since returning home to start entrepreneurship activities, some rural youth began to take the road back home to find new opportunities to get rich. In order to encourage more rural young people to stay in the home development, Zhenjiang launched the rural youth and college students village entrepreneurship contest to achieve the goal of promoting the role model.

to explore a number of awards, publicity, good market prospects and great potential for development, in line with the actual rural youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial projects typical, guide the youth rooted in rural areas, the reporter learned yesterday, organized by the Zhenjiang Municipal Organization Department, municipal Party committee, city and Social Council, Zhenjiang newspaper media group in association with other units in rural areas of Zhenjiang city young and college-graduate village official business competition has already started, the time for December this year to March next year.

participants for the city’s rural youth entrepreneurship (including the city of young entrepreneurs in rural areas), college-graduate village official or village business team. The project must comply with the national and local policies and industry oriented, to meet the market demand, with good prospects for development, in the "three rural" and promote modern agriculture, modern services, new rural construction, rich farmers with good results.

evaluation after the end of cooperation into the final project will start service and professional organizations, organization of athletes to participate in the training camp, mainly combat simulation, special training, marketing skills and other content, invite judges, tutor, director of venture capital, targeted counseling and packaging. The training of the players according to certain weight into the final results.

next March final, through the video show, PPT project, guest reviews, site selection and other aspects of the selection of one or two, third-prize project. Organizers will also choose a number of projects to provide capital, technology, market and other entrepreneurial support to support the implementation of the project. University student village group 3, the organizing committee will be recommended to participate in the provincial tournament.

the current rural infrastructure is gradually improving, the actual implementation of supervision also need the guidance of the government and the social public opinion. But I believe that in the near future, the rural areas will usher in a wave of returning home business, the new labor force is also added to the development of rural energy.

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