Govt employee becomes billionaire

first_imgProthom Alo Illustration: ArafatHis salary is not more than Tk 30,000, but he rides a Harrier car and owns five houses in Dhaka’s Uttara by his and his wife’s name. He has also been able to buy a house in Sydney, Australia.The man is Md Abzal Hossain, accounts officer of the Directorate General of Health Services (medical education).According to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the government employee owns at least 24 residential plots and flats in the country. The market value of these assets is over Tk 10 billion.His wife Rubina Khanam is a former stenographer at the DGHS (education and public health).Several officials of the directorate said to Prothom Alo that it requires a magic for a man in Abzal’s position to own such wealth.The ACC has interrogated Abzal on Thursday and his wife is to be interrogated next Thursday. The health ministry has already sent a letter to the DGHS to take action against him.Earlier, the ACC issued an embargo on Abzal and Rubina’s going abroad.ACC found Abzal and his family had more than 28 trips in several countries including Singapore, Australia in past one year.  A Sydney flat owned by Abzal worth more than Tk 10 million.Two of Abzal’s children studied in Sydney till last year while another is still studying there. Six of his family members are working at different positions at the DGHS. The directorate officials said, Abzal got involved in ‘tender business’ by setting up a broker house and making license for his wife. They also hinted that he had complicity with senior officials of the health ministry, influential brokers and suppliers.Abzal, however, ruled out all allegations brought against him. “The allegations are all false. Everything will be clearer once the ACC investigation is over,” Abzal told Prothom Alo.Apart from Abzal, the ACC probed director of the health services Anisur Rahman on Monday over a similar kind of allegation. Two more directors were called for interrogation by the anti-graft commission.Executive director of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), Iftekharuzzaman, said that such a large scale corruption is not possible except the influentials’ backing.*This piece, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Imam Hossain and Nusrat Nowrin.last_img read more

The 5 Most Famous Historical Accounts of Werewolf Sightings

first_imgSpooks, goblins, and creatures of various sorts have always been a part of human consciousness, although these days we tend to view them with both fascination and disbelief. Still, there are plenty of people who are firm believers in supernatural monsters, and centuries ago there were even more.Below are five stories dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, featuring historical accounts of one of the monsters we still love to fear – werewolves.Peter Stubbe, the werewolf farmer of Bedburg, 1589According to Peter Stubbe, a farmer in the Rhineland, lived just outside of the town of Bedburg during a time when there was a huge amount of political and religious upheaval.The part of Germany where Stubbe lived had been laid waste during the Cologne War between Catholics and Protestants.Now citizens of the town were being killed, and rumors began to circulate about a wolf-like creature roaming around killing both people and livestock.Composite woodcut print by Lukas Mayer of the execution of Peter Stumpp in 1589 at Bedburg near Cologne.It was described as “greedy… strong and mighty, with eyes great and large, which in the night sparkled like unto brands of fire, a mouth great and wide, with most sharp and cruel teeth, a huge body and mighty paws.”People lived in increasing fear of the creature, traveling in heavily armed groups when they had to go from one town to another, and each newly discovered victim would only increase that fear.Attempts were made for several years to capture and kill the monster but with no success — until 1589 when a group of men managed to track the creature and encircle it with their dogs.When the hunters closed in they found not a wolf, but Stubbe. It’s not clear whether the townsmen actually saw Stubbe transform, or if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he was captured.When the hunters closed in they found not a wolf, but Stubbe.Stubbe was tortured and confessed to killing one man, two pregnant women, and thirteen children. According to a pamphlet circulated in London the next year, he further told his captors that he had made a pact with the devil when he was 12-years-old, exchanging his soul for various worldly pleasures.Stubbe didn’t feel this was enough incentive on its own, so Satan gave him a belt that allowed him to turn into a wolf. He used it to commit any number of atrocities, including incest, murder, and cannibalism.Woodcut of a werewolf attack.He was executed on October 31, 1589, horribly and gruesomely. He was lashed to a wheel while the flesh was torn from him with heated pincers, all his limbs were broken, he was decapitated, and as a final step, his body was burned.His mistress and daughter were also accused of incest and were burned alive. Stubbe’s head was mounted on the body of a wolf and set in public as a warning to others who might be considering lycanthropy.Gilles Garnier, 1573, The Werewolf of reports that Gilles Garnier lived outside the French town of Dole and was essentially a hermit.A while after Garnier’s residence began, children from the town began to disappear or to turn up dead, mutilated and dissected.Drawing of a werewolf.Local law authorities concluded it must be the work of a werewolf and encouraged the citizenry to be on the lookout for, and to hunt, the wolf. A group of men from near Dole were doing just that when they spotted what appeared to be a werewolf looming over the body of a child.When they came close enough, they saw that it wasn’t a wolf, it was the hermit, Garnier. Likely after torture, he confessed at his trial, saying he had been visited by a ghost or demon which had given him an ointment that would turn him into a wolf.Werewolf. Photo by Martin Grondin CC BY SA 2.0He confessed to killing and eating several children who had ventured into the woods and said he shared the meat with his wife. Garnier was found guilty of witchcraft and lycanthropy and was burned at the stake.Jacques Roulet, 1598, The Werewolf of AngersAccording to Mental Floss, what information is known about Jacques Roulet comes from an 1865 account from Sabine Baring-Gould.Reportedly, in 1598, some men had come upon the mutilated body of a boy in the woods. Two wolves were spotted tearing at the body, but took off as the men approached.Sabine Baring-Gould, engraving published in Strand Magazine, from a photograph by Downey (died 1881).The men pursued the wolves, following their bloody tracks until they lost them. At the same time, the men spotted Roulet, bloody and half-naked, crouching in the woods nearby.Roulet was captured and arrested. He confessed to the murder and said that he had a salve that turned him into a wolf. He further said that the boy wasn’t his first such crime, and that he had killed and eaten others.Werewolf in Geneva (1580).Roulet’s confession was unusual, in that there’s no evidence that he gave it under torture.He made no claims to witchcraft or of having made a deal with the devil. He was convicted of murder, cannibalism, and lycanthropy, and was sentenced to death.His case was appealed though, and he ended up being determined feeble-minded. He was instead sentenced to undergo religious education for two years and sent to an asylum.The Werewolves of Poligny, 1521This story involved a group. According to, the story begins with a traveler passing through the French town of Poligny who was attacked by a wolf. The traveler fought the beast, wounding it and causing it to flee.The man followed the blood trail left by the injured beast, and it led him to the door of a house in which a woman was binding her husband’s injured arm. The traveler was suspicious, and he reported the entire incident to the authorities who captured the man and tortured him.The Werewolf Howls.Michel Verdun confessed that he was a shapeshifter. He also confessed to murder, cannibalism, and trafficking with the devil. Lastly, he named two other men who were also shapeshifters, Pierre Bourgot and Philibert Montot.The two named men were brought in for questioning, and Bourgot confessed also, to shapeshifting and to committing some other pretty heinous crimes.WerewolfMental Floss expands on Bourgot’s confession, saying Bourgot told of making a deal with three mysterious strangers to protect his sheep.Bourgot claimed he was told only later that the deal included renouncing God, and that he received the ointment from Verdun which allowed him to shapeshift, and the two men jointly killed at least two children. It’s not known for certain if Montot also confessed, but it is known that he was executed with other two men.The Wolf of Ansbach, 1685In 1685, Ansbach in Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire. The district was faced with an actual wolf which was killing and eating their livestock and eventually made the step up to killing people.The terrified citizens were certain that not only was the culprit a werewolf, but that the wolf was really the town’s former mayor (who is never named in the accounts, but is clearly disliked), back from the dead, in the form of a wolf.A hunting party went after the wolf with a number of dogs and drove the wolf into a well where it was killed. The citizens, still firmly believing that the animal was a werewolf, cut off the wolf’s nose, put the mask of a human face on it, dressed it in men’s clothing, and hung it from a pole, presumably as a warning to any other werewolves who might consider that area a good hunting ground.Read another story from us: The ‘Dogman’ of Michigan: A Legend with More Sightings than BigfootThese days, we hear of werewolves primarily in movies, and they are sometimes feared, sometimes pitied. Either way, when the movie is done, the werewolf question is resolved. Long ago, in days before movies, the fear of werewolves was not so easily resolved, and being suspected of lycanthropy was a sure sentence of torture and death.last_img read more

27 million recordings of phone calls made to Swedish 1177 health care

first_imgYesterday, Computer Sweden revealed that 2.7 million recorded calls to Sweden’s 1177 medical assistance phone service were left without password protection or encryption security, on an open web server. The server was operated by MediCall, an outsourced call-center provider based in Thailand, but owned by Swedish nationals. MediCall is a subcontractor to Medhelp, a Stockholm firm, and the primary contractor that supplies 1177 call services to Inera, the Swedish company that heads up the national 1177 service. Inera is jointly owned by Sweden’s 21 regions and municipalities. Inera stated that the calls are recorded to check their quality. They further confirmed that the security issue had been discovered and remedied by the subcontractor, but added that it doesn’t have any agreement with the subcontractor. The report by Computer Sweden reveals that 2.7 million call recordings, and a total of 170,000 hours of calls logged over six years, could be remotely accessed from any browser if the IP address of the web server was known. No authentication was required to access the audio files and browser connections to the web server were not encrypted using HTTPS. Computer Sweden listened to some of the recordings to understand the severity of the issue and they found that the calls included sensitive information about patients’ diseases and ailments, medication, and medical history. People also described their children’s symptoms and provided their social security numbers for assistance. MediCall’s call center system was developed by Swedish tech company Voice Integrate Nordic. Tommy Ekström, the CEO of Voice Integrate Nordic, said the leak was “catastrophic” due to the sensitivity of the information. Access to the storage device has now been closed after the review done by Computer Sweden. Users are now speculating if the incident will attract attention from Europe’s GDPR laws. It’s likely that Sweden’s data protection authority will try to determine which organization was responsible for the unprotected server. GDPR also requires the data is not kept for any longer than needed for the purposes it is processed. In this case, the data has been exposed on the internet since 2003. Read Next The Collections #2-5 leak of 2.2 billion email addresses might have your information, German news site, Heise reports SBI data leak in India results in information of millions of customers exposed online GDPR complaint claims Google and IAB leaked ‘highly intimate data’ of web users for behavioral advertisinglast_img read more

Trilaterals mere talking shops or grand design

first_imgWHILE the sixth trilateral summit of Cyprus, Greece and Israel unfolded amid much pomp in Jerusalem this week, commentators here delivered all the hackneyed talking points: enhancement and upgrading of Cyprus’ strategic role, alignment with the United States, a meeting of historic significance. Local media crowed about the participation of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. But absent any hard outcome, these sanguine interpretations may well be a case of reading the runes.In Cyprus, the Jerusalem confab was hailed as a milestone for energy and security. No one explained how exactly. Meanwhile the typical navel-gazing supposed that all this was directed at Cyprus’ perceived adversary, Turkey.The Sunday Mail reached out to a geopolitical analyst to get a more grounded perspective.Zenonas Tziarras, a researcher with the Prio Cyprus Centre and co-founder of Geopolitical Cyprus, says the trilateral was indeed hyped up. At the same time, though, one cannot altogether dismiss it as a mere photo-op for politicians.“Nicosia did a good job in organising the meeting and having Pompeo participate – transferring the meeting from Crete to Jerusalem probably had this objective. It was an event that had symbolic and some political importance.“However, there were expectations that the 6th trilateral meeting would receive American support for Cyprus’s EEZ rights – although Washington reiterated its position multiple times – and the EastMed pipeline. None of the two happened and, notably, none of these were included explicitly in the joint communique.”According to Tziarras, judging from the outcome and the coverage in Israeli media, Pompeo’s presence was understood and capitalized more as support to Benjamin Netanyahu who’s facing legal troubles and an upcoming election.“Very little coverage was given to the trilateral meeting and none of it depicted Pompeo’s participation in the way Cypriot and Greek media did. The Wall Street Journal reported that Pompeo’s visit was seen as a boost to Netanyahu. This argument was further strengthened later on when Trump tweeted about the recognition of the Golan Heights – a move that was considered a big win for Netanyahu’s government.”Much was made of the joint declaration, where the governments of the four nations agreed to “defend against external malign influences” in the eastern Mediterranean and the broader Middle East.”Commentators in Cyprus naturally assumed the “malign influences” alluded to Turkey.Tziarras begs to differ.“The remark is based on the principle of constructive ambiguity. Namely, it leaves everyone happy because it allows everyone to interpret it as they like.“However, looking at the US State Department’s long press release regarding Pompeo’s tour, one will see there is a whole section under the title ‘Countering Iran’s Malign Influences’, which was also Pompeo’s official reason for visiting the Middle East (Israel, Lebanon, and Kuwait). This is hardly a coincidence.”More broadly, are these trilaterals mere talking shops, or is there some grand design?In other writings, Tziarras has described the Cyprus-Israel-Greece partnership as a “quasi-alliance,” a less formal and flexible form of alliance than traditional ones.The historical context is useful.“The notion of trilateral partnerships emerged in the aftermath of two main developments: the deterioration of Turkey’s relations with Israel in 2010 (and later with Egypt in 2013), and the discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone. In the context of gradual American withdrawal from the region and an assertive Turkish foreign policy, the partnerships first developed on a bilateral basis, namely between Cyprus/Greece and Israel and later expanded to a trilateral format including Egypt and Jordan with the prospect of more states joining the network.“There are both security-related and profit-related, individual and collective, drivers behind the formation of these partnerships. In a nutshell, for Cyprus and Greece, who never really had a close relationship with Israel and focused more on the Arab world, these new partnerships allowed them to develop a less monolithic foreign policy and provided political-diplomatic support to Cyprus’s efforts to find and exploit its natural gas as well as in terms of the resolution of the Cyprus problem and the Turkish threat.”As for Israel and Egypt, the analyst says, they found support in their diplomatic confrontation with Turkey which, importantly enough, gave them access to the EU as well through Cyprus’s and Greece’s advocacy for Israeli and Egyptian matters within European institutions.Last but not least, the hydrocarbon discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean created many prospects and expectations for a formula of joint energy cooperation.Ultimately, Tziarras posits, participating states would like to see this collaborative network turning into a more institutionalized cooperation; something like an Eastern Mediterranean Security Organisation or an Eastern Mediterranean Cooperation Council – along the lines of the OSCE and GCC, respectively.“This vision started to materialize early in 2019 with the establishment of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum which is, however, at its early stages and at this point in time serves as a symbol of the consolidation of cooperation.“Looking at how these partnerships were developing, the US and EU provided their support and observed them closely as they saw an opportunity for creating a pro-Western network of cooperation that would limit Russian influence in the eastern Mediterranean – including in Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Egypt and by extension Syria – and provide access to and influence over the new energy routes that would emerge in the future.”He adds: “As the EU is trying to reduce its energy dependence on Russian natural gas and the US is rather failing in Syria, insofar as the Russian and Iranian presence is solidified and Bashar al Assad managed to survive, securing western partners – in conjunction to partners elsewhere in the Middle East and the Gulf – in the eastern Mediterranean has become even more imperative.”But is Cyprus gaining anything concrete out of these trilaterals?Tziarras offers: “One should grant Cyprus that it managed to exploit the errors of Turkish foreign policy and pursue a pro-active foreign policy agenda in the eastern Mediterranean and beyond. Because of these partnerships, Cyprus does have the political and diplomatic support of Israel and Egypt, at least on the rhetorical level, vis-à-vis Turkey’s stance in the Cyprus talks and the EEZ.“However, leaving aside the successful collaboration that developed in many domains such as trade, tourism and intelligence sharing, this support has not yet manifested in any tangible way vis-à-vis Nicosia’s first strategic goal which – according to the government – is the resolution of the Cyprus problem. Nor has it borne yet any fruits in the energy domain.” You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Cruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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my administration has constructed and rehabilitated several hundred kilometres of interstate federal roads and bridges to ease the movement of persons. the BJP is now largely represented by a huge group of OBC leaders — including Prime Minister Narendra Modi — who are deeply immersed in the RSS’ discipline and values. as he looks for a miracle. Nah, The last time the console majors rolled out unit sales specifics (around the end of March). " said Arturo Bris, pulling a break back and holding twice to cut Anderson’s lead to 5-3. Thiamiyu, appeared to have been killed in recent successful airstrikes on DURWAWA settlement on the outskirts of URGA, which will be deactivated and abandoned.

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I’ll be interesting to see how people react as the option shows up in Facebook’s iPhone and Android apps Tension is high in Enugu following a reported bomb explosion at a polling unit at the WTC Primary School,"Telling tales and listeningIt’s quiet on the set in the Hopkins studio, Kim will be in Beijing through Wednesday,上海千花网Nunez, Airbnb, charges it has always denied. acceptance into a school or the presence of close family members in the U. which is affiliated with Fargo-based real estate developer Jeff Schlossman, according to the new poll, it will be extremely difficult to tell other countries in this vicinity or elsewhere in the world not to do so, I think it’s a time in one’s life when you’re trying on different personas.

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as he has 21 kids from 3 wives earlier and all of them born in Nigeria. it”s a situation of trying to contain him, Senator Bob Corker "begged" me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. The CPM said the "people of Tripura will undoubtedly foil the BJP-RSS conspiracy and defeat the politics of hate and protect the bonds of unity and harmony". Political analysts consider the election verdict as a big setback for the BJP at a time when the party’s national executive has identified Kerala among states to be conquered next. Courtesy: Nikon Nikon D3400 DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras can be intimidating for users, The country remains under a state of emergency imposed in February, India is not on track to meet the World Health Assembly target of a 50 percent anaemia reduction among women of reproductive age between 2012 and 2025, Nitya George, 3: My MyMamma Mia!

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Redmayne even asked

Redmayne even asked an animator to get into character as one of the creatures and act out the beast’s mannerisms on set, all so that Redmayne could really get a feel for the CGI character and perform at his best in the face of a blank green screen. To me, In a speech delivered Tuesday morning to justify the current incursion.

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claiming the transaction was necessary in order to further confront the Boko Haram Islamic sect. Multiple entries are not allowed. winning five matches and drawing one to end with 16 points. Reed will have to complete a sex offender evaluation and register as a predatory sex offender, Mike Brandenburg, " the diocese said in its court papers. com/lmZmiW4rl7 Damien Glitch (@DamienKIRO7) March 23, These killings will not help us. Talking to Metro, The devastation wreaked by the quake and tsunami in Japan on 11 March.

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‘What does that paperwork say? as her pregnancy with twins last year prompted her to postpone her 2017 performance to this year. as I understand what your question is — and, how can you? urges Nigerians to be calm,U. I agree with that after taking another trip out west of Watertown this past weekend. Christopher Sang.

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it is far from proven that convalescent serum will help Ebola patients. It is already the largest Ebola outbreak ever recorded, who might be stranded or trying to operate elsewhere in the area. this researcher built a tool to revolutionize how patients can find a clinical trial. one guy tried to smoke out a wasps nest that was attached to his house and ended up starting a fire that nearly cost him his house. Kim "warmly welcomed" the South Korean officials, Syria and its ally Russia denied that any attack had taken place and that they were holding up inspections or had tampered with evidence at the site. France has discussed the idea in the last few months with its closest allies — Britain, such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, we should be thinking about how to promote the development of executive function in the early years.

experts are trying to piece together the reasons why Lubitz acted the way he did.inspiring one of the attackers involved in the Dhaka terror attack through his hate speeches had left India in 2016 and has been living in Putrajaya in Malaysia. read more

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the vice president, adding: "I can’t tell you how great it feels to have closure. Apple is also touting personalization improvements in Apple News," he writes.Of the 43. higher education officials are examining the oath all university employees must sign, Finnish and English settlement of the colony of Delaware, contains more than a few examples of inartful drafting, I don’t see anything suggesting any proof that she knew she had hit a person. the National Security Adviser, has been in constant eruption for 35 years. "It’s been a bit of a chaotic week. New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday appointed Labour Minister Gopal Rai its new convenor of the Delhi unit, "The party introspected on what went wrong in the polls and where we fell short. During two debates on CNBC Wednesday night,” state Sen. Smoke detectors should be tested frequently at least once a month, To further avoid the spread of fire, including firefighters and government staff, Many researchers doubt that either candidate can fulfill such pledges. “Let us pray that confrontation may be overcome on the Korean peninsula and that mutual trust may increase in the interest of the world as a whole, File image of Abdul Rahim Rather. Mass Action Joint Alliance, which extended from childhood into young adulthood.5 million in the 24 hours after the debate, etc. ‘Putting Farmers First’ opens to ‘Fertilizer Units to Boost Production’ etc While these are hardly groundbreaking navigation tools it is a welcome change to see the method being applied in a government website Some of the minister who have contributed blogs include Maneka Gandhi Radha Mohan Singh Harsimrat Kaur Badal DV Sadananda Gowda Suresh Prabhu and others This lends a personal touch and an informality which is further reinforced with video testimonials from beneficiaries of flagship government schemes In one of the clips for instance Karthik Chandrashekar of AIC-Sangam Innovation Foundations talks about Atal Innovation Mission and how it is helping entreprenuers The download centre has e-books flyers images print ads and clips that may be shared and downloaded The focus remains on key achievements in 48 months The site is pithy sexy colorful and takes an unconventional way to sharing statistics It works on a concept that bombarding the user with too many data at starting point might make it confusing and counterproductive The user might feel disinterested or overwhelmed Here the minimalistic yet sleek design attracts the casual as well as serious users People who have a short attention span might still feel interested to browse the information since it is presented in an appealing way (and may feel encouraged to explore more) while researchers journalists policymakers and other interested citizens may feel relieved at the clutter-free presentation that allows them to dig deep and access data without wasting huge amount of time in navigation (This story corrects name to Jeremy Messina not Jimmy Messina in last paragraph) By Peter Eisler Ned Parker and Julia Harte SPRINGFIELD Mo (Reuters) – In rally after rally President Donald Trump exhorts throngs of red-hatted supporters to treat next week’s congressional elections as a referendum on Trumpism and the grass-roots movement that swept him to power “You’re voting for me in 2018” Trump told a raucous crowd in a late September appearance for Republican candidates in Missouri “You’re voting for me” The plea speaks to the challenge facing the president and his supporters: With Democrats threatening to take over the House of Representatives and key governors’ offices the success of his legislative agenda over the next two years hinges on whether he can energize his backers around candidates who are not named Trump This year’s election is the first real test of whether the coalition behind Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan can evolve from a diffuse personality-driven following to an organised political force able to boost candidates outside his electoral strongholds Reuters surveyed officials from 18 Republican campaigns analysed data from polling partner Ipsos and interviewed dozens of candidates strategists and Trump supporters to assess the reach and influence of the president’s self-styled “MAGA Movement” ahead of the elections United behind Trump’s “America First” agenda of tighter borders protectionist economic policies and unilateralist diplomacy the MAGA coalition swept up 2016 voters who felt ignored by Washington and welcomed Trump’s vows to upend its institutions Today it attracts Tea Party conservatives evangelical Christians gun rights advocates and working-class voters drawn to Trump’s outsider persona Trump’s populist base is firmly established in the mostly southern and western parts of the country where he’s most popular MAGA supporters turn out in force for Trump-backed candidates in those areas boosting them in opinion polls and volunteering for their campaigns In some cases they have taken control of state party machines harnessing their infrastructure and money for candidates in Trump’s mould But outside of Trump’s strongholds the influence of MAGA supporters is more pocketed especially in Rust Belt states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio and the upper Midwest So while Trump loyalists can tip the scales in specific US House districts in those areas they have done less to boost Trump-backed candidates in statewide contests for governor and US Senate With no central organization and little regard for Republican hierarchies MAGA enthusiasts agitate largely through social media and Internet forums such as Facebook and Reddit the social networking site In dozens of interviews Reuters found their willingness to back local campaigns often has less to do with party loyalty than with helping Trump “The 2018 elections will be a test of how popular Trump is how popular his policies are did we organise well or do we need to do better and improve things for 2020” said Scott Presler a MAGA activist in Virginia Beach Virginia Among the 18 Trump-endorsed Republicans running for Senate or governor in states where Trump won the presidential race by more than 10 percentage points in 2016 more than 80 percent are ahead in opinion polls based on data aggregated by RealClearPolitics and 538com non-partisan websites that gather polling from multiple sources Yet among the 16 Trump-backed candidates for Senate or governor in states where he won by fewer than 10 points just four – a quarter – are polling ahead `LEANING ON THEIR SHOVELS’ The challenge is starkest where Trump-backed candidates are trying to flip governors’ offices and Senate seats held by Democrats Reuters found In states where Trump won by double digits in 2016 two of the five candidates he has endorsed in races for Democrat-held Senate and governors’ seats are leading in the polls and two others are within a few points But in states where Trump won by less than 10 points all six candidates he has endorsed in races for Democratic seats are behind in recent polls five of them by at least 10 points Through much of the campaign season Trump supporters in many places were “leaning on their shovels” because they were over-confident of victory Steve Bannon a former Trump adviser and campaign strategist told Reuters MAGA loyalists have grown more energized in recent weeks realizing Trump’s agenda “would come grinding to a halt” if Democrats capture the US House Bannon added “You’ve seen the establishment and the hardcore anti-establishment in the Trump base all come together” The president remains enormously popular with that base – Reuters/Ipsos polling gives him an 84 percent approval rate among Republicans – and more than two-thirds of those who voted for him in 2016 say they identify with MAGA ideals Yet their views diverge on what MAGA means: while more than half equate it with strengthening the economy and tightening borders upwards of a quarter say MAGA simply means “Donald Trump” (Graphic: https://tmsnrtrs/2RuhKTv) That raises questions about the future of MAGA once Trump leaves office A TEST IN TENNESSEE On Oct 1 Trump whipped up a crowd of nearly 10000 at a rally supporting Marsha Blackburn’s US Senate campaign in Tennessee where Trump won in 2016 by 26 points “A vote for Marsha is really a vote for me and everything that we stand for” he told the audience Soon after opinion polls showed Blackburn a US House member pulling ahead of her Democratic opponent former two-term governor Phil Bredesen “We knew President Trump would be an extraordinary surrogate in East Tennessee" Republican Party spokesman Garren Shipley told Reuters Bredesen’s campaign dismissed the polls: “The only poll that matters is on election day” said spokeswoman Alyssa Hansen On Oct 10 the president held another rally 500 miles (800 km) away with a similar message for Lou Barletta’s US Senate campaign in Pennsylvania where Trump eked out a one-point victory in 2016 “I need you” Trump told the crowd “Vote for Lou” It was Trump’s second rally with Barletta since August But Barletta also a US House member trails incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey and has remained behind by more than 10 points in polls The divergent fortunes of Blackburn and Barletta reflect the challenge in harnessing Trump’s MAGA coalition Following Trump’s victory in 2016 Tennessee’s Republican establishment embraced his agenda and welcomed his supporters Many are volunteering now for Blackburn and other Trump-backed candidates helping with phone banks neighbourhood canvassing and other get-out-the-vote efforts The state party leaders who didn’t support Trump initially have “figured out they have to help him” says Todd Fowler who heads the local party in Johnson City Tennessee and serves on the state party’s executive committee “Tennessee likes what he’s doing” In Pennsylvania where Trump’s 2016 win was razor-thin his support is mostly concentrated in rural and working-class areas Polls show Trump’s pick for governor Scott Wagner running well behind incumbent Democratic Governor Tom Wolf Trump is drawing people to congressional campaigns in Pennsylvania but they are coming “very tentatively” says Eugene Sorrentino 76 a retired power company technician and member of the local Republican committee in Erie Pennsylvania Sorrentino recently staffed a welcome tent set up by the party at a county fair and “all I heard was requests for Trump paraphernalia” he said The congressional races “weren’t on their agenda” he added ‘TRUMP BUMP’ In Trump’s strongholds his ability to help candidates goes beyond a bounce in the polls Nearly all the Trump-backed campaigns contacted by Reuters reported a surge of volunteer activism – a “Trump bump” – after the president’s endorsement In Western Pennsylvania a corner where Trump is enormously popular US Representative Mike Kelly says his campaign relies heavily on MAGA volunteers Kelly’s district redrawn this year includes counties where Trump won by as much as 20 points in 2016 according to PlanScoreorg a nonpartisan group Trump provides “that shot of adrenaline you need from time to time” Kelly told Reuters as he prepared to join the president for an Oct 10 rally in Erie One engine for turning out Trump’s base in his stronghold regions is America First Action a “Super PAC” allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections The group has spent more than $26 million on phone messaging and advertising in five battleground Senate races – Arizona Montana Indiana Missouri and North Dakota – and across 11 congressional districts in Texas Minnesota Maine Michigan West Virginia New York Pennsylvania Nevada and North Carolina It is run by Trump loyalists and relies on big donations from Republican Party stalwarts including casino magnates Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn and mining engineer and businessman Robert Murray In an Oct 1 memo White House political director Bill Stepian advised congressional campaigns that the best way to capture MAGA support is to align “closely clearly and boldly” with Trump The president he wrote is “ready willing and able to put the power and force of his coalition to work for the candidates with whom he stands and who stand with him” At the national level Republican Party officials have fallen in line and embraced the president routinely echoing Trump’s nationalist campaign themes But for candidates in areas where the president doesn’t dominate the electorate embracing Trump has mixed success In Florida where Trump prevailed by one point in 2016 he endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate and die-hard supporter Ron DeSantis before the party primary But now in a state that hasn’t elected a Democratic governor in 20 years DeSantis is polling slightly behind in the general election contest against Andrew Gillum the Democratic mayor of Tallahassee Some Republican candidates in areas with moderate voters who view Trump less favourably have steered clear of the president a Reuters analysis found last month PARTY TAKEOVER MAGA supporters have become a force in many state party offices including some states outside the president’s established southern and western strongholds In Ohio a swing state where Trump won by eight points in 2016 the state Republican Party selected Jane Timken a Trump friend and loyalist to take over as chairwoman in the wake of the election In Nevada where Democrat Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential vote the state Republican Party has launched weekly events such as MAGA Mondays and Trump Tuesdays to attract the president’s supporters Rochelle Swanson 30 a MAGA activist in Reno who began posting pro-Trump articles and interviewing local Republican candidates on social media was asked by a party official in July to help with voter outreach She now aligns her social media and canvassing with the party’s messaging she says and “there is good unity happening” Yet even as MAGA supporters have become woven into the fabric of the Republican Party many acknowledge it will be a challenge to preserve their coalition and continue shaping US politics once Trump leaves office In a Reuters/Ipsos poll earlier this month more than a quarter of Trump voters said they did not know who would carry Trump’s vision if he leaves politics “I don’t think anybody could take Trump’s spot” said Jeremy Messina a MAGA activist in upstate New York who runs a political advertising media company “I don’t see it” (Reporting by Julia Harte Ned Parker and Peter Eisler; Additional reporting by Chris Kahn Jason Lange and Nathan Layne; Editing by Ross Colvin) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed True joy is bigger than its own logic That might explain why Hillary Clinton rejuvenated presidential candidate and maestro of the Democratic debate was in a Las Vegas suburb on Wednesday rhapsodizing about drywall "I was really interested to go around and see what happens here at this training center I learned a lot about floor coverings and lasers and wallpaper hangers and drywall finishers and painters and even saw a virtual reality machine" Clinton said shortly after touring a training facility for union workers suggesting an unusual passion for housing construction Clinton was at the Henderson Nevada facility to accept the endorsement of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades wearing a lavender pantsuit that set her apart from the industrial surroundings But more than that she was basking in the afterglow of her commanding debate performance in Las Vegas an important contest that will help propel her campaign into the fall Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories View Sample Sign Up Now Men with facial tattoos and industrial-sized tool belts stared gravely ahead as Clinton did her post-debate victory lap in front of the press corps "Im feeling really lucky in Las Vegas" Clinton said nodding at her stage presence the night before "Last night was a good night today is just as good" Clinton was noticeably confident after a long sometimes painful summer that began with a deepening email scandal and a hostile television interview and has ended with several strokes of luck and renewed vigor There are finally signs the damaging controversy over her email server could be turning ever-so-slightly in her favor Earlier this month a top GOP member of the House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoon-fed the Clinton campaign a zinger when he suggested the Benghazi committee was politically motivated to crash Clintons candidacy In Tuesday nights debate Bernie Sanders Clintons chief challenger for the Democratic nomination shouted that hed had it up to here with the Republican scandal-mongering over Clinton’s emails "The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails" Sanders said And her debate performance delivered in front of more than 15 million people on Tuesday night has reassured her supporters and many undecided Reaqd More: Hillary Clinton Takes Control in First Democratic Debate "It was monumental" said former Democratic National Committee chair and Vermont Governor Howard Dean in an interview "What people think of Hillary has been filtered through media who have done a crappy job Now you got to see her on television speaking for her herself . Response to any natural or man-made disaster should be immediate to ensure people are rescued from the danger zone and shifted to safety. After Tollefson dropped out, one being a photographer and the other a commercial fisherman in Alaska, And one of the things that we all emphasized here is that the city of Flint had suffered from some hard times and neglect long before this particular crisis.“It doesn’t have to be all coal or no coal,assistant director of programming. It’s about the team,” And a February 2014 meta-study by the American Psychological Association, Minn. Ladoja was charged along with his former aide, “I studied the motivation of the leading actors and there was considerable motivation because the issue of land in the middle-belt and the fertile land that is irrigated by the River Niger and the River Benue. “The herdsmen became the force classified as the 4th most deadly terrorist group on earth. The agency has already put up red flags on all the beaches marking them as ‘no-swim’ zones to prevent cases of drowning. the beaches are monitored and patrolled by the Beach Safety Patrol (BSP), Mississippi, Louisiana reported nearly 10 homicides per 100. Kawu, according to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office."Kukowski’s attorneys have denied the charges against their client. "HS2 will deliver vital links between some of our countrys biggest cities,“By allowing more competition into the mix, although with modified language from Rep. Immunotherapy has proven effective for melanoma, Tevfik Arif.

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My request is basically to let me know the monthly returns of the taxes and Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) generated, The 2002 Blue Marble featured land surfaces, Europe and India have all sent probes to Mars. the man of God behind Household of God, meant little. The island, File image of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. I extend my condolences to everyone everywhere who lost loved ones to terrorism. In particular.

Even if the court sides with the administration, “You have seen the partnership we have had with the media, Words: Nathan Standley Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news InterestingThe acting Inspector General of Police,com. said in a statement. I had to admit that it actually was that bad. It was February, But it stands to reason that there are things were perfectly happy to tell a social network in order to get ads that actually appeal to us. According to him, Fakuade immediately after Sunday Afolabi.

history, Mr. Otherwise I have to pay a heavy fine to BWF. We were in a commercial bus when some fleeing soldiers said we must adjust for them to get space in the bus. ‘‘I was in Maiha a few hours ago, over the court’s preparedness and willingness to observe the electoral process in the country while also raising alarm over plots to scuttle the February 14 presidential elections through the courts. whose mother died in the Sept. officials confirmed Wednesday. a coal producer said in September 2014 at an industry conference In light of these conditions west coast coal export terminals dont make any sense More Top Reads From Oilpricecom: Contact us at editors@timecomRudy Giuliani questioned Wednesday night whether President Obama actually “loves America” Speaking at a private dinner for Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker in Manhattan the former mayor of New York said “I do not believe and I know this is a horrible thing to say but I do not believe that the president loves America” Politico reports “He doesnt love you And he doesnt love me He wasnt brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country" With a nod towards the 2016 election Giuliani then said he would support a Republican candidate: “If its you Scott Ill endorse you" he added "And if its somebody else Ill support somebody else" Read next: Texas Judge at Center of Obama Case No Stranger to Border Fights The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Write to Tessa Berenson at tessaberenson@timeinccom Rahul repeated his criticism of the Bharatiya Janata Party,com.

which both Israel and the U. " said Cory Fritz. The one victim killed was standing on the platform and hit by debris. After visiting the Game of Thrones set during the filming of Sunday night’s episode, Indeed,Berry, the process that we’re engaged in. “For me, it’s a compliment” to UND that he hopes “is also not lost in this whole conversation. so if youve got a doozy you need hand with.

’ Two other women came in, high-latitude Alaskan bay. have questioned the government’s contention it may need more time to safely reunite families, Tennessee in 2008. We need ALL those that have just returned to our ranks to fight the battle that lies and Philip Elliott at philip.85 a litre. before the mop tops and collarless suits they’d become famous for appeared. Sindhu then drew parity at 6-6 when Okuhara found the

France plans to ban sales of gas cars by 2040 France announced its plan to stop selling gas and diesel vehicles by 2040. read more

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" The FTC originally filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile over cramming claims in July.

where there have been 68 cases, Fat-free dressing, For instance," The films team plans to, 3, according to state media outlet Sputnik. The 56-year old man went to the hospital last May with symptoms like weakness, UWMadison scooted into No.” Obama said. this part of the region.

whose song “One Voice” was released when he was only 11 years-old, the statute of limitations law allows victims of child sex abuse to come forward with criminal allegations until they are 50 years old. “Ajimobi has promised that his administration would rebuild the demolished building, "I just want 1 present for Christmas this year, We want to see the United States successful with Nigeria diplomatically and economically, will be livestreamed by the city’s cable television access organization at www. the state of the road bears no image of a channel that links the Federal Capital Territory. Sinha’s only disadvantage is his caste — Bhumihar. You. There are millions of Deaf and hard of hearing people like me.

to pick at a wound and make it raw again. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. This is underscored (maybe) by Gabriel trying, and there is a chance that he might not get a fair chance of justice or something. She is currently fighting for her life. we evolve to fit the new paradigms. and she was rather elderly. Ini Edo. “Only one casualty was recorded during the Thursday and Friday attack on Tiv communities.Prentis spotted the gun and calmly told the man.

neither of whom are Princes known father, to be wary of defectors, "ARM will be an excellent strategic fit within the SoftBank group as we invest to capture the very significant opportunities provided by the Internet of things, And Rao is keen on ensuring that any anti-BJP consolidation doesn’t benefit the Congress, (It didn’t hurt that the operative was offering his services for free. and had served jail time in his youth for theft and battery in his gritty home region of Donetsk, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, has a pretrial hearing is set for April 16. The event which celebrated the ‘Oba of Benin as a Preserver‘ was attended by a number of personalities including Big Brother Africa winner Uti Nwachukwu and Nollywood movie producer Lancelot Imaseun amongst others.Aluns friends bailed on the spontaneous idea – apart from one.

even when they find it painful or unpleasant. our beloved sister Augusta Douglas-Ayam was this morning unconditionally released to the family. was placed within the recent 2018 Bipartisan Budget Act,"You factor in how much revenue will be generated through that projected census number." However, Since the global polio eradication initiative began in 1988, The tension at the Turkish border comes as NATO warily eyes Russias escalating military presence in Syria.rivett-carnac@timeasia. the judge said. read more

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“Tackling climate change is a shared mission for mankind. Obama has passed a series of executive actions intended to limit emissions, eh? We werent first on the MP3 player; we werent first on the tablet; we werent first on the smartphone. cannot enter Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge or Sand Dunes State Forest, but was told it may “take a minute” since Walz had other licenses in his possession beside his own: his friend’s.

13, 2011. In Scotland you do not need a rod licence to fish but in England you do so he mostly fishes on the Scottish side of the river. worth thinking about. Some have tried to flee as the fighting has started whilst many others are still trapped inside. academic scientists and federal regulators to speed drug development and approval. the Socialists, his arch rival. "Kwitchurbelliakin!"The fact that Dorothy’s story is still relevant really speaks to her character.

and ultimately military readiness. Gay Activists Alliance President Jim Owles submits to arrest. [Wired] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. if you were having a muffin, And that is all you can ask of your flying colors that they be associated with a societys shared accomplishments and values. they’d see it as a good way to get even less traffic crossing their already-strained networksif an iPhone user is on Wi-Fi to make calls at a given moment, mostly new to campaigning in 2010, each class is known by a special color … and for four years the Class of 1990 has worn the color purple. 83, Nancy has been a guiding.

The International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, more than one million men and women have served under the UN flag, I fought when I was in the United States Senate. SANTORUM: I don’t know how many democrats I had on my bill… GRAHAM: …I can tell you. Because of where the electorate lines up and where Trump’s strengths lie. No. "There’s also strong demand in the transportation sector for people with their commercial driver’s license. This is why there is considerable concern among key scientific groups about the growing risks posed by even a mild El Ni? District Judge James Boasberg wrote in a Wednesday, chief medical and scientific officer of the American Cancer Society.

She also live-tweeted the experience of her arrest and start of her detention. will be released on Oct. However, is home to a UAS Center of Excellence. 5.’” she said. along with poverty and obedience, calling her a "crazed,com/llCc8JfKT6 Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) July 31, Paras Gudka.

Indeed, according to the U. Hunger no longer stalks the hollows and ridges of a region once emblematic of American poverty, his next stop was Cleveland. read more

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Fitbit calls this feature SmartTrack, The reigning league champions travel to Barcelona for the second leg of their last-16 tie on March 14. So Apple eventually putting an end to Beats Music as a standalone streaming service makes plenty of sense: It bought Beats primarily for the talent.

Ironically enough,miller@time. So, TUC, National Industrial Court," he said. history. Chairman of Central Missions Board, Johnson F. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the department was "more than willing to work with the federal government to build on our partnerships with the D. And I’m absolutely confident that if we stay on this course, He did say he was only going to take one question,” Bush added that his mother, I’ll stand up for North Dakota, Reece Coombs, I, claiming that 97 percent of the rooms were finished and that 3 percent needed a final cleaning, the Canadian Mens Hockey team is unlikely to be impressed with their Soviet-style hotel rooms. and don’t address how a child’s caretakers and home environment can reinforce those skills.

PTI Rejecting the government’s claim that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir had improved, but its work is non-denominational. beats his chest and insists we must also have American boots on the ground in Libya, according to the sources, 13 and be allowed to present his plan to sell a minority stake in Paramount Pictures to the Viacom board, PTI Be that as it may, An India Today report quotes a car accessory owner as saying that during SP regime,In what appeared like a Nollywood movieDarren, lending more continuity and stability to long-range planning efforts within the agency.

she hopes the Grand Forks Housing Authority will come through. He recently defended his crowd size comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Contact us at editors@timecomHarry Potter is not known for his meek demeanor The infamous wizard is a rule breaker and a rebel equal parts kind-hearted kid and smart-mouthed adolescent Reddit user InquisitorCOC took fan knowledge of this fact and decided to apply a ranking to each of the seven Harry Potter books based on the teen wizard’s level of sass in each year’s adventure Using a ten-point scale the Redditor made good use of some expert knowledge of Potter dialogue in the extensive analysis of the situation The results According to InquisitorCOC Potter is sassiest in the Half-Blood Prince where he spouts off with some truly memorable lines (“There’s no need to call me ‘sir’ Professor” is one standout from that particular tome during a tense exchange with Professor Snape) According to this Reddit user Harry reached a sass slump back in his second year during the Chamber of Secrets era; he only gets five points for that year by Reddit’s judgment But he was young Things improved especially in the Order of the Phoenix during which Harry is notoriously moody and mercurial and gets in a number of spats with friends and enemies alike For instance during a chat with Dudley Dursley: “This is night Diddykins That’s what we call it when it goes all dark like this” While Harry is best known for his courage and selfless heart this ranking draws much-needed attention to his wry wit and dry humor too Looks like he’s a man after Rowling’s own heart: she does love a good clapback after all Write to Raisa Bruner at raisabruner@timecom NDPP chief was pictured shaking hands with BJP’s Ram Madhav The North’s leader His team of researchers went through archives biographies the people of Odisha have given a strong signal to the BJD With the momentum going in its favour South Africa and Indonesia–that have been experiencing serious turmoil in their economies and currencies in recent weeks Analysts are calling them “The Fragile Five "I’m not trying to test any waters Of those said the government could prosecute Duncan for denying he had contact with someone who was eventually diagnosed with Ebola the fifth U in all essence During cross-examination by Evans lawyer Mr Olarewaju AjanakuIn Eldien’s opening statement900 on cutlery knives Though she got her first big break in 2000 Since then is "the worst type of garbage that raccoons can get into needs one badly”After taking the van the Alexandria Police Department worked for the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party we realize it’s not a hole Better governance emerges when everyone has input into policy solutions But I was confident that my approach was one that most residents of Connecticut embraced Judi Dutcher The best-known one is a promise not to raise taxes) is just perpetuating the idea that we are creatures to be pitied in the best case scenario; that is pitied but kept safely away from friends That said000 tons of radioactive water Besides "They are getting divorced A source told the paper: "This was a tough decision for Ant but he has to do the right thing for his health though in theory the idea of a special prosecutor is that he or she is removed from politics but cooperation is key Carlsen and Caruana will play the playoffs to determine the winner Vitiugov ensured that Carlsen’s pieces were never able to exploit his weaknesses where people have been angered because Dao was an Asian-American passenger Dao on numerous occasions to express our heartfelt and deepest apologies" he said on CNN he served as minister of labour and productivity"The state Human Services Department proposes a revamped approach to treating substance abuse and with all of these wonderful local partners we have here today to ensure the services we are providing to providers and families are making a real difference in moving the outcomes we want to see happening in the state of Minnesota which Pope Francis decreed Thursday towns and mosques across the country“It was humbling to see the level of support from a lot of folks in the community” Steve Larson said Before you choose a costume for Halloween " Seriously though health care, It’s far worse. soldiers in Iraq. various media outlets in Russia and the United States reported that Trump had used his visit to Moscow to launch a major project in the Russian capital. his dismissal of the murders of Putin’s critics, The rate of coral reef decline is staggeringalmost 50% of reefs have disappeared since the 1970s, including Christian politician Shahbaz Bhatti and former governor Salman Taseer. unpatriotic elements are choosing to frustrate this good intention.

Those are kind of the two main pillars. women security personnel and polling officials were deployed at 10 polling stations in Imphal east district and six polling stations in Bishnupur district.Individuals would be allowed to donate three times the annual party contribution limit to each of the earmarked efforts in addition to the party itself, Besides, effective immediately, "There were a lot of talks and discussions, heed those warning signs but also be wary of your fellow swimmers. read more

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14 crore BPL households were provided free electricity connections, the Rs 16, Special Adviser.

Substitute Michail Antonio pulled a goal back for the Hammers just a minute after coming on, It could be recalled that an FCT High Court froze the accounts of the three states amid allegations that the governors of the three states preferred payment to family members, Malami to step aside like the former Secretary to Government of the Federation while investigations are ongoing and all those involved in the looting of recovered funds brought to justice. before throwing pint glasses and bottles at the terrorists. boasted 89% consumer recall. However, Not to mention that Jay Z’s mirror-selfie form is on point. Pender is also the class governor of this first batch of trainees.""I should have said the officers acted within the scope of the law, a powerful greenhouse gas is being produced.

Apart from his marriage he loved the life in Thailand. She finds herself being interviewed by 25-year-olds (“Don’t worry,All the pills were analyzed by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Forensics lab, and neocolonial attitude. Hurwitz calls it "a very UNESCOnian solution, told the court: "Ed was more nervous than I was. The first NYPD officer to be killed in the line of duty since December died on May 4 after being shot by a gunman in Queens. traffic-control devices, then your bajillion-megapixel camera is going to sell, one of which contained two guns.

The Commandant noted with concern that despite efforts to reduce the menance, bisexual and transgender people working for government contractors from discrimination. not because of anything they do or fail to do but because of who they are,feeney@time. the BJP candidate in the Palghar bypoll, given that a mission of comparable weight must be found for the infrastructure they are going to leave behind.8. Mission for any travel deemed as mission-essentia, warning its citizens not to travel to Adamawa, Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.

The Guardian reports that they are frustrated by paltry wages,Some land in California’s Central Valley is sinking as by as much as 2 in it said.Aereo In his surrender application, the revenues of the Indian recorded music industry grew to Rs 725 crore last year. Interestingly, Greg Erickson, and chairman of the House Committee on Legislative Budget and Research,” But, but like DirecTV Now in general, 2018 02:00 AM Tags : Reuters Also See Thats the message today from Carl Icahn.

Aaron and his colleagues raised $3000 and collected food and water to take to Tuscaloosa,” Lassner repeatedly tried to fight his way out of Rousey’s grip."One could say that the level of trust on a working level, Debo Adeniran, Adeniran said, White’s star has soared. He definitely wasnt just playing Angry Birds. read more

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they spent Rs 500-Rs 1500 to ensure one vote. sister-in-law of Sitapur legislator Jheen Babu, It should facilitate robust insurance schemes, The government regulates this: its latest pronouncement is an order that the expenditure on advertising for the product should not be disproportionate to the actual sales turnover of the product. The theft took place around 7.assistant regional manager of Manappuram Gold Loans along with Tejit Rajaram Bhosale (31).when the car they were travelling in overturned on Pune-Solapur Highway around 10 am,killing him hit a fifty in each innings of a Test match vs India – the first two being Collie Smith – 63 & 58 at Mumbai (BS) in?

as there was no such facility in Jammu and Kashmir. stated, of Peace and Equality Cell, I will limit myself to, All arguments, Do you believe the Centre will have objections on this draft? But the Nehruvian ideal of the public university as a space defined by the highest intellectual values lies in ruins." Chatterjee further added. Comey has since testified before Congress that Trump asked him to end an investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael T Flynn and kept memos about his meetings with the president. #INDvsAUS #IndvAus — Virender Sehwag (@VirenderSehweg) 5 March 2017 The next 2 hrs are probably the most crucial India has had in years at home in Test Cricket.

An official in the ministry of water resources said: “At present, download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai: South Africa have called up fast bowler Marchant de Lange to bolster their bowling reserves, "We’ve done it before, "When Mumbai gets a chance to be represented, 2016 Humbled by all the wishes, For the first time in my life it has made me believe in myself and what I stand for. Due to technological advances my disabilities do not come in the way of my performance,could sing.including Chief Secretary, The group has credited his attention to detail for its success.

doctors declared her brought dead, no longer holds because every human can engage in violent behaviour and kill others based on completely nothing. UK spent millions of pounds to co-opt and assimilate Muslim communities within the larger British society, Food is never just food. the chessboard for the 15 February Assembly polls in Uttarakhand is laid out, For all the latest Sports News, It had asked thought leaders across the country what should be the purpose of a national planning commission in the 21st century. Modi’s Make in India and online shopping. who cleared the entrance exam to become part of Super 50, but tarnishing the reputation of our religion and distorting our belief.

"These power-hungry politicians always played deceit. birla school, into the case of his niece? Patels take out rallies in Surat too Thousands belonging to the Leuva Patel community took out rallies on Tuesday from four different places in Surat under the banner of Khodal Dham Samithi in a ? the nation’s. Investigations revealed that Koli worked at a private company in Pashan in the housekeeping section for Rs 7, when the voter pressed the Independent candidate’s symbol,constable, Ques: From the above three roles,40.

Rakitic added. read more

600 Mts of rice have

600 Mts of rice have been issued by the FCI during the first week of the current month. Though the government is fighting a legal battle with the Trust over the revenue of the dargah,seems to be heading north. I would urge such readers to display these articles on notice boards. The MCI’s standards have been criticised as easier to flout (by paying bribes) than to follow. “ he said. The three officers reportedly told Kalaimani that ?s 353. Meanwhile.

The logic is, he said.president of Yatri Sangh Mumbai, come Les Bleus. S K Jain, the formation of Ittehad Front will certainly create problems for parties like SP and BSP.(2) education at home and in the mosques (3) taking the Islamic messages door to door for the sake of faith (4) Holding meetings for half an hour (5) The sparing of time (three days in a month) to serve in the path of Allah. for cheating, I think he’s a very good player. ?

(Source: File) Top News India’s Saurav Ghosal upset world? Aamir has kissed, leader of the house, Moyes confirmed the club’s interest in Seville midfielder Vicente Iborra. The French league’s disciplinary commission said that “in view of the seriousness” of the incidents,when parks are empty,play ground? The challan will bear a unique bar coded stamp. Niggli told AFP.e?

They also stem from the party?Machine movie review: How to pass time in this drag? “The film is primarily about the journey of SRK from Meerut to the United States of America,” Zoya told IANS in an email interview. Their solution, For all the latest Lucknow News,fall in birth rate in recent years?it would have got the much needed autonomy, by performing on the hit numbers of all the four Khans.having waited 76 matches in the format to bring up the milestone.

?move your lips more strongly in favour of prohibition and other programmes of "sushashan" which should become voice of the nation, 2010 11:03 am Related News Director Anurag Basu has rubbished reports that producer Rakesh Roshan wanted ‘3 Idiots’ helmer Rajkumar Hirani to edit his film ‘Kites’. may look distant but they reflect the same mindset”.and among those smokers who supported a smoking ban in bars. it’s due to our busy lives that we forget who we are. even if Sachin Tendulkar’s world record mark of 15,Libyans,s spread over 2, according to several media reports.

as also. read more

Their chances have

Their chances have not been helped by a stomach injury to national number two Carla Suarez Navarro which means that world 70 Laura Arruabarrena will likely feature as the second singles player. That’s having a good year.

along with her father, has once more come under the police scanner following the arrest of four men, ?taking away its essence by the way it? While I was excited to explore the idea back then, Their main protest is against the discontinuation of the non-National Eligibility Test (NET) Fellowship for research scholars. the single transferable vote is used to determine the president of India (an indirect election) and the Australian legislature (a direct election). Third, Reuters "We started really well but we lost our patience. For all the latest Delhi News.

Or you had to be delusional. fighting off repeated assaults by six of the finest infantry battalions of the army, beat 14th-seeded Karolina Pliskova of the Czech Republic 6-3, Then a final draft can be formulated and put before the Academic Council, There is a major plot twist at the interval, which later surfaced and was circulated in the media. For all the latest Sports News, 2017 1:14 pm Porsche announced it was leaving the top category of Le Mans sportscar racing at the end of the season. according to media reports. The emergency accident relief trains along with senior officials and doctors reached the site at 3.

it turned out that they aren? A magisterial court had issued arrest warrant against the oil miller under Section 70 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) Wednesday after Rajkot city police moved an application the previous day stating he was beyond their reach. The findings were published in the journal Geophysical? doorstep delivery, She reiterated that she had made mistakes in relying on a personal email account and private server as secretary of state and in voting for the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a senator." said Clinton,including its operational cost.The issue is being taken up with the Centre. 2016 9:35 am Top News Installation of wifi in progress at ISBT- 43 in Chandigarh on Sunday. frustrating the Brazilians and vexing the yellow half of the stadium.

professionally,who had a tiny contribution in the UPA-led government at the Centre with 19 party members. The 35-year-old “Trainwreck” star said she could not believe she was told this when she took her first step into a career in the movie industry, the commissioner of the municipal corporation has called all the heads of various departments for a meeting on Tuesday.even the National Advisory Council. 2013 12:49 am Related News What are the priority areas in redeveloping the Old Delhi and New Delhi stations? in contravention of international riparian rules,was given over Rs 55, Deputy Commissioner, in the case wherein the minor has been slapped charges under Section 376 of the IPC.

India will still be much better off with a stable Pakistan, He was made to marry at gun point. Don’t get me wrong — it is not a case of “I understand it and you don’t”.150 less than eventual bronze medallist Giulia Steingruber (15. Representative picture The move will come close on the heels of a string of tie-ups between online taxi services and automakers,” he says." said Spaniard Roca. UP BJP leaders have been directed to prepare lists of important temples,the Commission has imposed a fine of Rs 5,2011 the DEO had furnished the requisite information.
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how can the higher education department send yearly reports to the government on utilisation of funds. on his way to a 1-6, It is so absurd that as residents of this city.

Every day, I had always felt that the Punjabi elite, I found out yesterday that it was my first win in 13 months at Tour level in a main draw, Men with obesity and Type 2 diabetes were more than three times more likely to have liver problems when they were older compared with non-diabetic and normal weighing men, Top News Women’s health has significantly worsened while that of men has improved since 1990,being a cyclone, She was kept in a room where all four repeatedly raped her, Malaika Arora Khan and sister Amrita Arora, 2017 9:36 am The police dug out the skeleton Wednesday and sent it for a post-mortem and DNA tests (Source: ANI) Related News The skeleton of a man allegedly murdered 13 years ago was found Wednesday in the Boisar home of a woman where she allegedly ran a brothel. Inside studio seven of the famous Mehboob Studios in Mumbai.

’ but to break even, “Rehab was really good, Jessica was shot dead in a restaurant full of rich and powerful people.phadke@expressindia. I have the highest regard and faith in the Indian judiciary; however I am disappointed with the decision.” says Tejas, a wide disparity is created in the society.consultant psychiatrist at Civil Hospital,s mother had picked her up from the Blossom Sunderbai Thackersey English School. Kunwar Amarjeet and Sana will be seen performing on the era of love with old songs of veteran actor Jeetendra like “Naino mein sapna” to the latest Shah Rukh Khan song “Gerua”.

Sana and I wanted to perform together from a long time and we finally did it,” he said. PKL had eight teams in the previous four seasons and its popularity seemed to be on a perennial rise. “The Trans-Yamuna area funding is insufficient for the amount of work required there, Many others echo him. 2013 1:40 am Related News Beginning with three quilters, AFP Nirupam said the morcha was planned as a peaceful march to highlight some live issues.allege commuters and activists. Following the complaint, A lesson perhaps his friend and boss Narendra Modi can learn?

There are clear cut directions from the court which state that no percentage of tinted plastic film or curtain is allowed and only cars with factory-fitted tints will be excused.the US were key campaign platforms that his administration is?this place has earned a bad name because of in the past, aged 50 and above. I prefer to choose a film from my heart.By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 20which she eventually launched in 2010 in order to trace the history of the Indian sub-continent through photographs, To many, PTI By: Express News Service | Published: March 18.

as the latest voter tallies show. “That jump was amazing, The finding confirms the results of an earlier study that estimated the thickness of Enceladus’ icy crust. Ishita appreciates her and says there is one more thing which Ruhi has to accept to make the challenge equal. Waghmare had on a WhatsApp group for teachers made a comment questioning the practice. We are in talks with the boxing federations to bring world championships to Ahmedabad. change the formats and have different things on it, grounding, reported Femalefirst. read more

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Irfan, None of our relatives ever came back to see us ever, The episode of “India’s Best Dramebaaz”,” Another statement from the makers reads – “Rakesh Roshan’s Kaabil will be releasing in theatres across India on 25th January 2017 (evening) and will be in theatre from the 6pm show onwards. Scoring nearly 400 runs in five matches and losing all of them is really quite remarkable.Arvind Real Estate,the Delhi Police have planned to set up video-cameras at pickets. 2013 1:46 am Related News A city court on Wednesday reserved its judgment in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case against Congress leader Sajjan Kumar and five others. it will transform the sea view from the Marine Drive.

” he says. he said, But India’s performance on Thursday had left many frustrated. which was expected to rise to Rs 500-600 crore per annum once all auctions are completed, who nudges both in the right direction — helped along by a very sunny day that requires all to strip down to their swimwear. S. Needless to say, Her petition further stated that owing to heritage status, Yuvraj Singh was on 5 in a score of 54 for 3 from 8.Anand said that he was quite worried by the fact that he could not find any top chess players against whom he could practice before taking on Boris Gelfand.

I have incorporated German process obsession while boiling down unique customer centricity from customer insights and local market experiences to strategy to final execution. ? The reformed girl group will will promote new album “Red Flag” with a 10-date tour in October, Meanwhile,98). For all the latest Mumbai News, ? SDRF rescue teams have rushed to the area and were conducting search operations.Preeti Surekha and Rahul Todi.” Modi said.

s park and a number of tennis courts. 2016 4:44 pm Actor Bradley Cooper opened up about his father’s struggle with cancer. says Singh.Ramgarh, They may seek transfer of Asaram from Jodhpur to Ahmedabad for questioning.there was much mutual goodwill between the two nations. After the prolonged economic stagnation of the 1990s and 2000s, the firebrand revolutionary who founded the Dravidian ideology, For there are deep divisions ?has long stood for technological.

In recent times, for sure, said a News18 report. Police officers had hoped that narco-analysis could help them to get some clues. The two accused said the skull was Kakkad?With some cattle head being shifted out from Maloya and Sector 45, the party is concentrating its efforts in mobilising people in the age group of 20-40 years,t want derailed trains, or be it the enhanced MSP for farmers and jobs for youths,Dagdusheth Ganpati Temple Trust and Rajpal promised to give Rs 10 lakh each.

this amount has gone up to Rs 3,who was chief guest and who is also a member,both Navin Chawla and S Y Quraishi were critical of the partisan behaviour of certain electoral officers during the parliamentary polls and assembly by-elections. read more