Modern Measure Shares New Single “Hope” And Winter Tour Dates [Premiere]

first_imgAtlanta based electronic duo Modern Measure has some exciting grooves in the works, as they plot a major winter tour and a new album. The band is set to release their new full length album, For The Moment, on February 24th, and we’re honored to have your first cut from the new release.Titled “Hope,” the new jam is a straight fire groove that employs guest work from JuBee (Michal Menert). The uplifting new single comes at a time of social divisiveness, bringing listeners together with a powerful musical display. Check out the official stream of “Hope,” below.If you like what you hear, there’s more coming on the horizon, including a collaboration with STS9’s Jefree Lerner. There’s plenty of Modern Measure love to go around, as the band will be on the road all winter into the spring. Check out their tour schedule below, and head to the band’s website for details.last_img read more

Ban Ki-moon delivers Asia Leadership Forum keynote

first_imgBan Ki-moon, former United Nations secretary-general, led the keynote speech at the third-annual Asia Leadership Forum at Notre Dame on Wednesday evening. Ban, the South Korean native who served as secretary-general from 2007 to 2016, discussed the importance of developing global citizens.University President Fr. John Jenkins and Rotary International general secretary John Hewko expressed their gratitude for Ban, who they said had come to share with us how we can continue to make meaningful strides further in the world. Zachary Yim Ban Ki-moon, the eighth secretary-general of the U.N., speaks about the importance of cooperation at the Asia Leadership Forum Wednesday night.Throughout his career at the U.N., Ban, who was the first East Asian elected to the secretary-general role, was successful in expanding the humanitarian and global development agenda, working in the policy realms of poverty, education, climate change, gender equality and public health. Ban’s childhood experiences — specifically the Korean War — led him to this humanitarian work.“When the North and South began fighting, all the children recognized the blue U.N. flag as the hope,” he said. “They saved us.”Since his time as secretary-general, Ban has continued to raise awareness for the importance of developing global citizens and the idea that partnerships such as the connection between the U.N. and Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs and Liu Institute for Asia and Asian studies, can help remedy many of the world’s current problems.“It is a great honor and privilege to deliver this keynote speech at Notre Dame’s third leadership forum,” Ban said. “This is one of the most celebrated learning institutions in the United States and one rooted in the strong Catholic tradition of pursuing teaching and research focused on the common good.”Ban credited Notre Dame’s global influence and showed his support for Notre Dame football.“Indeed Notre Dame’s history, academics, culture and legendary football team are known all around the world, including in Korea,” he said. “Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame.”Recognizing both the risks and progress of the world today — tariffs, climate change, artificial intelligence, block chain, robotics and biotechnology — Ban said people must come together to work on different issues.Even in a country as large as the U.S., he said, “you cannot do it alone.”In addition to global citizenship, Ban returned to another success of his career as secretary-general: the formation of the Paris climate agreement that was ratified by 195 countries around the world.“Climate change is no longer a debate,” Ban said. “It’s happening here.”Ban referenced a study specifically pertaining to Indiana temperatures, which are expected to rise five to six degrees Celsius by the middle of the 21st century. The Paris agreement, Ban said, is a plan to maintain the global temperature rise to two degrees Celsius or less.“The Paris agreement is the best hope to persevere over threats to our ailing planet, but we need to work together,” Ban said. “Bottom line, we don’t have a plan B because we don’t have a planet B.”He also expressed his disappointment with the the U.S. exit from the Paris Agreement in June 2017.“It was shortsighted and it isolates the United States from literally every other country in the world,” Ban said. “President [Donald] Trump is on the wrong side of history, and even though I don’t have a vote, I hope that he will change his mind.”Ban closed by reiterating the importance of global citizenship and giving a clear definition: Global citizenship is a concept that serves as a tool to solve challenge and achieve goals. Those who are global citizens are “not a member of a nation, but a citizen of the world.”He called on young people, saying they have the most legitimate voice to elevate global citizenship and continue to be problem solvers.“Despite challenges we currently face, partnerships and global citizenship can help us achieve our goals,” Ban said. “Let’s work together so no one’s left behind in this world.”Tags: asia leadership forum, Keough School of Global Affairs, Liu Institute, Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies.last_img read more

Exchanging culture

first_imgHost an adultOn most days, Kyoko went to work with Cantrell, but she spent onework day with Cantrell’s husband Gary, a media specialist.”It was the school’s open house and she read some Japanesebooks to the children and played games,” she said. “Now Kyoko andone of the teachers are going to set up an e-mail exchangebetween their students.”A music lover, Kyoko enjoyed accompanying the Cantrells on theirfamily vacation to the Belle Chere Music Festival in Asheville.”She was very excited to go on ‘an American road trip,'” Cantrellsaid.Back in Atlanta, the Stubbs have made lifelong friends in theIrikura family, despite the fact that they’ve never met or spokento one another.”We write e-mails back and forth using a computer program thatconverts English to Japanese and vice versa,” Stubbs said. “Ourfamilies have become wonderful friends, and now my eldestdaughter Elizabeth wants to go to Japan through the program nextsummer.”If you are interested in hosting a student or chaperone nextsummer, contact Buckley at (706) 542-8735 or email him [email protected] Don’t put on a show”The goal isn’t to put on a great show,” said Jeff Buckley,coordinator of Georgia 4-H’s international and citizenshipprograms. “It’s to live your daily life: eat dinner, do laundry– just normal daily life activities. There’s no one recipe forhow to be a host family. You just have to interact.”In the Southern tradition, most Georgia host families make apoint to entertain their Japanese guests.This year’s experience wasn’t the first for the Stubbs family.They hosted Chinami’s brother Ryosuke two years ago.”Ryosuke was shy, and he mostly hung out with my son Charlie andplayed video games,” said Denise Stubbs. “Chinami was totallydifferent. The minute she saw us, she ran into my arms. And shewas full of questions the entire visit.”Communication is a big part of being a successful host, Buckleysaid. Some students speak a little English. “Some speak verylittle English,” he said. “This actually helps the students learncommunication skills. They have to learn how to communicate withsomeone who speaks a different language.”Chinami taught the Stubbs children how to sing the Japanesealphabet. “And every word we taught her in English, she taught usin Japanese,” Stubbs said. By Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaThe Stubbs family spent their summer vacation the typical way:trips to Six Flags Over Georgia, Zoo Atlanta, Stone Mountain anda Braves’ game. Having Japanese student Chinami Irikura along,though, sometimes made it feel like their first trip.As part of the Georgia 4-H Labo Summer Inbound Program,12-year-old Chinami spent a month in the Stubbs DeKalb Countyhome. The program pairs Georgia families with students andchaperones from Japan.Host families must have children 11 to 17 years old and sharetheir home and their meals.center_img Trying new foodsStubbs loved watching the students learn about America.”Chinami pointed out all the differences for us,” she said.”There are a lot of Japanese foods we don’t have here, but shewas thrilled to see Oreo cookies. She thought they only had themin Japan.”Stubbs introduced Chinami to American and Southern foods. By theend of the month, her favorite American foods were chipped beefand gravy, Krispy Kreme donuts, McDonald’s cheeseburgers andsweet tea.”She called our tea ‘Georgia tea’ and loved it so much we had tosend her home with a huge supply of Luzianne tea bags, a teapitcher and a measuring cup,” Stubbs said. “Now she makes itevery day back in Japan.”Georgia families hosted 13 Japanese students and two chaperonesthrough the program this summer. Laurie Cantrell of Statesborohosted chaperone Kyoko Kawabata this summer.last_img read more

Rain Simulator

first_imgA simulated rain research project coordinated by two University of Georgia scientists is aimed at enhancing and improving vegetable production.A custom-built rainfall simulator previously developed by scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Southeast Watershed Research Laboratory in Tifton, Georgia, stands 10 feet wide, 10 feet long and about 10 feet high. By accurately simulating rainfall, the machine allows UGA researchers George Vellidis and Tim Coolong to study the effects that rain and runoff have on growing vegetables in plasticulture systems in Georgia. It has electrical hookups with power nozzles that spray water into troughs. Depending on the amount of rainfall desired, the simulator can dispense water through openings in the troughs to crops below. This allows the researchers to apply specific rainfall amounts to a cropping system in hopes of determining the percentage of rainfall that may be absorbed by plants under the plastic mulch, for example.“Whether you want 1 inch of water per hour, a very light mist, or 6.5 inches an hour, it can be programmed to supply the water,” said Coolong, a horticultural scientist at the UGA Tifton Campus, who is collaborating with Vellidis, a precision agriculture specialist. “Consequently, you can look at runoff or rain splash events or water movement under plastic mulches.”Coolong has wanted to study how much rainfall actually contributes to soil moisture under plastic mulches. This machine helps him collect real-world information that can be used to make irrigation recommendations to growers.“When we try to manage irrigation, we don’t have a good handle on how much rain moves under the mulch and how much is runoff,” Coolong said.Coolong is also teaming up with Vellidis and researchers from Emory University to study potential food safety risks due to soil splash using the rainfall simulator. They are looking at points of interest, such as rain splash of foodborne pathogens found in the soil that might affect the quality of fresh produce.“As raindrops hit the soil, soil particles splash up onto plants,” Vellidis said. “We want to see if this rain splash can detach soil particles that carry bacteria and deposit them onto plants. If this happens, the bacteria could make humans sick if the edible portions of the plants are consumed raw.”Vellidis applies nonpathogenic bacteria to the soil to see what rain events might transfer the bacteria from the soil to plants. “In food safety, we’re concerned about certain types of E. coli and salmonella that are pathogenic,” Vellidis said. “We’re not actually going to use pathogenic bacteria in the study because we don’t want to spread them in the environment. Instead, we’re going to use nonpathogenic bacteria that will act as surrogates for the pathogenic bacteria.”Coolong is also using the rain simulator to improve the Smart Irrigation application ( developed by the University of Florida. He wants to provide additional information to improve the app for vegetable growers by using the rain simulator to dial in rainfall amounts.“If we can get this rainfall data incorporated into an appropriate model, we’ll be able to use that to make the app a little bit better,” Coolong said. “This app is basically tied into different weather stations, and it will tell you how much to irrigate based on temperature, sunlight and so forth. It doesn’t take into consideration, however, a lot of rain events when growing vegetable crops on plastic mulch. It would be nice to know how much the rainwater contributes to the overall irrigation of your crops on the plastic.”Vegetable production is a huge industry in Georgia. It brought in a little over $1 billion in 2014, according to the most recent Georgia farm gate value report. Most of the top vegetable production occurs in the southern and southwestern parts of the state. Onions occupy the top spot in terms of the farm gate values for Georgia vegetables.last_img read more

Drug traffickers in Honduras displace indigenous people and destroy forests

first_img Drug traffickers damage the environment In addition to disrupting the lives of indigenous people, drug traffickers are destroying vast swathes of irreplaceable rainforests in Honduras and elsewhere in Central America, according to a report published in the January, 2014 issue of the U.S.-based magazine Science. Deforestation rates in eastern Honduras had actually been on a slight decline until 2007. That’s when Mexican organized crime groups such as Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel significantly increased their operations in the area. They began moving into the area in response to increased pressure by Mexican security forces. The rate of forest loss in Honduras increased dramatically with the surge in organized crime. Between 2007 and 2011, forest loss in environmentally sensitive areas in eastern Honduras increased nine-fold, from approximately 20 square kilometers in 2007 to approximately 180 square kilometers in 2011, according to the Science report. The problem became so severe that in 2011 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated Honduras’ Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve, one of the few remaining tropical rainforests in Central America, as a “World Heritage in Danger” zone. The Biosphere Reserve is home to a number of threatened or rare animal species, including giant anteaters, jaguars, ocelots and macaws. Not all of the deforestation is attributable to drug traffickers. Non-drug related commercial logging, agribusiness and other factors also are major causes of deforestation in Honduras. But in a vicious cycle, drug traffickers often “launder” their drug money by investing it in logging and agribusiness operations that also cause deforestation. “The vast profits that traffickers earn from moving drugs appear to create powerful new incentives for (drug traffickers) themselves to convert forest to agriculture (usually pasture or oil palm plantations),” the Science report states. “Buying and ‘improving’ remote land (by clearing it) allows dollars to be untraceably converted into private assets, while simultaneously legitimizing a (drug trafficker’s) presence at the frontier.” AND WHY? IF YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT’S GOING ON…BOMB THEM AND END IT. THEY KILL BECAUSE WE RESPECT THEIR LIVES AND ALL THEY ARE SOWING IS VIOLENCE, ORGANIZED CRIMES AND SOCIAL CHAOS AND ON TOP OF IT, ILLICIT PROFITEERING… BOMBARD THE ALREADY KNOWN AREAS…. That’s where the armed forces and the soldiers need to be. But noooo, the police in Honduras is bought off, one should know that it’s Honduras and not Mexico. From the coastal region of the Brus Laguna and Juan Francisco Bulnes municipality alone one hundred families have emigrated since 2013 to other parts of the country and in Nicaragua. Including myself and my family we left our assets, given the same criminal activities and terrorist acts, there is no investigation made, they all go unpunished by the corresponding authorities, such as the special prosecutor’s office for ethnic groups, DINAFROH, Masta and the Public Ministry In August and September 2014 they have already coerced the Misquitos and Pech indigenous people to abandon their lands so they can buy it within the cultural zone and the center of the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve in order to plant the African palm, and they are already cleaning the area to plant the palms. The leaders of the Indigenous Organizations that represent us have partnered up with the organized crime. You should investigate them and enforce the law on them. There are no reports on the proper petitions and that’s because they are bribed through acts of corruption and have collected taxes for the landing of small planes that were bringing drugs into La Mosquita. By Dialogo September 03, 2014 Transnational drug trafficking organizations in Honduras – such as the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas – are displacing indigenous tribal groups and destroying critical forests and wildlife habitats. Drug traffickers are forcibly taking over tribal lands and clear-cutting virgin forest to make clandestine landing strips for drug flights, according to authorities. Such activities have deprived local indigenous tribes of food and disrupted their traditional lifestyles. Leaders of the Miskito, Pech and Tawahka tribes said there were at least 39 operational drug trafficking airstrips on their lands in eastern Honduras. Drug traffickers land two or three flights a week on some of the clandestine air strips, according to a report in Organized crime operatives used armed guards and wire fences to keep indigenous people away from the areas around the landing strips. This prevents members of the Miskito, Pech and Tawahka tribes from hunting, fishing in area rivers, and tending to their farm crops, which include rice, sweet manioc, and yams. center_img Some tribal people flee organized crime violence Drug traffickers are also putting the indigenous population at risk by engaging in violent gun battles with organized crime rivals. Indigenous tribes are often caught in the middle of such violence, and many have left their homes to avoid the bloodshed. For example, in the Mosquitia region of northeastern Honduras, five indigenous tribes have partially or totally abandoned their land, according to press reports. The 2,000 members of the Tawahka community are considering moving women, children and the elderly out of their homes in Honduras to relative safety in neighboring Nicaragua. Drug traffickers are operating in remote areas, where tribal communities live, said Eugenio Sosa, a security analyst at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH). “Violence, organized crime, illegal mining and other criminal activities are destroying these indigenous communities,” Sosa said. “The organized crime syndicates are wiping out the cultural, economic, and natural resources of these peoples.” Cooperation between tribal communities and state security forces is crucial in the fight against drug traffickers, the security analyst said. Criminal organizations operating in tribal areas are also recruiting young people by promising large amounts of cash to engage in criminal activities. “Indigenous communities need to collaborate more with the state to avoid being victims of these criminal predators,” he said. last_img read more

Adopted annual work program and financial plan of the CNTB for 2020.

first_imgThe 11th session of the CNTB Parliament was held today at the Dubrovnik Hotel in Zagreb, at which the proposal of the annual Work Program and Financial Plan for 2020 was adopted.  Photo: Mint RELATED NEWS: Cappelli: A special Fund has been provided for underdeveloped tourist areas and the continent to encourage the balanced tourism development of our entire country Thus, next year CNTB revenues are expected to amount to HRK 328 million, while for general advertising and marketing activities, special marketing activities, PPS communication campaign of special forms of tourism, organization of business meetings in Croatia, support for TOP events, world exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai and cooperation with international institutions will provide revenues from the state budget in the amount of HRK 56,3 million.  In addition to the annual Work Program and Financial Plan for 2020, the CNTB Parliament adopted the Report of the Supervisory Board on the supervision of the Croatian National Tourist Board for the first nine months of 2019, the rebalance of the Annual Work Program and Financial Plan for 2019 and The mandate of the representatives of the Tourist Boards of Zagreb, Šibenik-Knin and Koprivnica-Križevci counties and the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb in the CNTB Parliament to the positions of the representatives whose term of office has ended was confirmed. “Next year is especially important for Croatia because of two major events involving the Ministry of Tourism together with the Croatian National Tourist Board, namely the Croatian presidency of the EU Council and appearance at the world exhibition EXPO Dubai, which we will try to use to promote Croatia in Europe and the world. . In addition, 2020 is significant for the Croatian tourist system due to the new legislative changes that will come into force at the beginning of the year. Through the new legislative framework, within the system of tourist boards, through the allocation of additional financial resources from the Fund for Associated Tourist Boards, we encourage association, which will lead to financial sustainability and better market performance of the entire tourist area. For underdeveloped tourist areas and the continent, we have also provided a special Fund from which activities will be financed to encourage the balanced tourism development of our entire country. I believe that all stakeholders in the tourism system will be satisfied after the start of the implementation of new laws that will contribute to the modernization of Croatian tourism after more than 20 years. ” Cappelli concluded.  According to the CNTB, cooperation will be established with partners from the tourism industry and strategic promotional campaigns will be implemented in cooperation with travel organizers for Croatia who are strengthening their programs or expanding the period of operations in the pre-season and post-season with a tendency to further growth.  “After the Tourist Council, which adopted the Annual Work Program and Financial Plan of the CNTB for 2020, today the members of the Croatian National Tourist Board did the same. This is a key document that contains guidelines and promotion activities in the next year, during which our goal will be to maintain the competitive position of Croatian tourism in European markets, but also to further position our country in China, USA, Australia, Canada, Korea, etc. We will conduct key marketing and PR campaigns, perform at major world fairs, organize special events and workshops, and for promotional purposes we will use major international events such as Rijeka European Capital of Culture, European Football Championship, Tokyo Olympics and Expo Dubai., said CNTB Director Kristjan Staničić, adding that part of the promotional activities will certainly include Croatia’s presidency of the Council of Europe.  In addition, the CNTB will carry out marketing and PR activities by encouraging large tourism initiatives such as the largest multi-day sports and other entertainment events that are in the function of raising the attractiveness and recognizability of the overall tourist offer of Croatia. CNTB will also conduct advertising campaigns and PR activities in emitting markets, will participate in the world exhibition Expo 2020. Dubai, which opens in October 2020 and lasts until March 2021, and will carry out all activities related to the development of a new Strategic Marketing Croatian tourism plan. The Work Program and Financial Plan for 2020 plan to spend the funds raised in order to raise awareness of Croatia as an attractive tourist destination throughout the year, to increase demand for Croatian tourist products, and increase tourist traffic and general consumption.  DR.SC. BOŽO SKOKO: HOW WILL WE USE THE CROATIAN EU PRESIDENCY AND THE OPPORTUNITIES OF 2020? Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli said that in the coming period the even greater focus will be on strengthening the visibility of the world market using various channels to promote our biggest tourist assets such as health, gastro and nautical tourism.last_img read more

Planning: New authorities face similar problems on both banks of the Humber

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Lights… camera…

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Mums protest Polish president’s anti-gay rhetoric

first_img“They are trying to make us believe that this is about people but it is an ideology,” he said.Several other politicians have espoused similar positions in recent weeks and gay rights were also a key issue ahead of parliamentary elections in October.According to the latest opinion polls, Duda has around 40 percent support but his main rival, Warsaw’s centrist mayor, Rafal Trzaskowki, is catching up quickly. “Mister President, we are scared for our children,” said Biedron, standing outside the presidential residence.”We do not want to lose them just because someone who thinks they are not human attacks them, kills them or pushes them to suicide,” she said, adding that anti-gay language was “depriving them of humanity”.Duda, who is from the governing nationalist Law and Justice Party, is hoping his campaign will win the support of Poland’s powerful Catholic Church and a traditionally-minded section of Polish society.”During the entire communist era, communist ideology was imposed on children. That was Bolshevism. Now people are trying to brainwash them with a new ideology. It’s a sort of neo-Bolshevism,” Duda said on Saturday. Topics :center_img A group of mothers of Polish gay people protested on Monday against the use of anti-gay rhetoric by President Andrzej Duda and other conservative politicians.Ahead of a presidential election on June 28, Duda is ramping up a campaign against “LGBT ideology” which he likened to communism in a speech on Saturday.”What you are saying about our children is painful and enormously harmful,” said Helena Biedron, the mother of left-wing presidential candidate Robert Biedron and one of the women at the demonstration in Warsaw.last_img read more

Alabama passes bill banning abortion

first_imgBBC News 15 May 2019Family First Comment: Supporters say they expect the law to be blocked in court but hope that the appeals process will bring it before the Supreme Court. They want the court, which now has a conservative majority, to overturn the 1973 (Roe v Wade) ruling legalising abortion.Alabama has become the latest US state to move to restrict abortions by passing a bill to outlaw the procedure in almost all cases.The law includes a ban on abortion in cases of rape or incest.Supporters say they expect the law to be blocked in court but hope that the appeals process will bring it before the Supreme Court.They want the court, which now has a conservative majority, to overturn the 1973 ruling legalising abortion.Alabama’s 35-seat Senate is dominated by men, and none of its four female senators backed the ban. It was then signed by Alabama’s Republican governor, Kay Ivey.Sixteen other states are seeking to impose new restrictions on abortion.Earlier this year the Supreme Court blocked implementation of new abortion restrictions in Louisiana. However the ruling was made by a narrow margin and the case is due to be reviewed later this year.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more