Henan, ancient Central Plains, Zhongzhou, Yuzhou, referred to as "Yu", because most of the history of South of the Yellow River, named Henan. Henan is located in the Middle East of China, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. Henan is the main birthplace of the Chinese nation and the Chinese civilization, the four great inventions of the ancient Chinese compass, paper, gunpowder, the top three technologies were invented in Henan. Has a history of more than and 20 dynasties established their capitals or moved the capital to Henan, Henan has four Chinese eight ancient capitals. Henan is an important economic province in China, in 2015 China’s GDP ranked fifth in China, the first in the midwest. Henan railway, high-speed rail, highway mileage are ranked in the forefront of china.


honey fruit tea since the establishment of the brand, is to build a "health tea" concept. "Fresh" can drink out of the reason is that all raw materials used in the production of milk tea are fresh fruit. It is understood that each fruit honey tea shop there is an unwritten rule, that is the shop made tea must be used for making the day. Unique business philosophy has also been favored by consumers. Do you have a fruit shop in Henan? There is no doubt that there are many stores in the city. At present, the fruit is facing the National hot joined.

honey fruit join process is as follows:

a, through telephone communication and other ways to understand the company’s joining. Welcome to visit the headquarters.

two, after a preliminary understanding, the intention of the customer can be oral or written to the company to join the application.

After the evaluation and analysis of

three, the basic situation of the company to apply for customers, determine the applicant’s qualification and signed the "honey fruit tea agreement with".

four, the company will provide professional site selection and evaluation of the franchisee, with the franchisee to the specific market environment for research and planning.

five, identified in the area, the company will be in line with the principle of coexistence and win-win with the franchisee signed the "franchise contract" honey fruit tea. Clearly define the rights and obligations of both sides, to create a good space for cooperation and win-win conditions.

six, after signing the contract, that is, the beginning of the store’s investigation, design, decoration stage.

seven, at the same time in the shop decoration, shop equipment to start a unified procurement, and the new staff to carry out systematic, standardized training and education.

eight, the preparatory work is completed, the company conducted a corresponding audit, fully open to prepare!

nine, store business, the company will provide a full range of tracking services, establish a good shop

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