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brands such as pillows, full network recommended "Bei Yang Si pillow join", is a very good project, if you want to join this industry welcome timely attention to national investment chain network – Taking ang ( update the latest project. How do the pillow store promotional activities are as follows:
rely on the brand a lot of people think that pillow stores rely on the brand talent shows itself, but to the development of all aspects of the factors is also very important, such as display technology and so on, but the most important is the promotion. The best method of pillow store promotions, National Day during the central propaganda, compared to the traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period publicity and promotional strategies more worthy of discussion, the author believes that the first National Day concept, a holiday next National Day is a national holiday, to enhance national cohesion in recent years, the need for a suitable release time. The success of the pillow store promotion terminal terminal ready — largely from the ability of sales personnel, first, require the detailed training for sales staff;
do pillow store promotion seems simple, in fact, the pillow store promotion contains a lot of mystery, it needs to store operators pillow, pillow pillow store mining continuous store management promotion mystery, continuously found pillow store’s promotional experience, then let the pillow store sales in the pillow market continue to improve, become a consumer favorite store pillow pillow.


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