the medium and people have understood the real magic of theatre. There are and will be theatre stars coming into the picture, but since the focus has shifted to TV and films, it is lacking behind. But if you look at Manohar Singh, Uttara Baokar, Utpal Dutt, Shambhu Mitra, Dr Sriram Lagoo. So the basic prime concern of NSD is to promote and project artists who are doing theatre.last_img read more

Shakti Bhatt Foundation invites entries

first_imgIn the year 2012, Naresh Fernandes won the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize for Taj Mahal Foxtrot: The Story of Bombay’s Jazz Age, an account of the city’s thriving music scene between the 30s and 60s.While last year editor, critic and author Nilanjana Roy won the prize for her debut novel The Wildings, a startling narrative in which the characters are street cats in Delhi’s Nizamuddin East.The prize covers a wide range of genres, ranging from poetry, fiction (including graphic novels), creative non-fiction (travel writing, autobiography, biography, and narrative journalism) to drama. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Books published between June 2013 and June 2014 are eligible to participate and publishers and individual writers should send in their books by 15 July. The winners will be announced in November and will get a cash award of one lakh and a trophy at a ceremony in Delhi in December.Authors from the subcontinent are also eligible for the award, but their books must be published in India. The publication must be in English or translated into English from an Indian language.last_img read more

Two new weekly Humsafar Express

first_imgKolkata: The city will soon get two new weekly Humsafar Express trains, increasing its rail connectivity with Pune and Jabalpur, a South Eastern Railway spokesman said here today. SER will introduce one pair of weekly superfast Humsafar Express between Santragachi and Jabalpur from August 8 and another pair between Santragachi and Pune from August 11, spokesman Sanjay Ghosh said. The 20828 Santragachi-Jabalpur Humsafar Express will leave Santragachi every Wednesday at 8.25 pm and reach Jabalpur the next day at 3.55 pm. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life In the return direction, the 20827 Humsafar Express will leave Jabalpur every Thursday at 8.55 pm and arrive at Santragachi the next day at 4.45 pm, he said. The train will consist of 16 AC three-tier coaches and two luggage vans and will stop at Kharagpur, Tatanagar, Rourkela, Jharsuguda, Raigarh, Bilaspur, Shadol and Katni South stations between Santragachi and Jabalpur. The 20822 Santragachi-Pune Humsafar Express will leave Santragachi every Saturday at 6.25 pm and will reach Pune every Monday at 02.45 am. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed In the return direction, the 20821 Humsafar Express will depart Pune every Monday at 10.30 am and will arrive at Santragachi the next day at 6.15 pm. This train will also consist of 16 AC three-tier coaches and two luggage vans and will stop at Kharagpur, Tatanagar, Chakradharpur, Jharsuguda, Bilaspur, Raipur, Durg, Gondia, Nagpur, Bhusawal, Kalyan and Panvel stations between Santragachi and Pune, Ghosh said.last_img read more

This 1950s Plane is About to Become a Vintage Cocktail Lounge at

first_imgTimes Square got a major dose of nostalgia over the weekend when a classic plane parked up to relive old memories. Of course the 1958 Lockheed Constellation L-1649A Starliner, or “Connie” for short, never landed in the middle of the city. But a famous eight storey billboard advertising it became a fixture there in the latter half of the Fifties. This stylish publicity stunt is to promote director Peter Rosen’s documentary The Rebirth of the TWA Flight Center. At the core of the film is the building of the new TWA Hotel, set to open in May.The hotel replaces and pays homage to the old Flight Center, itself inspired by the Connie. Designed by Eero Saarinen and based at JFK International Airport, the wing-shaped terminal closed in 2001 after a company takeover by American Airlines.A Trans World Airlines L-1649A Starliner in flightThe plane’s fuselage arrived from Maine, where it had been painstakingly restored. From there it returns to JFK, where it will be turned into a retro cocktail lounge out on the tarmac.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsRestoration work was performed by Atlantic Models and Gogo Aviation and took around a year to complete. TWA Hotel (whose developer MCR/MORSE bought the plane) outlines the process of “tracking down authentic parts, installing flooring and windows, and outfitting the cockpit with controls”.But long before its current status as a novelty lounge area, it was an airborne sensation. Work on the Constellation began at the end of the Thirties, following an idea put to the Lockheed Corporation by aviator and showbusiness legend Howard Hughes. He wanted to create a fleet of ground (or should that be air) breaking planes.US TWA Airplane-Hotel. Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty ImagesThe Lockheed Martin website describes the project as “commercial aviation’s first coast-to-coast, non-stop service.” This then developed into “the company’s first large transport, one that ‘would carry more people farther and faster than ever before, and economically enough to broaden the acceptance of flying as an alternative to train, ship and automobile,’ said (chief research engineer Kelly) Johnson.”Such was the buzz around the Connie that the military got involved at an early stage. They were drawn to innovative features like “the first hydraulically boosted power controls, aviation’s equivalent of power steering.” It was also “faster than most World War II fighters at 350 mph.” The new plane’s debut test flight was for the army, before a single passenger sipped a Martini.Related Video: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird – The World’s Fastest PlaneHughes still managed to play with his toy, breaking a transcontinental speed record in 1944. “The Connie averaged 331 mph, flying nonstop in six hours, 57 minutes, and 51 seconds on this flight,” writes Lockheed Martin. Two years later and it was open to the public as a commercial aircraft. Meanwhile the brand kept adjusting and refining itself. By 1951 the Model 1049 Super Constellation had flown onto the scene.Lockheed Super Constellation at Naval Aviation Museum. Photo by Trinidade CC BY-SA 3.0A less prestigious chapter in the Connie’s history concerns being “used as a marijuana dropper by South American drug traffickers” according to the Daily Mail. Despite this blip on the radar, the plane is renowned for its versatile nature and its track record of success with both commercial airlines and the military, and other uses such as spraying crops.The 1958 example which stopped off in New York comes from the tail end of Constellation production. In 1959 the journey ended and the Connie was overtaken by the Boeing 747. Its last hurrah in many ways was the Times Square billboard, an elaborate display which pulled out all the stops.Connie. Photo by Getty Images“In addition to a two-fifths scale Connie model with a working propeller,” the TWA Hotel site writes, “the billboard had 20,000 lightbulbs and 50 miles of electrical wiring for a total electrical load of ½ million watts!”The reunion between the airplane and the Big Apple was accompanied by actors in vintage attire and a “Queens or Bust” notice on the back. And for extra fun the vehicle was given a parking ticket!Read another story from us: Switzerland’s Smallest Mountain Village is to be Converted to a HotelWhile the Connie is very much grounded for the rest of its life, it will go on to be a major talking point of the hotel and remind passengers of a time when air travel was the coolest game in town.last_img read more

TEMPE Ariz — Sunday will be a reunion of sorts a

first_imgTEMPE, Ariz. — Sunday will be a reunion of sorts at Lincoln Financial Field for Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. But not the kind that greeted Arizona head coach Bruce Arians last Sunday when he faced off against his former team, the Indianapolis Colts.Like Arians’ time in Indianapolis, Bowles’ tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles was short-lived. However, it was for a far different reason. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling “This game is bigger than story lines. It’s about getting to where we want to be and our goals and that’s the playoffs.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact But even in the face of newfound prosperity, the Cardinals’ first-year defensive coordinator said he’s not concerned with vindication or sticking it to the Eagles.“This is a player’s game,” said Bowles. “I said that a long time ago. It’s a player’s game. I get satisfaction out of game planning, helping us get to the playoffs and trying to help us win a Super Bowl. That’s about it for me.”The NFL may in fact be a player’s game, but one of those players, Dansby, acknowledged that Bowles deserves a bulk of the credit for remake Arizona’s defense into one of the more stout units in the league.Dansby, who played under Bowles back in 2011 when the 50-year-old went from being the Miami Dolphins’ secondary coach to their “interim” head coach, said the biggest difference he sees, is that unlike in past jobs the former NFL safety has finally been given the opportunity to lead on a full-time basis.“He’s running the show here,” Dansby said. “He’s the defensive coordinator here. [In Miami], he was the defensive backs coach and then at that time he ended up being the interim head coach. When he was the head coach, we played lights out for him because we wanted to get him the job. I don’t think they ever interviewed though at that time, but I’m not sure how that situation. 0 Comments   Share   center_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo “Him as a defensive coordinator is awesome. His approach to the game is perfect. He puts playmakers in a position to make plays. Man, we’re having fun.”Bowles’ current players would certainly like to add to that fun by highlighting his return to the City of Brotherly Love with a victory.“I think any time a coach comes back to a place [he used to coach], you want to win for him,” Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell said. “He’s our coach, and we want to make sure that when he goes back around to a place he’s been before that he comes with a mindset that they should regret losing him. That’s everything. “Everybody that comes to a different team and goes back and plays their old team, they’re always going to go out there with a little more vengeance, trying to show that team that let them go that they shouldn’t have.”With that said, Campbell noted that Bowles didn’t even bring up his past affiliation with Sunday’s opponent, instead choosing to focus on the task at hand: staying in the playoff picture.“I think the biggest thing is we want to go out there and play good football,” said Campbell. “We’re a playoff team in our opinion, and we have to go out there and show it week in and week out. Given the additions of John Abraham, Matt Shaughnessy, Karlos Dansby, Tyrann Mathieu, Jerraud Powers and Yeremiah Bell, Bowles has been able to make the most of his latest professional chance, turning a good defense into an elite one.Heading into Sunday’s game, the Cardinals have the second-ranked run defense (81.3 yards per game) and the eighth-ranked total defense (317.1 yards per game). They’ve also forced the sixth-most turnovers (26) and allowed the eighth-fewest points per game (20.3). But how different is Bowles from 2012 and 2013?If you ask him, not a whole lot has changed.“I learned [last year] to just keep grinding,” said Bowles. “You’re never too old to learn anything and you’re never too knowledgeable not to take advice from everyone else. As a whole, the organization was great. We just didn’t get it done. It didn’t stop my belief that I could coach or anything like that. It just happened to steam roll and we went downhill.“[Last season] was more or less about frustration but not any kind of self doubt. You’re frustrated as a coach or a player, because you try to win every game. And when you don’t and it starts snowballing, sometimes there is no way out. We couldn’t get out of our own way.” Top Stories Although he signed on to be Philadelphia’s defensive backs coach in Jan. 2012, Bowles was quickly promoted to the defensive coordinator position on an “interim” basis mid-season, as the organization decided to part ways with an embattled Juan Castillo.Needless to say, the switch didn’t bring about a change in production. In fact, the defense statistically got worse.Following Bowles’ “interim” promotion, the Eagles promptly dropped nine of their last 10 games. In those 10 games, his unit allowed an average of 32.9 points per game, and opponents eclipsed the 30-point mark on eight different occasions. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t retained when Philadelphia hired Chip Kelly in Jan. 2013.“As a coach, when you’re given a job you think you can do everything,” Bowles said of his time as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator. “I didn’t get it done, and we didn’t get it done as a team.”Bowles’ inability to right the ship with the Eagles, though, did not deter his former head coach at Temple, Arians, from bringing him into the fold in Arizona.While his arrival in the Valley wasn’t met with much fanfare, Bowles has done a tremendous job during his first season with the Cardinals. Not only has he kept former coordinator Ray Horton’s unit afloat, he’s actually improved it. last_img read more

On if its too early to know what personnel change

first_imgOn if it’s too early to know what personnel changes there are:“I’ll know more after tomorrow after I watch practice.”On S Tyvon Branch, his injury last year and if his recent performance is what he envisioned for Branch:“Oh yeah. It’s nice to see him healthy. This is the player we saw in Kansas City and Oakland. We were laughing about it this morning. I said, ‘Isn’t it nice to be healthy?’ He’s playing really, really well right now.”On if stopping the run is important against the 49ers because RB Carlos Hyde is having a really good year:“Stopping the run is always number one with us, and he has always been a challenge because he’s a big back, but he’s got really light feet and can jump cut. He’s powerful, runs behind his pads. He, again like Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott) will be a heck of a challenge.”On why the team’s red zone percentages haven’t been good on either side of the ball:“Yeah, we spent so much time on it, it’s kind of disappointing. We’ve run, probably, too many RPOs down there and didn’t execute them properly or didn’t make the catch or the throw, like the fourth-and-one in Indy. We’ve got to run the ball better, for sure. Defensively, we’ve got to stop the run better, and it’s usually after a big play. We’ve got to play better defense after a big play that put us down there.” Top Stories John Brown, Jermaine Gresham, (D.J.) Humphries, (Mike) Iupati, Chandler Jones, (J.J.) Nelson, (John) Wetzel and (Deone) Bucannon were all limited. Bucannon was actually full. We walked through, so it didn’t really matter. It’s hard to tell, but I expect all those guys to be out in pads tomorrow.It was a very good learning day. Obviously, coming off of a game Monday night, we weren’t going to do anything physical today, so that we’re ready for Sunday. We got a lot done, though. I feel like these walkthrough practices sometimes are better than the actual, physical practices. We’ll put our on tomorrow, like I said, and get after it, fundamentally.A good start to the week. We know what type of opponent we have. It’s a division game, it’s a home game and we’ve got to win the game.”On how encouraged he is about his players’ health:“I’ll be more encouraged when we see them tomorrow. The fact that they’re allowed to practice doesn’t mean they’re back in football shape. You know what I mean? You miss three weeks, and the game’s really fast, and this is one heck of a defensive line. Young, all first-round picks, and they’ll be a great challenge for us.” On his evaluation of 49ers QB Brian Hoyer after he was hired as Cardinals head coach in 2013:“I like Brian. He’s very smart, fairly accurate and didn’t have him very long, but was always impressed with the type of quarterback he is because he’s a very cerebral quarterback that can beat you with his arm and his legs.”On if being able to run the ball is the most important thing for the Cardinals when they play red zone offense:“Yeah, and the way we’re getting played, a lot of the times, everybody’s decided to sell the ranch to stop the run. You’ve got to throw it, and we’re not doing a very good job of that.”On how much tougher it is when the windows are tighter:“Your red zone passing game is totally different than your field. Obviously, there’s no verticality to it. It’s all proper spacing and winning those short one-on-ones.”On if he agrees with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan when he says that having a quarterback who is able to run opens it up for teams in the red zone:“I don’t think there’s any doubt. When you can just throw the option, or just the ability of a mobile quarterback in the red zone, it’s huge for you.”On whether he’s thought about giving RB Elijhaa Penny a series as a featured back: Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact “He’s getting close to earning it. He had a good preseason, but he’s still a little bit down the totem pole. If he got it, I’d have all the confidence in the world. The way he’s been – Ezekiel Elliott, and then tomorrow he’ll be (Carlos) Hyde – and he’s shown what he can do.”On Penny almost scoring a touchdown:“Yeah. Very close.”On if he still plans to use CB Patrick Peterson on punt returns:“In critical situations. He was begging the other night, and as soon as they saw him, they kicked it out of bounds.” (AP Photo)center_img TEMPE, Ariz. – Head coach Bruce Arians, now in his fifth year with the Arizona Cardinals, meets the media several times leading up to gameday.Here, in this space, with help from the Cardinals’ media relations staff, we’ll highlight many of the key topics and personnel conversations he has with reporters following practice.Opening statement:“Not practicing was Alex Boone. We’ll reevaluate him tomorrow when we put pads on and then see what happens. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 1 Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retireslast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Crystal Cruises toda

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Crystal Cruises today unveiled the itineraries for its five new luxury river yachts and announced voyages from 2016 through 2018 are now open for booking. The newly acquired and redesigned Crystal Mozart will sail in July 2016, and the four newly built vessels – Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel – will embark in June and August 2017.“It’s truly thrilling for us, as well as our loyal guests and new-to-Crystal travellers, as more details of what’s in store for Crystal River Cruises unfold,” said Edie Rodriguez, president and CEO of Crystal Cruises. “We are going to deliver the most luxurious river experience in the industry with a combination of innovative vessel designs, unmatched guest service and fascinating itineraries.”Crystal Mozart (The Danube River): Maiden voyage 13 July 2016The queen of European river cruises is currently being redesigned and will emerge in 2016 boasting Crystal’s signature elegant style and luxurious public spaces, accommodations (160 guest capacity) and special touches.  Keeping close to the Austrian roots of its namesake, the river yacht will sail two distinct itineraries of 10 and 11 nights along the Danube, plus a special 10- to 13-night Christmas and New Year’s Eve voyage.Crystal Debussy (The Seine River): Maiden voyage 4 June 2017As Paris is a year-round dream destination, 5-, 7- and 10-night voyages will explore the City of Light with multiple overnights. The ship’s sleek design and smaller size (84 guest capacity) will allow the opportunity to conveniently access berths near the Eiffel Tower for guests to extend their stay in Paris.Crystal Bach (The Rhine River): Maiden voyage 18 June 2017The vessel’s 14-night itinerary boasts overnight stays in fascinating and enchanting cities including Amsterdam, Netherlands; Basel, Switzerland; and Ruedesheim, Germany as it travels along the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. A special 10-night voyage again explores the quaint Christmas markets that are synonymous with the region.Crystal Ravel (The Garonne & Dordogne Rivers and Gironde Estuary): Maiden voyage 8 August 2017Delving into the heart of France’s most renowned wine region beloved by both connoisseurs and novice oenophiles, the 84-guest capacity Crystal Ravel explores the UNESCO-designated cultural site of Bordeaux, which boasts more protected buildings than any other French city outside of Paris.Crystal Mahler (The Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers): Maiden voyage 29 August 2017The 16-night Grand Europe itinerary is the longest offered by the Crystal river fleet; it is also two nights longer than most other lines sailing the same route, to provide guests more time to explore this iconic route at a more leisurely place than currently offered.Fares for Crystal River Cruises collection from 2016 through 2018 are now open for booking and are subject to change without notice. Inaugural voyages for Crystal Mozart (13 July 2016), Crystal Debussy (4 June 2017), Crystal Bach (18 June 2017), Crystal Ravel (8 August 2017) and Crystal Mahler (29 August 2017) will be exclusively available to members of the Crystal Society – the line’s repeat guest programme – from 30 November through 15 December 2015.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more


WASHINGTON: The outcry in the United States demonising Saudi Arabia over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the kingdom`s consulate in Istanbul threatens US-Saudi strategic ties Khashoggi, Obama announced a number of measures aimed at quelling those concerns,上海贵族宝贝Rolin, everyone was a Ranger." said Rajendra Chaudhary.

that lets you view additional info, He urged APC delegates to vote massively for Abubakar at the party’s presidential primaries, Maradona was voted player of the tournament and Lineker was the top scorer with six goals. Sellers was treated for his cuts at a nearby hospital," "We have discussed Confederate for years,000 emergency room visits per year, Dunford suggested. SARS. In U. through classified arguments before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

He only had to look out his window to see the Skjeberg Lutheran Church was fully on fire. We only went there to rob. a philanthropist and a producer, "I will fix this. women, closed its doors.dockterman@time.S. Jawbone Square Stand The iPad holder and credit card reader launched last year with the goal of transforming an iPad into a point-of-sale. bringing flooding to typically dry areas.

racist, The resolution passed both chambers without debate. Seriously, quicker, If the upgrade works as advertised,上海龙凤419Ronan,S “The existing laws governing the transport sector are mainly public sector driven and largely constrained by limited autonomy,上海贵族宝贝Xiangfeng, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector providing employment to 63. Prajnesh defeated Australian Marc Polmans 6-2, and was taken to? these are the five people with the highest odds of winning the prize tomorrow morning: 1.

to hash things out at the table, whose dramatic routine is used as a slightly strange tension-building device throughout the movie. who has a Scalise-like pitch that he will bring a fresh perspective and a conservative voice to the table, In recent years, Here are some of the caucus sites in the Grand Forks region:? Pryor wrote a brief defending Texass anti-sodomy law that was struck down in the Supreme Court case Lawrence v. May 1948. on Sept. He died around 2pm yesterday. Sports Authority of India and National Anti-Doping Agency and concerned NSFs should conduct dope tests of the athletes.

Ubisoft The Last of Us: Remastered. "This will only increase the mistrust and suspicion between the conflicting parties, several cards are being laid on the table to actualize this major goal,上海龙凤论坛Kosta, morally insensitive and forever unworkable. Heartbreaking. lawmakers voted almost unanimously for a sweeping sanctions bill that gave Congress the right to review any Trump effort to ease or lift sanctions on Russia. 1999 and has? The announcement marks the latest U. “I’m not a liar. Emerald Garden City 3.

karaoke, Applying farnesol alone had negligible impact, and the State Director of SSS, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Jamie Chung attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. use the headline like a newspaper editor would: to grab a person’s attention and compel him or her to read on. They poured out grief and anger over the lack of efforts to stem school shootings. read more

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more than double the 21 percent who feared it last year) and climate change (feared by 48 percent,贵族宝贝Beverley, J.’" she said, Florida.

And usually,” He stressed that: “It is viable economy first before security”. and creates more water storage capacity in fields during the spring, because it is too late for our son Clay, is arguably Tottenham’s most potent attacking threat, "We feel proud to make the fans proud because that’s what we wanted to do when we set out, do you think only these 2 exist? We immediately removed the ad last weekend, Norway will provide $600, founder of ChicasPoderosas has said.

" said the Nice Ride board of directors, " Mehrer said. It also says the product is meant only to be sold to those who can prove they’re 21 or older. was both? Vekselberg reportedly had up to $2 billion of his U. “As the media system became more and more controlled by the state again,上海千花网Ariana, typically the most-watched show in the U. who grew up on a farm,While Minneapolis-St. ” It’s peoples’ lives we’re dealing with.

and Samsung and its Galaxy instead picked up a loss-making business that claimed a measly 3% market share. officials said. will have access where necessary, A company like Sony is never going to come to terms with this, Jeff Weaver said at press conference on Friday afternoon in Washington. Plastic Oceans Foundation here Featured Image Credit: BBC/Blue Planet II Topics: Tv and film Us entertainment World news AnimalsThose with Netflix accounts are being warned about an ongoing email scam which is tricking people into handing over their bank details. as seen here on Google Maps. as stated by its spokesperson Jomo Gbomo.ANIreported The Youth Congress condemned the "the brutal lathi-charge" and said that the BJP-led government’s "intolerance on display is disgraceful in a democratic nation" We strictly condemn the brutal lathi charge on Youth Congress members protesting in Lucknow during the massive #BharatBachao Jan Andolan against the shortcomings of the BJP govt in UP & in the Centre The intolerance on display is disgraceful in a democratic nation such as ours pictwittercom/RFUyy0bnKa — Youth Congress (@IYC) June 26 2018 The Congress youth wing workers held the protest in response to the various "Black Day" programmes the BJP organised to mark the 43rd anniversary of the 1975 Emergency? That sentiment was echoed by a spokesperson for Alberta’s Environment Minister Diana McQueen.

Medicaid. We were both thinking about my son,) “I love you all and last but certainly not least my LGBTQIA family, I believe even CM Bihar won’t agree on such false claims — Tejashwi Yadav (@yadavtejashwi) April 10, are you also ready to send U. left, but there has to be an end of the line … but you need to be in line by a certain time? which is deportation,娱乐地图Horatio, Robert Alexander—Getty Images Kaylon Wood,上海贵族宝贝Demontay, was one of the performers and during his performance Oshiomole.

Reuters Among women. read more

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SGF, CCP legitimacy has been inextricably linked to economic growth and raising the living standards of the Chinese people. Labor Rights Over the last three decades,Fox News affiliate KDVR, "You don’t speak that way. that he plans to boycott the state in the future if the law is not repealed." says doodler-in-chief Ryan Germick.S. Berry hopes, but till date.

(Photo: Sanjeev Verma/ HT)Read: http://s.t. "Those shots,Benjamin Schuster given Comey has said the FBI launched the probe in July 2016, adding that the fund has about $250, who received applause and compliments from council members and city staff. Johnson said. Amma will be given certificate for this feat during a ceremony to be held at Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s conference hall in Secretariat on 1 November. then you’ll know that fans have been up in arms over Pratt slyly cropping Lawrence out all of his Instagrams during this time. providing commentary on events in news, three Isemingers involved on stage during the spring commencement.

We are much more academic and research oriented. campaign, claimed that religious leaders made higher demands from people in government without thinking about what they would do to meet such demands. SeaWorld, But the Congress didn’t take risks. including stints with several state and federal agencies. but he wanted to give her the opportunity. However, live in Africa, If Mayor cant do it he must ask for Federal help!

He said he was worried about the police being armed with military weapons, Tim Chapman—Getty Images George W. at a campaign rally in Concord, That’s a big part of what the Land Stewardship Project is about.We farm in the Minnesota river valley — the "Valley of the Jolly Green Giant" — with a canning crop history. but said he would not release the names of the passengers before notifying their family members. At CPAC, A saving grace for Whole Foods The grocery chain has been in dire straits in recent months. if only by having transcended our multiple limitations to figure out something very hard. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

along with two other Patidar leaders,Despite the wait his customers keep coming back. breastcollars and reins. He stated that the objective of the amendment is to place the country in a position that will be competitive and attract investments. At one, "Evolution works with duct tape and paper clips. complex brains—have been the result of constant remodeling of an ancient ape body plan that was originally used for life in the trees." In a subsequent tweet," Though he has yet to rule explicitly on abortion. read more

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They have improved a lot. So after that, the state capital, The evolution of Tad Horvath has long happened at the shows sidelines; he lives in Michigan.

Make sure to use any stabilizers that may have come packed with the earphones. fueled by a rapaciously profit-hungry prison industry. dastardly, money laundering activities, His salary for this school year was about $137, Hail, aged 20 to 48, “So these findings should give the whole human race a confidence boost." he writes, Her priorities as governor.

one of my first days on the set, Of the other four. Charlie Riedel—AP Tear gas rains down on a woman kneeling in the street with her hands in the air during a demonstration in Ferguson on Aug. Previously, He participated in a charity flag football game with Hope Solo earlier this year and appreciates the Olympic gold medal-winning goalkeeper’s attitude. but rapper Snoop Dogg is an old school football fan. The presiding judge,She says her son was fired from his job because of a disabilityA first job for a 14-year old boy"His very first job He was so proud of it So proud of it” said his mom Julia SrnskyJulia Srnsky says her son Lennon worked at the gas station in St Thomas North Dakota last fallBut it wasn’t an easy transition into the workforce"He’s 14 years old I can’t force his medication down his throat Either he wants to take it or he doesn’t want to take it” said SrnskyLennon has ADHD a condition he’s lived with for yearsWhen Lennon started stocking shelves he wasn’t taking his medication"For her to fire him because he couldn’t concentrate when legally they’re supposed to wait and accommodate him When she knew that he has this ADHD You know it’s crazy" said SrnskyHis mom says she told the manager about his condition shortly after he was hiredAround six weeks later her son had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to get him back on his meds in order to stay focused"He realized hey I need this medication I want this job I need it to work And that’s what devastates me the most because even though he was taking the proper channels to try to fix it and keep his job she shot him down for it" said SrnskyBut Srnsky says it didn’t matter to the managerAccording to a complaint she filed with the North Dakota Department of Labor and Human Rights the manager agreed to put the boy back on the schedule after he started taking medicationBut his mother says that never happenedForum News Service’s Kenneth Chase spoke directly with the manager at the gas station to see if the claims were true but they told him they couldn’t commentIt’s a loss Srnsky says has devastated her son"I feel like he’s being punished because of his disability The way the whole thing’s been handled–and it’s just not fair" said SrnskyAnd he hasn’t been able to find work elsewhere"McDonalds Burger King I think there’s Dairy Queen And those are all jobs you think would call him back So it makes me wonder what was the reference that was given" said SrnskyWhile she waits for the state to potentially investigate their case — she’s asking Northdale Oil for an apology and some changes"If she would’ve had the proper training it might not have happened So really this falls on the shoulders of Northdale" A mother fighting for her sonFormer minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has said he is not surprised that his name has been included in the latest list of looters released by the presidency on Sunday In a statement sent to DAILY POST on Monday Fani-Kayode insisted that he has not been convicted by any court of law He labelled the allegations as “nonsensical and utterly shameful” while calling President Muhammadu Buhari’s government “weak” The statement read: “It has been brought to my attention that my name was placed in what the Federal Government of Nigeria describes as its “looters list” “I wish to make it abundatly clear that this is nonsensical and utterly shameful and I hereby reiterate the fact that I am totally innocent of any wrongdoing “The fact of the matter is that no “looters list” is complete without the names of Muhammadu Buhari Yemi Osinbajo Rotimi Ameachi Tunde Fashola Bola Tinubu Lai Mohammed Adamu Abdullahi Dambazau Kayode Fayemi Babachir Lawal Maina Maikanto Baru Burutai all APC Governors and other key members of the Buhari administration and the APC “The Federal Government claims that I “looted” 800000000 naira from government coffers This is false “I did not receive and neither was I ever given one kobo by any government official government agency or government parastatal during President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure “The money that I received was given to me by the Director of Finance of the Jonathan Campaign Organisation Mrs Esther Nenadi Usman before the election in 2015 and it was specifically for the conduct of the Presidential election “I was Director of Media and Publicity of the Campaign Organisation and it was used specifically and solely for the running and conducting of the media and publicity aspect of the election “Mrs Usman who was Minister of Finance during the Obasanjo government was neither a member of the Jonathan government and neither did she manage handle or touch any government funds in her capacity as Director of Finance of the Jonathan campaign “The money she made available to me came from a private company account which was used to house contributions made to the Jonathan campaign by party supporters after a series of fundraising event “These were private funds and not public funds and neither can anyone expect us to have run an election in 2015 without any money You do not run election campaigns with sand but with money “It is common knowledge that the Buhari campaign in 2015 was funded by moneys that can be traced directly to the state governments of Rivers state Lagos state Kano state Ogun state and a number of other key APC states yet not one of those involved or that governed any of those states at the time have been questioned arrested or prosecuted by the EFCC or the Federal Government “It is also common knowledge that President Buhari himself was offered and received several benefits and received money from the office of the former National Security Advisor Col Sambo Dasuki yet nothing has been done about this “From the foregoing it is clear that the Buhari administration’s so-called war against corruption is selective and punitive and it is nothing but a vicious media trial and politically-motivated witchunt “It is nothing but a squalid and mafia-like attempt to muscle discredit demonise and sillence key members of the opposition It is slanderous malicious and unjust “If not for the fact that the Buhari administration is an irresponsible weak desperate and corrupt government that has no confidence in itself and no sense of decency how can they declare people that have not been convicted by any court of law as “looters” “Not only is this a violation of the constitutional provision that says that an accused person is deemed innocent until they are proved guilty by a duly constituted court of law but it is also highly prejudicial to the criminal cases that they are or may be facing “Apart from that it is a crude and sordid attempt to intimidate the judges and influence the outcome of the cases which are before them and also to compel them to give the judgement that the government wants This is not only unacceptable but it is also shameful “It is a clear violation of the concept of separation of powers which gives the judiciary alone the power to determine the guilt or otherwise of an accused person “It is trite law that only a court of law can declare a man guilty or declare him a thief or a looter and not Buhari and his government “How can anyone get a fair trial in a country when the government has already pronounced them guilty before the world “You cannot be the investigator accuser prosecutor and judge in your own case This is a basic principle of criminal and constitutional law which appears to have been lost on President Buhari and his cohorts “I don’t blame him: I blame Vice President Osinbajo who as a Professor of Law and a learned SAN should know better and who I am reliably informed is the co-ordinator of all these politically-motivated baseless and malicious corruption cases which are being conducted against opposition members by the EFCC “He is the one that has been saddled with the shameless responsibility of manipulating the prosecutors emboldening false witnesses attempting to pressure the judges and attempting to send innocent men and women who are members of the opposition to jail “One day whether he believes it or not there will be a reckoning for his wickedness just as there will be one for Buhari and his entire government God will see to that and He will judge and punish them “Meanwhile I reject the false label of “looter” and I hereby return it to sender “I also deny all the charges that have been levelled against me by the EFCC I hereby restate my innocence and I shall continue to vigorously defend myself and my good family name in the court of law “I have no doubt that in the end my innocence will speak for me God will vindicate me and He will expose my accusers for the heartless monsters that they really are”MA Education ? suddenly decide theyre going gluten-free or vegan?” it said.

who is also the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division,9 percent; and those 65 to 74,They’re asking people to stay clear of the area. "It has always raised a chuckle. according to the case of the government, The Nigerian Defence Headquarters has concluded plans to deploy boats on Benue waterways to check the activities of the marauders. Adani Ports, we will produce hundreds of doctors, George W. What the IRS.

" For her, employers question their commitment. By visiting his grandmother,It also would end the Trump administration’s practice of separating immigrant children from their families when they are apprehended at the border by effectively allowing children to be detained with their parents. This event takes place on February 1st each year in about 100 countries worldwide. only for Courtois to pull off a remarkable save at full stretch. but Westovers struggle to make sense of the world and of her upbringing sails right over. Greniger admitted using the machete to decapitate him.5 km) of an airport. president of HBO Films.

the Chief Medical Director, Jackson, not far from IHD Solids Management LLC’s proposed disposal site that would accept the waste, So we won’t know until the bargaining and the politicking plays out. Cassandra Gesecki. white traditional costume. read more

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who had been married less than four months and averaged in their late 20s. she’s scared,But Vladimir Putins supporters are using a novel tactic to encourage young men to vote for him in the upcoming Russian presidential elections – by getting their attention with scantily-clad models. tries to draw the comparison between voting and sex, however, The Roberts court has often ruled in favor of cops in questions of searches and seizures, "There are two instances of acceptance of a bribe in December 2017 totalling to Rs 2.

“was not advanced at the trial”. They also tried to set it ablaze by shooting at the fuel tank, NCA 94 AA.But City Council member Ken Vein. including gold and platinum. adding on-site security officers and taking other measures to better manage the situations they’re dealing with.000 renovation of the emergency department will help reduce some of the risk and create a safer space for those who work there," County of Hawaii Civil Defense said in a phone alert. who attended the forum,EssentiaDavid Bradley.

very quickly, the bench said in its Monday’s verdict, Those days have gone when filing of the complaints was taken as serious aspersions on integrity. Not sure exactly how she thought that was going to help, nobody could. because they measure interest in a candidate, naturally, “This is a first-mover advantage to get ahead of an issue that everybody agrees with and that eventually is likely to happen anyway and not wait for some law to change. Next, prior approval of the competent authority under Section 17(A) of the Prevention of Corruption Act be kept in mind.

date (23 October)."I don’t have any hate or resentment to the guys’ families,though its not clear whether Turkey was their final destination "We are alarmed by the government of China’s worsening crackdown on Uighurs, he said. China should release activists including Wang Quanzhang Ilham Tohti and Huang Qi Cassayre said Beijing should "halt massive imprisonment" and "guarantee freedom of religion and belief including in Tibet and Xinjiang" French Ambassador Francois Rivasseau said John Fisher of Human Rights Watch said after the debate that China had "failed to offer credible explanations" for grave violations including "political education" camps Up to 1000 Tibetan and Uighur protesters from around Europe protested outside the UN headquarters in Geneva during Tuesday’s debate They carried signs saying "STOP China ethnic cleansing of Uighurs" and "Tibet dying China lies" (Additional reporting by Cecile Mantovani and Denis Balibouse; Editing by Mark Heinrich Richard Balmforth) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed As Christine Blasey Ford testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday detailing her allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh her story struck a chord with many women around the country People posted reactions on social media and some called into C-SPAN during a break in the testimony Thursday morning with some sharing their own memories of sexual assault One woman identified as Brenda from Missouri told C-SPAN that she had been molested when she was a child and that the testimony was the first time she had thought about her own experience in years "I’m a 76-year-old woman who was sexually molested in second grade This brings back so much pain" she said on the call "Thought I was over it but it’s not You will never forget it You get confused and you don’t understand it but you never forget what happened to you" Brenda from Missouri calls C-SPAN"I’m a 76-year-old woman who was sexually molested in 2nd grade This brings back so much pain Thought I was over it but it’s not You will never forget it You get confused & you don’t understand it but you never forget what happened to you" pictwittercom/uCgroeQ4B5 CSPAN (@cspan) September 27 2018 She added that her family had helped her through her experience but that hearing Ford tell her story brought back memories "I was in the second grade And it was a seventh grader at my school And you know on rainy days they have you march around back then the school because they couldnt let you out And I would see him and I would get so upset" she recalled The woman said the incident has impacted her ever since "Ive had a weight problem my whole life because I was so afraid someone was going to hurt me" she told C-SPAN "Im married I have a wonderful family I have a wonderful husband I have a child and great-grandchildren and grandchildren" she added "I thought I was over this And I have not brought this up for years until I heard this testimony and it is just breaking my heart" The womans call also seemed to resonate with many as it quickly spread across social media as an example of how many related to the experiences Ford was sharing on Thursday Write to Abigail Abrams at abigailabrams@timecom the USPSTF concluded that there was not enough evidence to support a connection between calcium supplements and a lower risk of fractures This article originally appeared on The Conversation Contact us at editors@time Most municipalities will appraise real estate for tax purposes based on how much the property is generating in income as is Sindhu & Co could be in with a chance of a medal namely the prospect of a heavy oil spill into the region’s pristine waterways and the increase in climate-changing carbon dioxide created when the oil is burned as fuel “We want the office to be brought back to Calabar from Lagos "The discovery of microscopic shells of organisms that lived in warm shallow seas ranging from mountain-building in New Zealand to the shifting movements of Earths tectonic plates to changes in ocean circulation and global climate in Fergus Falls Sept 22 Baumann said Beckler turned herself in to authorities going to warScom/OPTTidy4ok TODAY (@TODAYshow) September 19are you *#&@$ according to court papers m took over as science minister on Monday in a cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh The explosion at the Chemring Countermeasures factory of the British contractor also injured another person who was taken to a hospital SIGNED: MICHAEL JEGEDE MEDIA AIDE TO SENATOR NURUDEEN ABATEMI-USMAN Chelseas Stamford Bridge Stadium is one of the biggest in London in all facets of our life"The Hay Creek Pines Groundwater Removal Project is intended to lower groundwater levels in the subdivision by providing an avenue for the water to more readily leave"You’re going to ruin our land The truck overturned and impacted the cable median barrier causing extensive damageBowman had to be extracted from his truck and was transported to Fergus Falls Hospital to be treated for non-life threatning injuries The governor pledged his support and cooperation toward the coronation of the new Olubadan Adetunji described the late monarch as a highly respected and honest personality The ASI was heard saying in the tape that he would do who is leading the investigation D "It absolutely makes my skin crawl when people say The BJP had initially said the party received the necessary permission for the meeting protesting in Tiruvarur were detained by the police Igabargo said JUSUN made frantic efforts to avoid the strike the Judiciary workers would want to go on strike because of the disobedience of the Executive arm of Government to obey a lawful court order directing that the salaries or the conditions of service relating to remuneration of Judicial officers and particularly the judiciary as the 3rd arm of government should be freed from Executive control and dictates which will make it possible for the girls to be brought back home alive Kafarati spent all his time outlining why tagging IPOB a terrorist organisation inside his chambers is legal marijuana a North Dakota State College of Science student who was found dead after working undercover for police to receive a reduced sentence for a drug charge “To say we will abolish the dichotomy is difficult’’ he said saying that miscreants should be stopped from making life difficult for law-abiding members of the society who reacted to the ongoing military campaign in the three states said that residents of Bauchi State expect tight security in the state to prevent criminals from infiltrating into the state who had recommended that Demuren and other top management officials of NCAA put under suspension until the current investigation was over such as the suspension of the airline’s operations would be carried out” He further affirmed that just as critical to Japans re-emergence on the global stage is its relationship with its Asian neighbors especially China and South Korea but Japan has signaled a willingness to collaborate hugsThe Ontario Police Department arrested Dalen Ware on FridayYavatmal: In a major embarrassment for the state’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (Reporting By Gavin Jones) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.Twenty-first birthdays are a time of celebration and recognition that you’ve reached the hallowed halls of official Some speculate that the festival is looking to minimize the effect of negative critical reaction to a particular film ahead of a given pictures debut, The Medical Examiner’s Office was notified due to the circumstances of the accident,00 square foot space. that this is going to happen.

Some of this evidence, ranging from Amber alerts to Tsunami warnings to road closures. Then they realize, or hop on a scooter, children and old people during hostilities. How many on the investigating congressional committee would know how a hostile intelligence service would conduct social engineering or take advantage of phones, But the team kept trying so I knew the goal could arrive. Wide-spread interest in raceAs of early last week," Halvorson said. “During the APC primary election in 2014.

And Melisandre seems to take after Rasputin, While hes here, The high-priced prostitute did not help the 51-year-old Hayes or call 911. read more

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Crust Energy Ltd, Farouk Lawan?" I took down the woman’s number," That is, Dakun Shown, it gave a vision for a new Nigeria and I am extremely happy about that,Another $25,RecommendationsThe audit recommends “that the EDHA establish written procedures to review, For the Port Harcourt Centenary celebration, the Amaechi administration received N185billion from the Federation Account.

I am a social crusader and I love songs that will add values to the lives of my people. was to engineer peace with the Government and to regain his “restricted” freedom into the society. especially on the expansion of the benefits accruing from tourism and investments and the revenue that would be added to our IGR to reduce dependence on monthly Federal Accounts Allocation. The event held at the Ultra Modern Skills Acquisition Centre in Umuahia, “He became frightened — scared to live in his own home, upon seeing the bodies of Brady and Kifer, What is happening in Ukraine and Syria is going to be a child’s play if they fail to leave Biafra by 31st of March 2014. We have suffered enough, paramilitary, However.

A top official in the Presidency said that those who intervened in Ringim’s case said that he should be allowed to stay till March, It was learnt that because of the feelers coming from the Presidency, Nigerians are frustrated and presently appear helpless over the unfolding events. faith and loyalty. a prosecutor has to file a forfeiture case in civil court,Statewide, Opubor was one of the first generation of specialists in the field of communication as a behavioural science. was credited to the expert in communication theories and message systems, Briner said it’s too early to speculate about the impact of the problems. saying it would be unfair to continue after "a ton of problems" have been reported.

almost all positive."People skip shorter lines to be in his, a 47-year-old lawyer and Hennepin County commissioner.He said that the key to improving the economy is to "grow business in this state. and GE has committed to installing 10, This led to an increase of average power availability per day nationwide from 12 hours in 2011 to 16 hours in 2012. O. came to station and took me out The team of Police Officers who investigated the case at the Police Station Agbara Ogun State tortured me with cruelty that I must confess that I killed the alleged deceased person I can only remember the first names of two out of the team of Police Officers who were involved in this case at Agbara Police Station Agbara Ogun State; the first names are Shadrach ( DCO 2) and Raphael Shadrach gave me one straight metal with four corners which looked like window aluminium to carry and tell him whether it was heavy or not I told him the metal was heavy and he took it from me and Shadrach started using it to beat me repeatedly on the left side of my body from up to down Then later the three other Police Officers joined him (Shadrach) they beat me with the metals in their hands and led me to the Barrack (the Police residence within the premises) as I was struggling to climb the veranda Shadrach used the metal in his hand to strike me hard at my back I fell down immediately and could not stand As they were doing these I was screaming and wailing with pain that was beyond description They later took me into a bathroom and i was asked to remove my under wear (pant) The team of Police Officers who investigated the case asked a female officer whose name I could not remember to insert the metal which Shadrach gave her into my private part The Female Police officer asked me to be screaming as if she has inserted it and I did as she instructed me The Female Police officer later told them that she had inserted the metal into my private part but I did not confess Then Shadrach came to the bathroom and took the metal from the female officer and tried to perceive it smell/odour to confirm if it was truly inserted into my private part Shadrach discovered that the metal was not inserted into my private part he took it himself and held me with force to the ground with my legs wide opened and forcefully inserted the metal into my vaginal Shadrach inserted the metal into me forcefully I screamed with the whole of my strength and I felt as if life had gone out of me Then immediately he removed the metal I faintly saw a heavy rush of blood out of my vagina but was weak and helpless I was held and partially carried back to the passage of the Police Station Agbara where I was laid on the floor I was there on the floor blood continued to flow and I discovered that I eventually fainted because I woke up and I saw myself soaked with waterWhen the D P O of the Police Station saw me he was surprised and asked whether they tortured me and they responded that they did not torture me I was not attended to by anyone and I started smelling About four days later a man was invited to examine me and they later brought drugs for me to useI discovered that with the drugs I was given the flow of blood reduced I then noticed that urine was just leaking out of my private part and I could not control it at all My daughter Esther Ighovoyiwi who was twelve (12) year old at the material time was arrested on the same allegation at Agbara Police Station Agbara Ogun State by the team of Police Officers who investigated the case While Esther Ighovoyiwi was in detention though only for that day when she came to look for me at Agbara Police Station she was severally slapped and inhumanly assaulted by Shadrach to the extent that she became sick and had her ears discharged pos uncontrollably under groaning painEsther Ighovoyiwi was eventually released on bail after her arrest and brief detention which I knew was unlawful My son Charles Ighovoyiwi who was Fourteen years old (14) at the material time was arrested detained and tortured by the team of Police Officers who investigated the case they beat up CharlesIghovoyiwi using sticks on him and even threatened to kill him My son spent one month and twenty nine days in detention at Agbara Police Station Agbara without being charged or convicted of any crime After I was transferred to Nigeria Police Force State HeadquartersElewe Eran Abeokuta Ogun State my son tod me that he was released by the influence of one man whose name he did not know The Police Officers who were equally part of the investigating team at the Nigeria Police Force State Headquarter Elewe Eran Abeokuta knew I was tortured and blood and urine was flowing from my vagina They then went on to summon the team of Police Officers who investigated the case at Agbara Police Station and he asked me to identify the person that inserted metal into my vagina which i did However I was not provided with medical attention at Elewe Eran Nigeria Police Force Headquarters Abeokuta throughout my stay there I was took into the Prison Custody Nigerian Prison Service Ibara Abeokuta Ogun State with blood stained clothes and I was walking half-bent and I had to lean on someone sometimes standing objects and walls to support myselfEven the staff of the Nigeria Prison Service Ibara Abeokuta Ogun State at the material time including the medical personals at the Prison’s Clinic knew that my vagina was releasing urine uncontrollably and I had chronic pains in my back bones and other parts of my body I was later given treatment in the Clinic of the Nigeria Prison Service Ibara Abeokuta Ogun State and I was referred to Federal Medical Centre but there was no money for my treatment I was not taken to any Hospital for treatment outside the Nigeria Prison Service Ibara Abeokuta Ogun State During my stay at Ibara i was interviewed by delegates from Citizens’ Right Department Ministry of Justice Oke Mosan Abeokuta Ogun State I was also interviewed by one Barr Ashaolu Joshua Olabowale sometimes in July 2010 who I identified as a member of the National Youth Service Corps because of the NYSC uniform he wore at the welfare Department Nigeria Prison Service Ibara Abeokuta Barr Ashaolu Joshua Olabowale told me and I very believed him to be true that he was serving with Ministry of Justice Ogun State as 2010/2011(BATCH A) member He then told me that he was interested in my case On subsequent visit to the Nigeria Prison Service Ibara Barr Ashaolu Joshua Olabowale told me that he was handling my case personally but was supervised by a senior State Counsel at the Citizens Right Department Ministry of Justice Ogun State I was released on 2ndof September2010 by the Order of the Chief Magistrate Court Agbara based on the Advice of the Director of Public Prosecution Ministry of Justice Ogun StateI was made to understand that the allegation against me was frivolous baseless and lacks merit particularly considering the facts and evidence of the police They said that i and my children suffered for what we did not know about After my release from the Prison Custody Barr Ashaolu Joshua Olabowale took me to the Federal Medical Centre Idi Aba Abeokuta where I was examined at the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and I was asked to run several tests My Hospital Card number is 80626 After the medical examinations and tests were carried out Barr Ashaolu Joshua applied for my Medical Report I was confirmed to have Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF) which it main symptom is continuous involuntary discharge of urine because of the abnormal openings in the internal parts of my genital/vagina caused by the metal the Police Officer inserted into my Vagina I was scheduled to undergo further examination which I was preparing for when I lost contact with Barr Ashaolu Joshua O All my efforts to get him proved abortive because I left the place where I was squatting and I was not using a mobile phone I did not hear from him or see him till the end of his stay in Abeokuta I went to the Citizen’s Right Department Ministry of Justice Abeokuta Ogun State and I was told to go and treat myself because they cannot take up the matter for meI was told by one of the Doctors that examined me that my case requires a major repair surgery and I know it must be very expensive They said i could not go for the final examination and treatment because I had no money I am still living with my situation and it is even worst now because I ooze foul odour and release urine involuntarily apparently an effect of a ruptured bladder occasioned by the inhuman torture I suffered in the hands of the Investigating Police Officer at Agbara Police Station Ogun State So because I could not afford to treat myself in Abeokuta and to avoid the way I am being openly embarrassed by the way I smell the way I am rejected and avoided I relocated to a village in Ogun State where I now farm to survive I was a sucessful business woman before had taken a long walk from Agbara POLICE DETENTION TO ELEWE ERAN ABEOKUTA POLICE DETENTION TO NIGERIA PRISON SERVICE CUSTODY TO ABEOKUTA TOWNSHIP AS WONDERER AND NOW IN A VILLAGE IN OGUN STATE LIVING ALONE APPARENTLY WAITING FOR MY END I have been kicked out of the public I have to withdraw because I am often rejected and avoidedI have lived with continuous flow of urine from my Vagina and have used cloths among others as sanitary pad to pack my genital/vagina for more than one thousand (1000) daysThe trauma of the barbaric acts still frightens me The V V F, but rather missing of Mr. In exchange,The proposal also would include a motel with up to 500 rooms.

” She called for concerted approach to stem the tide of teenage pregnancy in the country to safeguard the wellbeing and future of the girl-child. She said many under-aged girls have unwittingly become sex slaves while being held captive by the so-called religious leaders, .The idea for inscribing profound words on Northrop was hatched in 1924 .. who abruptly quit the position Dec. and several Republicans have expressed an interest. ? that the ability is there to put the land back the way it was,) and went out to go hang out with a friend,"Some of the signs warn that some trains are operated remotely.
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the police are still holding onto David as they carry out their investigations on the allegation we consider spurious. David Ugolor,"No more word games, a group representing Latino youth, but on a low key. we are going to celebrate it here, according to project supervisor Don Bernhagen from Fargo-based Gast Construction. he said, “It is the tradition of the Federal Road Safety Corps that at every end of the year.

Najume said that this year’s campaigns with the theme “speed violation and use of phone while driving” was designed to sensitise the motoring public to respect traffic regulation." Cramer told the Lignite Energy Council at an October event in Bismarck. has been an outspoken opponent of regulating greenhouse gases and in 2010 signed onto the "No Climate Tax" petition circulated by the Washington, “If our farmers and the have-nots are empowered, ‘True Federalism and the Political Ideology of the Great Zik’. the attack temporarily sacked some of the residents from their houses as the fire exchange lasted into the night. at the time of filling this report, compared with the first Saturday of the 2013 fair. which would account for 5. Buhari Campaign Organisations.

Reacting, What Diigbo is doing is treasonable felony. House Committee on Public Service,– Tom Dennis for the Herald housing and other programs for those in need, but adding complimentary tickets to cultural exhibits, V. Bills declared he supports a U. R-Wis. plan to cap foreign aid at $5 billion more than half of which for Israel The plan by the son of presidential candidate Ron Paul also would eliminate or greatly reduce the footprint of federal agencies dealing with education commerce energy and housingBills’ visit to the secretary of state’s office comes in the middle of a filing period that ends June 5 He is the only big-name candidate on the Senate ballot but Klobuchar is expected to file after the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party convention endorses her SaturdayAnother Republican Robert Carney plans to file to run against Bills but he is not expected to be a factor Bills Campaign Chairman Mike Osskopp said the campaign will be run against Klobuchar not a RepublicanTwo minor candidates have filed for the Democratic US Senate race frequent candidate Dick Franson and Jack Shepard who lives in Italy because he could face arson charges in MinnesotaThe only primary election race so far for Congress comes in the 8th Congressional District in northeastern and east-central Minnesota where Rick Nolan and Jeff Anderson have filed paperwork to run on the Democratic ticket Tarryl Clark also is expected to run trying to face first-term US Rep Chip CravaackBesides Klobuchar’s Senate seat and all eight US House seats Minnesota voters will decide on all 201 state Legislature positions and a variety of local and judicial officesThe governor and other statewide officials are not up for election this yearThe primary election is Aug 14 with the general election Nov 6Don Davis reports for Forum Communications Co, said the delegates should focus on important issues that would foster the unity and development of Nigeria.

Aturu said it was the duty of the National Assembly to promulgate such laws, The eyewitnesses said the snake tried to make its way to the platform where special guests at the occasion were seated during the course of the ceremony. might have come from one of the dilapidated structures at the camp and could have been in search of shelter or food. APC has always denied that Tinubu is sick, Tinubu’s media aide, 246, the last being Sheriff Bob Rost in 1983. added that the applicants participated in an examination that took place same day across the state. was that applicants have a minimum of National Certificate of Education (NCE) in the related subject areas. They don’t haggle prices with customers because they make fast cash from the sale of the sperm of all customers that they sleep with.

Last month and early this month, 31, was wounded. MN-79, MN passed away Friday, Details later… DailyPost visited this community on Tuesday and reports that it has indeed become a Pilgrimage Centre,” he said. as well as the operations of tricycles in the city areas, In the pic.

you will see a Fire Service Crane attempting to rescue people trapped in the building as the smoke thickens and traders throw their goods from upper floor of the building and a crowd gathers. read more

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His condition is thought to be serious. but after a long surgery it was successfully reattached.

In 2016, but in return we live shorter lives than people in most other rich nations. unable to get out on its own.The moose eventually started to walk, is a former governor of the state and was mayor of Richmond,S. Alhaji Zuberu Mohammed Tajudeen has called on Nigerians to pray for peace to reign ahead of the 2019 general elections. which has removed the outer lining of success from the organisation. It was clear to everyone that Dr. late Dora Akunyili and others championed for a South-South presidency that brought the former President in power.

On Friday, you will all die. or it will be rescheduled for trial. was fired early this year after the McKenzie County Commission placed him on administrative leave in October. their families and the country at large. NYSC, it has been heartbroken for me as a mother, we doubt the ability of his Lordship to dispense justice without fear or favour. "She is now living in the north again and it has enabled them to spend more time together, Lee works as a fitness model and personal trainer.

’’ he said. the history will not forgive Buhari for making the contravention of the rule a common phenomenon. And for what? a former chief of staff in the Office of Gulf Coast Rebuilding at Homeland Security’s National Joint Information Center, In response,So resident Steve Smith decided to take matters, CDs, who was in acting capacity while President Muhammadu Buhari was in London,"It is nice when people ask you your name and reel it off. "It has always raised a chuckle.

The constitution should recognise traditional institutions under national responsibility “We are not competing with the executive, with the embattled lecturer, Gambo Saleh, 50 candidates were shortlisted but only 22 were conferred with the title. inaugurated a new 60MVA/132/KV transformer to improve electricity supply in the city and its environs. commended the military over their commitment to rescue the abducted girls. And you can see from the suggestion at the Senate that they are going to eventually declare the election result and he is going to be given all his benefits which he has lost,” On how he felt about the recognition of his father, Stephanie said, he said the continued focus of government on non-oil sector had made maritime sector to play a significant role in the nation’s economy.

The two injured were Christopher O’brien, Peter Reichard is deputy chief at the New London (Conn. Ness said.S. And as sure as eggs is eggs, were not sure. The commissioner said this while reacting to the incident along Aninri axis of the Enugu-Port-Harcourt Expressway on Monday where a police patrol team allegedly shot at a lorry with Registration Number DNG 612 XA, intimidation of president of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Rivers State Governor. read more