N.Y. Liberty Honor Becky Hammon

first_imgNEW YORK — The New York Liberty honored former star Becky Hammon, putting the San Antonio Spurs assistant coach in their ring of honor Sunday at halftime of their game against the Seattle Storm.Hammon helped the Liberty reach the WNBA Finals three times, including getting New York within a game of the championship in 1999. She played for New York from 1999-2006 and ranks second in franchise history for games played and 3-pointers made, and is third on New York’s career scoring list.The 5-foot-6 guard went on to play eight more seasons in San Antonio before retiring at the end of last year. She then joined the Spurs’ staff as the first full-time paid female assistant coach in the NBA.She coached the Spurs to a summer league title in Las Vegas last month. TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Hunting for a software guru at ESC Minneapolis 2017

first_img Log in to Reply “Alternatively, you could use one of your Simblee boards that you talked about so glowingly a couple years ago. nnhttp://www.embedded.com/electronics-blogs/max-unleashed-and-unfettered/4441054/Creating-IoT-Devices-You-Can-Control-With-Your-Smartpho I need to find myself a software guru. As I discussed in my recent column — Fine-Tuning Arduino Sketches: H/W or S/W? — I’m a hardware design engineer by trade, so my knee-jerk reaction to any problem is to look for a hardware solution.As an example, when I’m creating an Arduino sketch to control lighting effects, I may wish to experiment with different combinations of values for things like colors, transition speeds, display times, and suchlike. Until now, I’ve either hard-coded the values into my programs using #define statements (which means I have to perform numerous edit-compile cycles to compare effects), or I’ve created a hardware control panel comprising a bunch of switches and potentiometers.As a case in point, consider my current project du jour , which is a 12-digit countdown timer. In order to make this interesting, I’m planning on incorporating a variety of effects. For example, check out this video showing a first-pass randomizing effect.This really is a rudimentary implementation. It simply involves generating a series of random numbers (50 in this example) with a delay between them (10ms in this example), and then pausing for a second on the final value before doing the whole thing all over again.There are all sorts of things we could play with here. For example, we could start by transitioning (generating and displaying random numbers) at a certain rate and maintain this rate for some period we might call the sustain time. Then we could gradually slow down over a period we might call the decay time until we halt on the final value.(Source: Max Maxfield) In this case, using the hard-coded-values approach makes it a pain to compare and fine-tune different combinations of variables, not the least that — by the time you’ve performed the edit and compile and re-started the program — you’ve forgotten what the previous version looked like. Thus, I decided to throw together a hardware-based control panel using physical switches and potentiometers. The image below shows the backside of this panel in the process of being wired-up.(Source: Max Maxfield) However, my chum Ivan in the next bay has alerted me to the fact that there might be a software-based solution. Ivan’s idea is to use the Arduino to draw a text-based menu system in a Serial Terminal window, and to then use the host computer keyboard to select variables of interest and modify their values.The Arduino IDE does include a Serial Monitor, but this is somewhat limited. The ideal solution would be to use a Serial Terminal that supports VT100 escape codes. Ivan has actually done this as a special one-off solution for one of his own projects, but he says it can be a bit tricky to get everything working together.To cut a long story short, what I want to be able to do is something like the following:Download a free VT100-capable Serial Terminal application and install it on my PC.Download a free JavaScript app that will runs in my browser app (let’s call this the “JS-DIY-Menu” app).Download a “DIY-Menu” library for the Arduino.Now, when I’m creating an Arduino program, I would #include the DIY-Menu library and then write the code to draw and service my particular menu.After uploading and running the program on the Arduino, instead of clicking the Serial Monitor icon in the Arduino’s IDE, I would launch the JS-DIY-Menu app. In turn, this would automatically determine which COM port the Arduino was using, launch the VT100-capable Serial Terminal application, place it in VT100 mode, and connect it to the Arduino.At this point, the Arduino would draw my menu on the screen, after which I could use my keyboard to select menu items and vary/specify parameters.So, I know what I want, I just don’t know how to achieve it. What I need to do is talk to a software guru who has a clue, but where are we going to find one at this time of the day?Wanted: A master of the mystic software arts (Source: pixabay.com) I was mulling this poser over when I thought to myself: “Hang on, ESC Minneapolis is only a few weeks away!” (The Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Minneapolis 2017 will be held November 8-9 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.)I’m now performing my Happy Dance because past experience has taught me that whenever I have any sort of hardware or software conundrum, someone at ESC will be happy to point me in the right direction.Are you planning on attending ESC Minneapolis? If so, perhaps I’ll see you there and we can chat about my software menu poser. If you don’t see me wandering around, then I’ll be giving a couple of presentations at the ESC Engineering Theater, and these presentations will be open to anyone to attend so long as they are flaunting a Free Expo Pass (all you have to do is register). I’ll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt. As always, all you have to do is shout “Max, Beer!” or “Max, Bacon!” to be assured of my undivided attention. 3 thoughts on “Hunting for a software guru at ESC Minneapolis 2017” Log in to Reply September 25, 2017 at 11:04 pm Log in to Reply September 26, 2017 at 4:41 pm Continue Reading Previous Meet the forthcoming AI revolution at ESC Silicon Valley 2017Next Ultra-low-power design at ESC Silicon Valley 2017 Max The Magnificent says: “@Elizabeth: “…It might be easier than delving into VT100 codes…”nnI loved the command-line type interface you suggested in a comment to this column: https://www.eeweb.com/blog/max_maxfield/fine-tuning-arduino-sketches-s-w-guru-required“ Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Industry Max The Magnificent says: September 26, 2017 at 4:42 pm elizabethsimon says: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. “@Elizabeth: “…Alternatively, you could use one of your Simblee boards that you talked about so glowingly a couple years ago…”nnI use those Simblees all over the place — in fact I’ll be using one as the main control for the Countdown Timer — the last_img read more

Former Michigan 5-Star Announces Transfer Destination

first_imgGeneral view of Michigan Stadium during the Michigan Football Spring Game on April 1, 2016 at Michigan Stadium.ANN ARBOR, MI – APRIL 01: General view of Michigan Stadium during the Michigan Football Spring Game on April 1, 2016 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)Earlier this week it was reported that Michigan was set to take a significant hit on the defensive line. Former 5-star recruit Aubrey Solomon was reportedly set to transfer from the program in a surprise move.That news was confirmed by Michigan shortly after. After just a few days on the transfer market, Solomon knows where he wants to finish his college football career.Solomon took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to announce he’s transferring to Tennessee.“Thank you Michigan professors for opening my mind, fans for being the foundation for the players and encouraging us good and bad, teammates for uplifting each other…With that being said, I will be attending the University of Tennessee.”Here’s the full message.Let’s get to work ✊?…. #GBO pic.twitter.com/pDVliCKQ3x— Aubrey Solomon (@AubreySolomon91) December 21, 2018Solomon, a sophomore defensive lineman, was the No. 23 overall recruit in the country coming out of high school.Now he’ll get the chance to restart his career with Alabama’s former defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, who had a solid first season as the Volunteers head coach in 2018.last_img read more

Germany: Ports and Industry Call for Reconstruction of …

first_img My location Print  Close Port of Hamburg, November 12, 2013; Image:HHM/Hasenpusch 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 zoom In the course of a press panel discussion in Hamburg hosted by Port of Hamburg Marketing, port and business representatives from centres along the Kiel Canal and the Hamburg Port Authority jointly called for the reconstruction without delay of the fifth lock chamber and the renovation of the two existing large lock chambers at Brunsbüttel.In the medium term, business in the port and industry regard the straightening out of the Eastern stretch of the canal and its deepening by one metre as indispensable measures.Chaired by Port of Hamburg Marketing CEO Axel Mattern, the panel was concerned with the demands on an effective and reliable canal infrastructure, and the economic consequences of its restricted use and accessibility. Jens Broder Knudsen, Chairman of Kiel Canal Initiative, Jens Meier, Chairman of the Executive Board of Hamburg Port Authority, Frank Schnabel, Chairman of the Federation of Schleswig-Holstein Ports, and Rainer Keiemburg, Managing Director of TOTAL Bitumen Deutschland, participated. For Jens Broder Knudsen, it is clear that for handling their growing flows of goods, not just ports on the canal, but others in Northern Germany and our neighbouring countries, depend on having a functioning Kiel Canal that is navigable free of obstacles. Knudsen pointed out that with the assent of all 16 federal states of Germany, the Bodewig Commission had worked out some innovative possibilities for financing infrastructure. By way of special funding and pilot projects, with a broad political consensus a basis had been secured for long-term refinancing of infrastructure funding as a matter of priority. In Knudsen’s view, this will radically simplify the implementation of future infrastructure measures. “The present debate about a ‘Car toll on foreigners’ should not be allowed to further prevent the politically desired topping up of additional funds in the budget. The Kiel Canal is the lifeline that connects German ports on the North Sea with the Baltic. The funding from the special fund to be created for the essential and overdue upgrading works on the Kiel Canal should serve to secure this advantage in routing vis-à-vis the competing ports in the Netherlands and Belgium,” declared Knudsen.Despite several gaps and restrictions in operation of the canal, in the first half of 2013 a total of 15,940 vessels transited the Kiel Canal, transporting 48.8 million tons of cargo. For Frank Schnabel, the accessibility of the ports lying directly on the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel, Hochdonn, Hohenhörn, Kreishafen Rendsburg plus Rendsburg Port, the recently built heavy cargo port, Kiel’s Nordhafen and the Kiel-Holtenau inland waterway port, must be guaranteed in the long term. “If the reliability of the canal, actually the most heavily used canal in the world, cannot be guaranteed due to infrastructural deficiencies, then that will rapidly lead to a switching of transport flows. That will then affect innumerable jobs directly or indirectly attributable to the canal and the sea trades using it,” declared Frank Schnabel, for whom the Kiel Canal is more than just a transit waterway. “The Kiel Canal is just as much a lifeline for industrial firms and businesses along the canal. Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein are so tightly networked that negative consequences for Hamburg’s port also hit Schleswig-Holstein and its maritime economy directly. We must at all costs prevent the catastrophe of a long-term closure of the Kiel Canal, since otherwise the national economy will suffer grave damage,” warned Schnabel.Rainer Keiemburg drew attention to the uninterrupted supply and transports of products for industry based on the canal and in the region: “For production facilities such as TOTAL Bitumen, Bayer or the Heide Refinery, any restrictions on operations or closures of the canal entail losses running into millions. Delays or cessations of production cause extra costs and enormous expense for such firms. And these can also very rapidly lead to supply bottlenecks for our customers,” as Keiemburg made clear. For a company like TOTAL Bitumen Deutschland, which can point to a century of success and with its products is also closely linked to infrastructural development, in Keiemburg’s view a functioning Kiel Canal is also a decisive factor in determining whether Brunsbüttel’s development as an industrial base reaches a dead-end or remains on a growth course.After the replacement investments in the locks and the Levensauer elevated bridge, in the view of the Kiel Canal Initiative the growing sizes and drafts of ships require adjustment of the Eastern stretch of the canal very soon. “This would allow greater feasible draft and hence higher transport capacity. Along with the adaptation and optimization of the canal bends on the Eastern stretch, a deepening by one additional metre to a total of 12 metres is also vital. These measures would shorten passage times for shipping, eliminating waiting times. It is also of crucial importance that the canal control centres should be adequately staffed with engineers and technicians. Without additional staff, the essential complete upgrading of the Kiel Canal will not be assured,” stressed Knudsen.For Jens Meier, the Kiel Canal represents a crucial geographical advantage for the Port of Hamburg and other German ports on North Sea. From Hamburg to Gdansk, for example the route advantage using the Kiel Canal is 437 nautical miles, compared to the route around Denmark that via Skagen totals 874 nautical miles. “With more than 130 feedership departures per week, around 2 million TEU per year are transported by feeder through the canal in an ecologically friendly manner between Hamburg and the Baltic region. The economic significance of the Kiel Canal therefore extends far beyond North Germany. The upgrading, enlargement and regular maintenance of the Kiel Canal is an urgent necessity,” Jens Meier also emphasized.Port of Hamburg Marketing CEO Axel Mattern wound up the panel discussion by commenting that as the shortest, fastest and most environmentally friendly sea link with the Baltic region, the Kiel Canal is of immense importance for the wider Hamburg metropolitan region. “In combination with the Elbe and the Port of Hamburg, the Kiel Canal is a traffic system. The preservation and upgrading of the canal as part of Germany’s transport infrastructure is a national obligation and utterly essential for the preservation of the competitiveness of our economy and our ports. After the neglect of infrastructure over recent decades, we expect absolutely clear signals from the incoming new federal government indicating an assured future for the Kiel Canal and the related trade industry and ports,” said Mattern.Facts on the Kiel CanalTotal length 98.26 kilometresBreadth of water surface: west section 162 m / east section 102.5 mSole width: west section 90 m / east section 44 mDuration of canal passage: approx. 8 hoursAverage route advantage compared to the sea route around Skagen: approx. 250 nautical miles (= 463 kilometres)Ship passages in 2012: 34,879Cargo throughput in 2012: 104 million tonslast_img read more

Halifax researchers say microbe reveals major new branch of evolutionary tree

first_imgHALIFAX — A dirt sample taken from a wilderness area outside Halifax has led scientists at Dalhousie University to discover a new branch on the evolutionary tree of life.It turns out the small dirt scrape contained one-celled microbial organisms that no one even knew existed, and the findings are included in a paper published Wednesday in the science journal Nature.Alastair Simpson, a professor in Dalhousie’s Department of Biology, said the finding represents a “major new branch” that stands above the level of a new kingdom in terms of ranking lifeforms.“These little organisms are all by themselves a group that is more different from everything we know about than animals are from fungi, said Simpson. “So fungi and animals in an evolutionary sense are closer to each other than this new thing is to anything we had information on before.”Researchers were able to sequence the genetic information of two “bizarre” microscopic predators called “hemimastigotes” said Simpson.“The trick to this work was being able to get genetic information from this group for the first time. And not just a little genetic information but quite a lot of genetic information so that we are very confident of the results.”Hundreds of genes were analyzed and Simpson said it was clear that hemimastigotes did not belong to any known biological kingdom or even to any grouping of several kingdoms together.Yana Eglit, a graduate student at Dalhousie, collected the dirt sample while hiking along a path outside Halifax.In the laboratory, Eglit said she left the sample in a small dish filled with water and periodically checked the contents over a month-long period with a microscope.She said one evening she detected the organisms swimming around. They are about two hundredths of a millimetre long and move by using a dozen or more flagella, which are the same structures as the tails of sperm cells.“It looks kind of like a pistachio nut with little hairs coming from between the shells,” said Eglit. “And it scurries around kind of awkwardly and it eats other complex single celled organisms.”The Dalhousie research team calls the new branch of life “hemimastigophora.” Humans belong to a branch called Unikonta.The discovery is considered crucial information for scientists who are piecing together how the complex cells of animals, plants and fungi have evolved over the last one to two billion years.“Having realized now that we’ve been missing one of these major groups all this time, I expect it to realign quite a bit of research in trying to understand how complex cells evolved,” Simpson said.Eglit said while similar types of organisms were seen in the past, it was before sophisticated genetic testing had been invented, so they didn’t know just how unique they were.In another significant first, Simpson said Eglit has worked out how to grow the cell species in a lab and that will make future research work “a lot easier.”Simpson said the information Dalhousie researchers have uncovered will be important for those who study the Earth’s ecology.“Microbes in general are hugely important in the Earth’s ecosystem. The way the ocean is the way it is, or why soil is like soil — it’s to a large extent because of the microbes that are there and the activities they perform.”He said researchers will now be able to detect hemimastigotes in genetic samples pulled from these environments, allowing for a better understanding of what’s there, and potentially, how different microbes interact.Eglit said the tradition in naming species is to give them Greek or Latin names, but the researchers wanted to honour the fact the dirt sample was found on the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq people in Nova Scotia.As a result, one of the species has been named “Hemimastix kukwesjijk.” Kukwes is a hairy man-eating ogre from Mi’kmaq folklore.“It just happens to be they have an ogre-like creature who is also hairy and terrifying and eats other creatures and it seems to match what this organism was so we figured we would give it that name,” said Eglit.Keith Doucette, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Adam Lambert Features In Macys American Icons Campaign

first_imgThis summer, music takes center stage for Macy’s “American Icons” campaign, the fourth annual celebration of the people, places and things that make America great.Adam Lambert in INC for Macy’s American IconsLaunching next week, the campaign features celebrated designers and musical talent, a digital music festival on YouTube highlighting emerging artists, continued partnership with Got Your 6 to support America’s veterans, and experiential in-store events for customers.“This year, American Icons is all about the celebration of music and we’re offering a medley of different experiences for customers to get involved,” said Martine Reardon, Macy’s chief marketing officer. “In our advertising campaign, we pay tribute to locations rich with music history, such as New Orleans and Memphis, as well as some of the hottest musical talent today. We will also be hosting our first digital music festival on YouTube, which benefits Got Your 6, Macy’s charity partner that supports military veterans and their families.”The Best in Fashion, Music and StyleThere have been so many genres — jazz, blues, country, rock, folk and pop — that have influenced America’s independent and inimitable style. This season, we travel coast-to-coast to share fashions inspired by the sights and local sounds that make up the soul of our great nation.Folk looks are back in a big way, and get a chic update in the form of off-the-shoulder chambray dresses from MICHAEL Michael Kors and raw-edged cropped jeans from Paulina. The jazz lover’s style is less brooding, and more modern with a relaxed approach by Tommy Hilfiger with tie-front eyelet shirts and patterned shorts, perfect for enjoying the brassy sounds and high temperatures in The Big Easy. Country style is more than cowboy boots and daisy dukes; our country vixen takes a fashion-first approach to her style, with RACHEL Rachel Roy offering bare-shouldered ruffle tops and pleated brushed silk gaucho pants as dressed-up alternatives to the classic T-shirt and jeans country uniform. Macy’s is taking the vast range of music genres that define this great country and extending it into closets, offering an assortment of styles perfect for every musical flavor.Festival-ready styles channel easy-breezy California cool, with bare-shoulder, crocheted dresses in crisp white from American Rag leading the pack. Dream-catcher earrings from Lucky Brand add to the stylishly laid-back essence of the bohemian festivalgoer, and she can store her VIP wristbands and heat-beating essentials in a 70s vintage-inspired crossbody satchel by Patricia Nash. A bold American flag bodysuit and high-waisted shorts from Material Girl; and trusty gladiator sandals from Steve Madden are declarative pieces that are trend-forward and dance-friendly. For him, American Rag pumps up the volume on casual with distressed denim shorts and eye-catching graphic tees. Pairing them with white Vans, we’re back at it again offering trendy, yet effortless style.In its celebration of music, Macy’s has partnered with several artists to create eye-catching and inspiring summer fashion imagery. With his larger-than-life presence and rock star flair, multiplatinum, Grammy-nominated, international superstar Adam Lambert is every bit the showman and the newest face of Macy’s I.N.C. International Concepts. His charisma and perpetually evolving approach to music make him the perfect ambassador for the exclusive brand, which brings runway-inspired fashion and accessories to today’s style-minded trendsetter. Nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter sensation Austin Mahone rocks festival gear by American Rag, Levi’s and more. With chart-topping hits and sold-out tours under his belt, Mahone is the perfect artist to help kick off all things music and fashion this summer. Destiny Frasqueri, also known as Princess Nokia, is an up-and-coming, multifaceted artist from New York City whose unique musical style is an excellent complement to the cutting-edge fashion from Calvin Klein. Kelsea Ballerini’s refreshing sound and unapologetic authenticity earned her Billboard’s Women In Music “Rising Star” Award and her undeniably fashion-forward style is showcased effortlessly in RACHEL Rachel Roy, Maison Jules and Ray-Ban. Accomplished husband-and-wife duo and folk-pop artists, Johnnyswim, are the perfect showcase for denim trends as unique as their music. Vivacious megastar Thalia Sodi brings sexy, elegant and timeless styles in bold colors and vibrant prints, as well as glamorous shoes and jewelry that are uplifting and party ready to her newest collection for Macy’s American Icons campaign.Macy’s has also partnered with Grammy and Golden Globe-winning icon Lady Gaga, as well as Grammy, Tony and Academy Award-winning legend Sir Elton John to create Love Bravery, a high-spirited limited- edition line of clothing and accessories that inspire compassion and combat prejudice. The exclusive collaboration includes clothing, accessories and novelty items, and 25 percent of the purchase price of Love Bravery product will benefit the Born This Way Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.last_img read more

After a Violent Conflict in Kashmir Islamic State Declares New Territory

Rabat – On May 10, the self-described Islamic State (IS) declared a new “Wilayat al-Hind” (“Province of India” in Arabic) in Indian territory, reported Reuters. The announcement came after a reported violent clash between Indian security forces and allegedly IS affiliated members in Shopian, a village in Indian-controlled Kashmir territories. The alleged IS announcement was released in Amaq News Agency, an IS-affiliated news agency. The declaration also claimed to have “inflicted casualties on Indian army soldiers,” said Reuters. IS’s Friday statement coincided with the Indian news reports on the killing of an IS-affiliated militant, Ishfaq Ahmad Sofi, in a violent clash with Indian security forces in Shopian. Reports showed that Sofi had ties with the Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir (ISJK).The declaration of new territory in India appears to be an attempt to bring life to the Islamic State’s geographical expansion endeavors under the “Caliphate” title, after recently having lost control over significant parts of Syria and Iraq to the Syrian and Iraqi armies. read more

TSX climbs on bank and consumer stocks HBC surges 15 on investor

TSX climbs on bank and consumer stocks, HBC surges 15% on investor pressure by Linda Nguyen, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 19, 2017 9:29 am MDT Last Updated Jun 19, 2017 at 3:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – Bank and consumer stocks drove the Toronto Stock Exchange higher today, as shares in Hudson’s Bay (TSX:HBC) soared 15 per cent amid activist investor pressure for the country’s oldest retailer to go private.The S&P/TSX composite index gained 73.50 points to 15,266.04, with more than two-thirds of sectors finishing the session ahead.The lift is being welcomed after the index dropped more than 200 points last Wednesday.Land & Buildings Investment Management of Stamford, Conn., said in a public letter that Hudson’s Bay should consider unlocking value from its real estate assets, even if that means closing its “crown jewel” locations.The firm, which owns about 4.3 per cent of the retail giant’s equity, noted that the company’s Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York is worth more than the company at current stock prices as of last Friday. It urged HBC to pursue options such as going private or redeveloping its properties in Canada, Europe and the United States.HBC stock rose $1.34 to $10.22 on the TSX at the close.Colin Cieszynski, chief market strategist at CMC Markets Canada, said that investors are buoyed by the growth potential of HBC’s real estate assets but should be weary — similar plans were not profitable in the past for U.S. retailers Sears and Kmart.“You might have some value in the real estate but you still have to operate the business as well,” said Cieszynski.In other corporate news, shares in Valeant Pharmaceuticals (TSX:VRX) were up more than six per cent after the Quebec drugmaker said prominent U.S. investor John Paulson has joined its board of directors. Its stock finished 99 cents higher at $17.79 on the Toronto stock index.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average surged 144.71 points to 21,528.99 and the S&P 500 index climbed 20.31 points to 2,453.46, as both markets hit record highs. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite index rose 87.25 points to 6,239.01.In currency markets, the Canadian dollar jumped 0.07 of a U.S. cent to an average price of 75.64 cents US.Commodities were mostly negative as the August crude contract lost 54 cents at US$44.43 per barrel and the July natural gas contract was down 14 cents at US$2.89 per mmBTU.The August gold contract gave back $9.80 to US$1,246.70 an ounce, while the July copper contract advanced three cents at US$2.59 a pound.Follow @LindaNguyenTO on Twitter. read more

Ahead of International Day of Peace UN chief appeals for ceasefire on

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling for the laying down of arms and a 24-hour cease-fire on 21 September, which is observed around the world each year as the International Day of Peace.The United Nations General Assembly established the International Day of Peace in 1981 as an opportunity for people around the world to promote the resolution of conflict and to observe a cessation of hostilities. “On this day, in the lead-up to the Day of Peace, I am asking all partners to lend their voices to this call for a laying down of arms, and to work non-stop in the days to come to bring about a 24-hour cease-fire on September 21st,” Mr. Ban said in a statement issued on Thursday. “Let’s make this International Day of Peace a day without violence, and a day of forgiveness. If, for one day, we can live in a world without aggression and hostility, we can imagine how much more is possible,” he added. The theme of this year’s commemoration is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All,” which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together to strive for peace. The work of the UN would not be possible without the thousands of partnerships each year between governments, civil society, the private sector, faith-based groups and other non-governmental organizations that are needed to support the Organization in achieving its goals. Celebrations for the International Day of Peace will include a Peace Bell Ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York, featuring senior UN officials and Messengers of Peace, as well as a student videoconference. UN offices worldwide, including peacekeeping operations, will also be holding events with local communities. read more

New Mexico State steamrolls New Mexico 10065

LAS CRUCES, N.M. — JoJo Zamora tossed in a career-high 27 points and Ivan Aurrecoechea scored a career-best 23 with 11 rebounds for his first double-double to power New Mexico State to a 100-65 romp over New Mexico on Tuesday night.Zamora was 9-of-10 shooting from the floor, including 6 of 6 from 3-point range, as the Aggies (7-1) beat the Lobos (4-2) for a fifth straight time. Aurrecoechea sank 6 of 7 shots and 11 of 15 free throws. Eli Chuha also notched his first double-double of the season with 13 points and 10 boards.NMSU shot 45.5 per cent from the floor in the first half, while holding the Lobos to 23-per cent shooting, and had a commanding 50-22 lead at intermission.Karim Ezzeddine and Vance Jackson paced New Mexico with 11 points apiece. Freshman Drue Drinnon scored 10.The Associated Press read more

The Warriors Dynasty Is Different

CLEVELAND — After three titles in four seasons — two straight with Kevin Durant winning Finals MVP — it seems fair to begin questioning where Golden State sits in the conversation about the best teams of all-time. But the more compelling thing to analyze now might be whether the Warriors are better positioned to win at this level for a longer amount of time than the other modern-day dynasties the league has produced.And in looking at the vast array of things that make Golden State so dominant — from the club’s versatility and balance on both sides of the ball, its unselfishness on and off the court and its largely magic touch from a managerial standpoint — that feels like a real possibility.“Sometimes you come across those dynasties where you’re just outmatched, and it’s just their time,” Cavaliers guard George Hill said after his team had been swept on its home court.Stylistically, it is so difficult — arguably impossible — for anyone to truly replicate what the Warriors do. Even before the addition of arguably the league’s best pure scorer in Durant, Golden State possessed a point guard with the sort of 35-foot range that most players would only see in a practice setting. In the same backcourt, the Warriors had another guard who was arguably an even more accurate shooter, with a release that is the quickest in basketball — so fast that he doesn’t even need to have his feet set before he shoots.Put another way, this is the best shooting team the sport has ever seen. Golden State breaks defenses regardless of how well positioned or prepared they are. The Warriors were the best jump-shooting club in the NBA when left wide open this past season. And a closer look at the numbers shows the Dubs were also the best jump-shooting team in situations where a defender was draped all over them. Because of that, there really is no surefire way to guard this team.More often than not the Cavaliers, like the Rockets in the round before them, sought to use switches on defense to blanket Golden State’s offense. But in Game 2 of the Finals, the Warriors countered that predictable gameplan (and then changed things up in Game 3 in anticipation of a counterpunch), by using dump-off passes to spring give-and-go opportunities, or to set up lobs for JaVale McGee and Jordan Bell, who were often left all alone in the paint.The latter highlighted how the Warriors, in Bill Belichick fashion, have quietly been a chameleon of sorts by relying far more heavily on their bigs than most observers realize — even as they continue to be viewed as a club that relies solely on its dynamite 3-point shooting.Because of that constant evolution and comfort playing with different styles, the challenge of dethroning the champs could become even more difficult for challengers like the Rockets, who are so heavily vested in a singular type of play that it’s too difficult to adjust to something different if that style stops working in the middle of a postseason series.While the young average age of Warriors’ core would seem to be a plus in their quest to become the best team of all-time, they’re actually not all that unusual when it comes to how young they are when compared to modern NBA clubs that have won three titles in four years. Warriors2018Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson28 Lakers1988Magic Johnson, Byron Scott, James Worthy, A.C. Green26 Source: Basketball-Reference TeamYear of Third Title WinTop Four Players By Win ShareAVG. Age Bulls1993Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, Scottie Pippen, B.J. Armstrong27 Bulls1998Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Ron Harper, Toni Kukoc33 Lakers2002Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher29 The Warriors aren’t as young as you thinkTeams that won three titles in four seasons by the age of their core players in the last title season, 1976-2018 If there’s something that makes this team different — and gives it better odds of winning for a greater amount of time — it’s that this group of highly talented players doesn’t seem as likely to be torn apart by the retirements, contract issues and jealousies that trouble other clubs in this spot.The Lakers of the late 1980s began running out of steam when then-coach Pat Riley resigned, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retired and then halted entirely when Magic Johnson abruptly left the game following his shocking HIV diagnosis. No one knows how many consecutive titles the Bulls might have won had it not been for Michael Jordan’s retirements from the Bulls. And the infamous infighting between Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant shortened what likely could have been a longer run of success with the two Los Angeles superstars in the early 2000s.By contrast, the Warriors have already become the new-age San Antonio Spurs, as a number of their players have acted in the best interest of the team by taking much smaller deals than they could have. That attitude, illustrated by Durant, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala1Iguodala did this with his initial deal to join the Warriors. This past summer, he actually maneuvered to have the Warriors pay him more than what they initially expected to fork up. and Shaun Livingston, makes some of the long-term salary math more feasible in a league where these sorts of things can create strain on a star-laden club. (With Curry having just signed a five-year deal last July, and Durant saying he’ll stay with Golden State this summer, the next key player to look at is Thompson, who is slated to be a 2019 free agent. But even that may not be a concern, as he’s reportedly spoken with the Warriors about the possibility of taking a deeply discounted extension that would see him leave up to $50 million on the table.)The players’ willingness to often take less than market value, even for bit pieces like Zaza Pachulia, has allowed the Warriors to improve the roster on the margins each year — sprinkling in specific attributes that the team lacks. With McGee in particular, Golden State took a minimal risk by signing (then cheaply re-signing) a player who had a less-than-stellar reputation around the league, but was incredibly long and athletic — two things the Warriors lacked in a traditional center. Fast forward to this year’s Finals, and the one-time castaway was pestering LeBron James, the best player in the world, anytime he sought to get to the basket.James, whose own upcoming free agency could play a role in nixing the Warriors’ dominance the next few years, pointed out another advantage Golden State possesses: Brainpower. “Everyone’s trying to figure it out: How do you put together a group of talent, but also a group of minds, to compete with Golden State and compete for a championship?” James asked.Ascending teams may not like the idea of waiting out Golden State’s reign. Aside from how young the team’s core is, the players who compose it don’t depend much on raw athleticism. It’s likely they will age gracefully, given how well they shoot from outside and play off the ball.Injuries are a different story, and they can always come into play; particularly with Curry, whose presence has always been a deciding factor with this club. But short of that, the team is full of two-way talent and should be fine on D as long as it’s anchored by Draymond Green and long, versatile wings that make it possible to switch the way the Warriors do. (Still, Golden State would be wise to try to start the process of locating a younger, less polished version of Iguodala, given how different the Warriors looked at times without the 34-year-old this postseason.) The club has ranked in the top 10 defensively each of the past four seasons it reached the Finals.Coach Steve Kerr has made no secret of the other factor that could eventually catch up with his team, which at times struggles with complacency. Specifically, he’s talked about the weight of expectations, and the toll that comes with taking every opposing team’s best shot for years on end. And this season, Kerr said, was the toughest playoff run he’s overseen with Golden State.“I remember sitting in this room three years ago, and it seemed like a dream. This feels more like reality,” Kerr said Friday, perhaps a realization of the fact that titles are now expected as opposed to being hoped for. “And I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant. It’s just that the talent we have, and that’s the experience we’ve gained.”There are any number of things that could turn out to be the Warriors’ downfall. But Golden State also has a handful of factors to hang its dynastic hat on for the time being.— Neil Paine contributed research. read more

By the numbers Ohio State runs over Illinois 283

Redshirt sophomore quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) leaps into the end zone for a touchdown during OSU’s 28-3 win over Illinois on Nov. 14 in Champaign, Illinois.Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo EditorOhio State’s redshirt sophomore quarterback J.T. Barrett returned from his one-game suspension to help guide the Buckeye offense to a dominating victory at Illinois, 28-3, thanks to outstanding performances by junior running back Ezekiel Elliott and the entire OSU defense.The Scarlet and Gray started strong by keeping Illinois off the board on the first drive of the game. After taking over possession, the Buckeyes were able to drive all the way down inside the 1-yard line.  Although the Illini managed to keep the Buckeyes from scoring after a stout defensive stand, the Buckeyes slowly began to flex their muscles as the game wore on.Redshirt junior receiver Michael Thomas continued his terrific season after catching a 24-yard touchdown throw by Barrett to help the Buckeyes score first.  After an Illinois field goal, Barrett added another rushing score to help the visitors take a 14-3 lead into the half.  In the second half, though, Elliott took control, as the Buckeyes wore down Illinois with their fierce running game.Elliott ended the game with 181 yards rushing on 27 carries, as well as two touchdowns. As a unit, the Buckeyes rushed for 281 yards en route to 440 total yards for the day. Barrett added 159 yards through the air and two total touchdowns, but he also had an interception and a fumble on the day. However, despite several offensive inconsistencies, the Buckeye defense performed spectacularly, holding Illinois to a measly 20 yards rushing and 261 yards in total. OSU also kept the pressure on Illinois junior quarterback Wes Lunt, who was unable to complete even 50 percent of his passes, and also recovered two fumbles from the Illini. Illinois, which has lost four of its last five games, now find itself on the cusp of bowl eligibility at 5-5 as it travels to Minnesota next Saturday. OSU, on the other side, begins the toughest part of its schedule as the Buckeyes are set to meet Michigan State in Columbus next weekend in a battle of elite programs before traveling to Michigan for the regular-season finale.By the numbers:3,565: Elliott moved his career rushing total to 3,565 yards, the third most in OSU history behind Eddie George and Archie Griffin.30:  With the win, OSU has now won 30 straight regular-season conference games, the most of any team in the nation.20: The current number of games where Elliott has rushed for at least 100 yards, tied for the second most in school history with George. This includes an active streak of 15 straight games.97: The number of total tackles sophomore linebacker Raekwon McMillan has amassed so far this season after his 14 against Illinois. McMillan currently ranks third in the Big Ten for total tackles.24: The number of years since Illinois last won a home game against OSU (1991).101: The number of all-time matchups between OSU and Illinois (the only team that Illinois has played more is Northwestern, with 108 matchups between the two schools).4: With the win, OSU has officially claimed its fourth straight season with double-digit wins. Illinois has not had a double-digit win season since 2001 and only has four in its 125 years of existence.2nd: Everytime Illinois and OSU meet, the teams fight for the second-oldest rivalry trophy in the Big Ten: the Illibuck (The oldest is the Little Brown Jug, which is between Michigan and Minnesota). The Illibuck originally started as a live turtle, but has since been replaced by 10 different wooden replicas. read more

Football Ohio State needs Hooker and Samuel more than ever in playoff

OSU redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker (24) returns an interception during the second half of the Buckeyes game against Nebraska on Nov. 5. The Buckeyes won 62-3. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorThe 2016 Ohio State Buckeyes are entering the third and final act of the season. Neither one of the first two acts can be distinctly separated from one another. At times, the curtain closed with a showering applause from the audience, and, on other occasions, the playbill was crumpled up and left in the aisle as people left with much to be desired.It doesn’t matter anymore. Scratch the first and the second act. The stars of the first two acts were junior H-back Curtis Samuel and redshirt sophomore safety Malik Hooker. The third act — the college football playoff — is what matters.Samuel and Hooker were each named Associated Press first-team All-Americans. The star playmakers on offense and defense have been the straw that stirs the drink for both sides of the ball. Against No. 2 Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl, the two are possibly the most important cogs to a national championship berth as any other player on either sideline.Hooker has been the surprise contributor to the Buckeye defense this year. From the first game of the year against Bowling Green when he tipped the ball with one hand to himself in mid-air, Hooker has continuously made head-turning plays that have kept OSU in games. He also served as a dagger to momentum in other games. The former high-school basketball standout from New Castle, Pennsylvania, stood the test against a high-praised Michigan wide receiving corps, but no unit in the country quite compares to the star-studded lineup Clemson puts at receiver.“From everything I’m hearing, these are the three or four best receivers we’ll ever face,” OSU coach Urban Meyer said. “Obviously a great quarterback, a nice balanced offense. That side of the ball is going to be a great matchup with their skill against ours.”Redshirt junior wide receiver Mike Williams, senior tight end Jordan Leggett and junior wide receiver Artavis Scott are three of the four Clemson Tigers with over 500 receiving yards on the year. On top of that, they are all on NFL draft boards. Clemson is one of four teams with two of the top 30 reception leaders in the country with Williams and Scott. Of course it helps when Heisman Trophy runner-up Deshaun Watson is the quarterback with almost 4,000 yards passing.Hooker, the pick-six extraordinaire, has championed co-defensive coordinator Greg Schiano’s sideline return play on interceptions. Hooker is tied for fifth nationally with six interceptions this season, and broke the school record against Michigan with his third interception for a touchdown in a single season. Without that touchdown, OSU likely isn’t in the position it is in right now, just one game away from a shot at the national championship. For Hooker to be absent or largely ineffective from the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl against the Tigers on Dec. 31 in Glendale, Arizona, wouldn’t only be shocking, it could be devastating to the No. 3 Buckeyes given Watson’s 15 interceptions thrown already.“It makes us even want to be more hungry,” Hooker said. “We’re going out there playing with a Heisman candidate and a great player, so it feels like it’s sort of a thing for the back end. I feel like if we stop the pass, we have a great chance of winning this game.”Meyer called Samuel the team’s No. 1 playmaker before the season even started. If his 1,526 offensive yards weren’t impressive, then maybe his third-down, crossfield dash that gave OSU a shot on fourth-and-1, or his game-winning touchdown in double overtime against Michigan were the final touch to a decorative three-layer cake built for a king.All season, Samuel has been the catalyst of the offense. If redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett couldn’t get things going on offense, Samuel was the guy. If Barrett was clicking in the passing game, Samuel was the reason. The Michigan game was Samuel’s coronation. A win in Arizona will require the Brooklyn native to capitalize on any ball thrown his way.“Whether there’s somebody in J.T.’s face or whatever it is as a receiver, we just feel like we have to make plays on those types of balls,” Meyer said. “We recruited well enough to make those type of plays and I just feel like we have to make those.”Clemson’s defense ranks fourth in the country in sacks per game and registers a sack on 9.45 percent of plays, which is eighth in the country.OSU’s offense has had its moments of inability to move the football, and sometimes that has been predicated on the lack of balance in the touches for Samuel. For three quarters of play, Michigan stopped Samuel from getting to the perimeter and beating defenses on the outside. Its pass rush, which had eight sacks against the OSU offensive line, prevented Barrett from looking downfield and finding his speedster, tooNo one can accurately determine how OSU’s offense will perform on New Year’s Eve at University of Phoenix Stadium, but one can predict that Samuel will be a featured element. read more

Žikica Milosavljevic in Bosna Sarajevo

← Previous Story Predrag Dacevic in Crvena Zvezda Next Story → Heiner Brand: 2013 is the end! One of the best right wings in last decade in European handball, Žikica Milosavljevic (38) signed one year contract with Bosna and Herzegovina champion, Bosna BH Gas. Rumuours talked that he will back to Serbia and become a member of some domestic team, but “Zile” decided to play in Champions League next season, after he come back to Serbian national team and took a offer of Bosna.In his career, Milosavljevic played for Dinamo Pancevo, Crvena zvezda, Celje Pivovarna Lasko, Teka, Valladolid, etc. read more

RK PPD Zagreb steal Arber Qerimi from RK Metalurg

← Previous Story DKB BUNDESLIGA: Furious Flensburg leaves Goppingen on 15 goals! Next Story → Tonnesen scores for Veszprem win over Celje PL Arber Qerimihandball transfersRK PPD Zagreb Arber Qerimi won’t play at RK Metalurg Skopje this season. Instead of Macedonian vice-champions, the 28-years old Belgian playmaker joined Croatian best team and EHF CL member – RK PPD Zagreb.Qerimi was promoted in new signing of RK Metalurg Skopje three weeks ago, but after only few days in Skopje, he took a break, left home and decided to don’t go back to “Autokomanda”.RK PPD Zagreb sent an offer and both sides agreed quickly… read more

Soups On event raises 150462 for Share

first_imgVancouver – Share’s annual Soup’s On! event raised an all-time high of $150,462 on Sept. 30 for the nonprofit homeless service provider.Thirteen local chefs participated in the chef battle where guests sampled each soup and cast a ballot for their favorite. The people’s choice and chef’s choice for best soup went to Bob Rasaphangthong of Nom Nom Restaurant & Grill, who prepared khao poon nam gai featuring red curry paste, coconut milk, stewing chicken, vegetables, rice noodles and herbs. The presenting sponsor’s choice for best soup by Davidson & Associates Insurance went to the coconut curry soup made by Tim Conklin of Line & Lure at ilani.Also participating in the competition were Beaches Restaurant and Bar, Bleu Door Bakery, Eatery at the Grant House, Frontier Public House, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, Mill Creek Pub, New Season’s Market, Simply Thyme Catering, 3 Sheets at the Harbor, Tommy O’s Pacific Rim Bistro and WareHouse ’23.Each guest took home an artisan soup bowl created by local artists Pat Brame, Nick Molatore, Kelly Kegwin, Sam Mackenzie, Stephen Mickey and Honna Sheffield.The fundraiser at ilani included presenting the 2018 Emily Marshall Volunteer of the Year Award to Kathy Sluznis, the 2018 Youth Volunteer of the Year Award to Audrey Chang and the 2018 Community Partnership Award to Community Services Northwest.Guests donated 2,801 pairs of adult and children’s underwear that will be given to clients in Share’s outreach, shelter and housing programs.last_img read more

Wijnaldum bracing up for a different United

first_imgGeorginio Wijnaldum is expecting a difficult challenge from a resurgent Manchester United when Liverpool travel to Old Trafford on Sunday.Klopp’s men ran out 3-1 winners over their old rivals at Anfield back in December, which ended the reign of Jose Mourinho.With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appointed as caretaker manager, United have experienced a change in fortunes having moved to the top four and remain in the hunt for the FA Cup title.It’s a statistic Liverpool will need to bring to an end if they’re to go three points clear at the top of the table this weekend – but Wijnaldum is aware it’ll be a difficult challenge.“I think it is going to be a real big change [from the game in December],” the No.5 predicted, speaking to reporters via LFC.TV.“Since the new manager came in there is a new flow, they played good games and have won a lot and that is building confidence in the team.Wijnaldum admits the Red Devils are in fine form but remains unfazed by their resurgence.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.Man United not the same team Liverpool beat in December —Wijnaldum.https://t.co/swuOFh4wQf.#headlines pic.twitter.com/lnlMEZWGk7— TOS TV NETWORK (@tostvnetwork) February 21, 2019“It’s also a home game for them so they will have a lot of confidence as they don’t have the problems they had before.“It is going to be a difficult game but I’m looking forward to it. I think for them we come at a good moment but we’re also doing well so it is going to be a nice game to watch.”A win over United will send the Reds to the top and a huge message to rivals Man City who are in action for Sunday’s Carabao Cup final against Chelsea.last_img read more

Authorities investigating background of alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

first_img By KEN RITTER and GENE JOHNSONAssociated PressMESQUITE, Nev. (AP) – Stephen Paddock had a penchant for guns, high-limit video poker and real estate deals. His father was a notorious fugitive bank robber. He had a recent live-in girlfriend and two ex-wives and seemed to live a comfortable life in a Nevada retirement community.  His life is the subject of a sprawling investigation into what drove him to show up at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino with at least 10 suitcases filled with guns and open fire from his 32nd floor suite on a country music festival, killing 59 people and injuring nearly 530. Law enforcement and family members could not explain what would motivate a one-time accountant with no known criminal record to inflict so much carnage. Las Vegas police said he had 23 guns at the hotel, including semiautomatic rifles, and 19 at his home along with thousands of rounds of ammunition.  The 64-year-old gunman killed himself in the hotel room before authorities arrived.  On the surface, Paddock didn’t seem like a typical mass murderer, said Clint Van Zandt, a former FBI hostage negotiator and supervisor in the bureau’s behavioral science unit. Paddock is much older than the typical shooter and was not known to be suffering from mental illness.  “My challenge is, I don’t see any of the classic indicators, so far, that would suggest, ‘OK, he’s on the road either to suicide or homicide or both,” Van Zandt said.  Nevertheless, his actions suggest that he had planned the attacks for at least a period of days.  Some of the rifles had scopes, the sheriff said. And authorities found two gun stocks that could have let him modify weapons to make them fully automatic, according to two U.S. officials briefed by law enforcement who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still unfolding.  “He knew what he wanted to do. He knew how he was going to do it, and it doesn’t seem like he had any kind of escape plan at all,” Van Zandt said.  Asked about a potential motive, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said he could not “get into the mind of a psychopath at this point.”  “I can’t even make something up,” his bewildered brother, Eric Paddock, told reporters Monday. “There’s just nothing.”  Public records offered no hint of financial distress or criminal history, though multiple people who knew him said he was a big gambler.  “No affiliation, no religion, no politics. He never cared about any of that stuff,” Eric Paddock said as he alternately wept and shouted. “He was a guy who had money. He went on cruises and gambled.”  Eric Paddock also told The Associated Press that he had not talked to his brother in six months and last heard from him when Stephen checked in briefly by text message after Hurricane Irma. Their mother spoke with him about two weeks ago, and when he found out recently that she needed a walker, he sent her one, Eric Paddock said.  Eric Paddock recalled receiving a recent text from his brother showing “a picture that he won $40,000 on a slot machine. But that’s the way he played.”  He described his brother as a multimillionaire and said they had business dealings and owned property together. He said he was not aware that his brother had gambling debts.  “He had substantial wealth.  He’d tell me when he’d win. He’d grouse when he’d lost. He never said he’d lost $4 million or something. I think he would have told me.”  Heavily armed police searched Paddock’s home Monday in Mesquite, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas near the Arizona border, looking for clues. Paddock lived there with his 62-year-old girlfriend, who authorities said was out of the country when the shooting happened. Eric Paddock described her as kindly and said she sometimes sent cookies to his mother.  Police also searched a two-bedroom home Paddock owned in a retirement community in Reno, 500 miles from Mesquite.  While Stephen Paddock appeared to have no criminal history, his father was a notorious bank robber, Eric Paddock said. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock tried to run down an FBI agent with his car in Las Vegas in 1960 and wound up on the agency’s most wanted list after escaping from a federal prison in Texas in 1968, when Stephen Paddock was a teen.  The oldest of four children, Paddock was 7 when his father was arrested for the robberies. A neighbor, Eva Price, took him swimming while FBI agents searched the family home.  She told the Tucson Citizen at the time: “We’re trying to keep Steve from knowing his father is held as a bank robber. I hardly know the family, but Steve is a nice boy. It’s a terrible thing.”  An FBI poster issued after the escape said Benjamin Hoskins Paddock had been “diagnosed as psychopathic” and should be considered “armed and very dangerous.” He’d been serving a 20-year sentence for a string of bank robberies in Phoenix.  The elder Paddock remained on the lam for nearly a decade, living under an assumed name in Oregon. Investigators found him in 1978 after he attracted publicity for opening the state’s first licensed bingo parlor. He died in 1998.  Stephen Paddock bought his one-story, three-bedroom home in a newly built Mesquite subdivision for $369,000, in 2015, property records show. Past court filings and recorded deeds in California and Texas suggest he co-owned rental property.  He previously lived in another Mesquite – the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, Texas – from 2004 to 2012, according to Mesquite, Texas, police Lt. Brian Parrish. Paddock owned at least three separate rental properties, Parrish said, and there was no indication the police department had any contact with him over that time.  He has been divorced at least twice, including marriages that ended in 1980 and 1990. One of the ex-wives lives in Southern California, where a large gathering of reporters congregated in her neighborhood. Los Angeles police Sgt. Cort Bishop said she did not want to speak with journalists. He relayed that the two had not been in contact for a long time and did not have children.  In 2012, Paddock sued the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Resorts in Nevada, saying he slipped and fell on a wet floor there. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed by a judge and settled by arbitration.  Reached by telephone, Paddock’s lawyer at the time, Jared R. Richards, said he could not comment because of client confidentiality concerns.  ___  Johnson reported from Seattle. Associated Press writers Terrance Harris and Tamara Lush in Orlando, Florida; Jennifer Kay in Miami; Florida; Eric Tucker in Washington, D.C.; Mike Balsamo in Las Vegas; David Warren in Dallas; Michael Sisak in Philadelphia; Lindsay Whitehurst in Salt Lake City; Jeff Donn in Plymouth, Massachusetts; Sadie Gurman and Eric Tucker in Washington; and AP researcher Rhonda Shafner in New York contributed to this report.  ___  For complete coverage of the Las Vegas shooting, click here.(Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) , Authorities investigating background of alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock Posted: October 2, 2017center_img October 2, 2017 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

EXCLUSIVE Elsevier hosts wellbeing day for 700 Oxfordbased staff

first_imgEXCLUSIVE: Information analytics organisation Elsevier has hosted a wellbeing day for 700 Oxford-based employees as part of its global health and wellbeing initiative, MindLife.The inaugural wellbeing day, held in July 2019, aimed to promote the overall health and wellbeing of employees working at Elsevier’s Oxford operating site.The wellbeing day enabled staff to participate in health checks, creative workshops and fitness classes. Former Olympic athlete and gold medalist Sally Gunnell OBE was also in attendance, presenting a keynote session that discussed the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as sharing her top tips on building resilience.In addition, Gunnell officially opened Elsevier’s new wellbeing room, a dedicated space designed to empower employees to prioritise their wellness and take time away from their work. The wellbeing day was communicated to staff via internal emails and on-site posters.The organisation’s global MindLife programme features five key pillars that aim to support the wellbeing of Elsevier’s 7,500-strong worldwide workforce; these include energising the body, nurturing the mind, career development, balancing lifestyle and working to protect the community. The pillars strive to address the employer’s commitment to its staff as well as to its social responsibilities.Moving forwards into 2019, the MindLife programme will adopt a financial wellbeing and mental health focus; Elsevier has trained 16 mental health first aiders in June 2019 to kickstart this activity. The organisation seeks to provide staff with the tools and techniques to optimise their energy and productivity at work.Simon Helliwell, executive vice president, HR, at Elsevier, said: “Elsevier cares about the health and wellbeing of employees, both at home and at work, and takes seriously its responsibility as an employer.“The launch of our new global wellbeing programme, MindLife, is a positive step to highlight the support available across our [organisation]. By launching MindLife, we will be raising awareness of the many different approaches our employees can take to support a [healthy] body and mind.”last_img read more

Veterans prepare for Soldier Ride with bike fitting in Aventura

first_imgAVENTURA, FLA. (WSVN) – – Several veterans are gathering for a healing ride throughout South Florida thanks to the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride.Participants had a bike fitting in Aventura ahead of the event, Wednesday.Veterans were outfitted with cycling equipment to ride as one on Thursday.“It’s more than just a bike ride, so it’s three days of cycling, events, Jungle Island, Joe Stone Crab, Dolphin Research Center,” said Nick Kraus, founder of the ride, “and the support we get here in South Florida — I can’t say enough about it. It’s unbelievable. It’s fantastic.”Soldier Ride is a multi-day program that pushes people physically and mentally.The ride will start on Thursday in Miami Beach and will wrap up on Saturday in Key West with a big celebration.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more