food and beverage industry, as long as they can find suitable for their own business projects, and to make unremitting efforts, then you will be able to dig the first pot of gold in your life, what project in catering franchise brand is good, Xiao Bian to recommend a famous snack food items — maiduo pie. The brand has a number of advantages with pie, rich taste is also complete, everyone likes the delicacy, high market share! So, Zhengzhou maiduo pie joined the way which has several? Then presumably this is the majority of investors want to know, and small for a detailed introduction of


There are mainly three kinds of

Zhengzhou maiduo joined the way:

, a volunteer to join

with pie snack brand voluntarily adopted the mode of operation, the need to pay a fixed amount to the guidance of the headquarters with pie costs (commonly known as gold, by joining) with headquarters management knowledge to teach the pie shop opened, with pie headquarters will also send personnel to guide, set up shop cost by maiduo pie to join the main burden of maiduo pie headquarters only charge a fixed fee to give guidance.

two, commissioned to join

Only need to pay a fee to join the

headquarters with pie snack items, business store equipment and management techniques are provided by maiduo pie headquarters, so the store ownership belongs to the pie with headquarters, the franchisee only has management rights, profits must be shared with wheat multi pie headquarters, also must follow the guidance of the headquarters.

three, franchise

franchisees and maiduo headquarters should be shared with open pie pie snack shop rental costs, the decoration by the franchisee is responsible, responsible for store equipment with pie headquarters, this way the franchisee also need to share the profits, with headquarters and pie higher profits, there is a suggestion and decided to part with power for pie the form of shops.

Through the above

for Zhengzhou maiduo pie to join the introduction, everyone for the project investment model to better understand the characteristics of delicious snacks? Maiduo pie exclusive seize profit market, easy to join a business who can get it


if you have found a suitable for their own kind of join the form, please give us a message in the bottom of our website, we will see the message after the first time to contact you.

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