Many people believe that

is no stranger to the name of Zheng Yutong, a legendary rich character, his pioneering course is full of wonderful, inspired many novices to start, the following Xiaobian together and look at the legend story.

1925 in August 26th, Zheng Yutong was born in Guangdong Shunde County poor remote Lunjiao town. Since childhood is not very good, but the parents have high expectations for him, and sent him to school. When Zheng Yutong was in high school, the territory of Guangdong in the years of war spread to here, the difficulties of life so that he had to give up their studies, the whole family took refuge in Macao to make a living.

came to Macao, in order to make a living, Zheng Yutong embarked on the road of migrant workers. At that time, Zheng Yutong, not tall, thin, but smart and optimistic, full of confidence in life. In 1940, father Zheng Yutong sent to his old friend Zhou Zhiyuan opened "Zhou Dafu goldsmith apprenticed, of course, another reason is that the two early marriage Zheng Yutong to future father-in-law, here is also easy to contact the feelings.

because Zheng Yutong is clever and hard-working, honest, not long Zhouzhi yuan will let him officially changed to do business school. In the business, he is very fond of brains, often go out to observe how other jewelry business, learn from other people’s strengths, improve their weaknesses. Three years later, he was promoted to the director, is this time, he and Zhou Yuan’s daughter Zhou Cuiying married, work harder from now on, from all aspects to assist the management of the jewelry store.

1946 sent to Hongkong son-in-law Zhouzhi yuan to open stores, then Zheng Yutong took twenty thousand yuan in cash, two gold and 24 in Hong Kong, the location of Queen’s Road No. 148, the establishment of the jewellery shop.

began when he served as manager of the personnel department, shop for selecting a group of smart people, the shop’s business is very hot, until the middle of 50s, Zhou Dafu goldsmith Zheng Yutong in charge of all charges, and responsible for gold trading. In 1956, Zhou Zhiyuan will give Zheng Yutong all production management, from then on, Zheng Yutong the dagongzai officially become the boss, Zhou Dafu became the ruler of the kingdom of god.

the gold started something, Zheng Yutong makes persistent efforts, and the main diamond — beloved woman. 60s Hongkong, the only possession of DeBeers (Day Beers) diamond entrance license only to the other people can not operate on the.

this hard not to Zheng Yutong, in order to obtain the licence, he decided in 1964 to South Africa to buy a DeBeers license of the company, then bought a DeBeers license, Hongkong has become the largest diamond manufacturers. Since then, Zhou Dafu gold, diamond two valve take all, the peak of the territory of the territory of more than 30% of the total amount of diamond entrance, and he also won the jewelry king title.

from jewelry predators to real estate magnate


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