a business usually need to handle a lot of documents in the process of development, but some documents can be simplified, with the continuous progress of the advanced management mode of the times, for some unreasonable places in the relevant departments began the pace of reform. December 1st, the newly established or apply for change in Xiamen, according to the individual industrial and commercial households, will receive a unified social credit code to load a new version of the business license.

reporter yesterday from the municipal market supervision bureau, State Taxation Bureau, December 1st, Xiamen will be formally implemented the SOHO "two card integration" registration system reform, the original registration of individual industrial and commercial households in turn apply for business license and tax registration certificate, for one application, by the municipal supervision department issued a business field license. The business license has the functions of the original business license and the tax registration certificate.

according to reports, applicants only need to hold a personal identity card and a copy of the original, to the local industrial and commercial registration, fill in the "table", to "a window" submit "a material" can receive a business license; loading the unified social credit code, nor to the tax authorities for the tax registration, but other tax related matters still in accordance with the provisions of the state tax laws and regulations for. Need to use the original tax registration certificate for related matters, after December 1st, will be replaced for business licenses loaded with a unified code of social credit, government departments at all levels, enterprises and institutions and agencies are to be recognized.


" two card integration "to simplify individual business registration procedures, a new market access mode to establish the program more convenient, more perfect, more content of process optimization, more resource intensive." Xiamen Market Authority official said. It is worth mentioning that the two card integration reform is not a transitional period, that is, not forced to change. In December 1, 2016 before the establishment of the individual industrial and commercial households, if you do not apply to the registration authority for registration of alteration or change according to its original business license and tax registration certificate will remain valid. The difference between the old and the new two business license is only a function of the tax registration certificate, a function without a tax registration certificate.

currently, a total of 197 thousand individual industrial and commercial households in Xiamen, an increase of 15.2%. Among them, the newly established 41 thousand households, an increase of 26.76%. This year, the market regulators for a total of 12 thousand individual industrial and commercial households to change the registration business.

[special reminder]

Xiamen self-employed two card integration registration system reform opened in the future of the majority of the self-employed in the process of documents, will be more convenient and save a lot of time. For loading a unified code of social credit business licenses of individual industrial and commercial households, the tax authorities should contact as soon as possible to enable a unified social credit recommendation generation

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