"steamed stuffed bun shop so many brands, how do I know that the project is better? Don’t know which one to buy." This is a lot of steamed stuffed bun shop is a headache. Xiao Bian here to recommend good garden steamed stuffed bun. Nice garden buns join need how many money? Nice buns a snack park to join, join the project, management mode and flexible garden steamed stuffed bun has broken the limit of region market, commercial areas, residential areas, schools and other surrounding all venues are potential market resources. How much money do you need to invest in a good garden steamed stuffed bun? Let’s look at the details of the investment of the good garden steamed stuffed bun!

good garden steamed stuffed bun introduction fee

1, joining fee: 12 thousand (brand life of 3 years).

2, product supply margin: 20 thousand (expiration of the contract can be returned).

3, contract margin: 5 thousand (contract expires and no breach of contract may be returned).

4, store decoration: 2-3 million (due to the size of the store and the cost varies).

5, advertising costs: 10 thousand (due to the different advertising area and cost).

6, equipment costs: 20 thousand (specific to the actual).

7, other miscellaneous: 5 thousand (steamer, accessories, etc.).

(Note: good garden steamed stuffed bun franchise business, the headquarters of the monthly management fee of 360 yuan. In addition, the contract signed assessment fee charged 500 yuan.


open good garden steamed stuffed bun need to invest how much money? To sum up, good garden steamed stuffed bun store investment about 100 thousand yuan. Good garden steamed stuffed bun store simple integration process requires only 1-2 individuals can complete all operations. Whether it is just graduated from school, or laid off to start a business, and good garden steamed buns will definitely be handy to make money to make a good project!

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