now is an era of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship policy around the given some are very good, in Hefei, will create a more powerful influence hit off the gathering, attracted numerous hit off their.

policy under the guidance of "entrepreneurship" fast. However, entrepreneurship and how difficult. Early entrepreneurs often faced with no space, lack of funding problems, but also engaged in many unfamiliar social administrative affairs, start on the road lying many stumbling block". Chong passenger space will help entrepreneurs solve the above problems, not only to provide office locations, but also provide financing, registration, search partners and other powerful help. Through the open area of Hefei maxspace 5F responsible Weng Xiaosong said: "a guest only focus on their main business, other things we do."

in Hefei into a passenger space through the open area of the University City 5F, decoration design all kinds of trendy people instantly feel vigorous innovation vitality. On the first floor of the face of the photo wall, is the entrepreneurial vitality of the smiling faces; in the first floor of a coffee shop, is a friend of the friends of the park; two to the third floor is the office space. Weng Xiaosong introduction, here is the constant development of the Hefei sea Limited by Share Ltd office building, in order to support entrepreneurship, Hefei open area to make up for the use of 1~3 floor passenger.

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came to Hefei, took more than just concentrate on the research of industrial product design, production, packaging, marketing and other set of processes can find partners in maxspace. Here, not only saved the rent, as well as meeting the reception of gorgeous space (CAFE), more partners to make the platform. Here, all walks of life can easily find partners, government departments also actively provide support."

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