is the current focus of the work of employment, promoting economic development and at the same time, also can improve the quality of life of residents, Huangyuan to build the platform, promote employment and entrepreneurship, bring a good platform for more people the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams.

the day before, I learned from relevant departments of Huangyuan County, Huangyuan County in 2016, continue to adhere to "strengthen urban and rural employment, actively expand employment channels, and constantly improve the level of service" principle, actively for college graduates, independent entrepreneurs to build a service platform, the promotion and protection of all kinds of people to achieve employment and entrepreneurship.

by employment of grid management, implementation of the recruitment of a county, the job is not away from the employment patterns, accurately grasp the rich labor force, timely update relevant dynamic data, provide accurate service employment for poor people. Give play to the multiplier effect of entrepreneurship and employment, enhance the ability of employment and entrepreneurship, multi-channel to promote the transfer of employment and Entrepreneurship of the poor, to achieve employment, one out of poverty".

in the new employment situation, employment intention and poor families around the labor market demand, Huangyuan County carefully selected professional training, for poor households filing riser in the labor force and the intention of training age workers to carry out training, training courses will do peasant home, give students choose professional space, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of participating in the training personnel training, occupation to "blossoming point results" effect.

carefully combing Small and micro businesses and unemployment insurance, post steady subsidies to the enterprise recruitment, vacancy survey, grassroots service time, in-depth understanding of each big enterprise propaganda policy, labor demand, to solve the problem of enterprise recruitment difficult part of the job, to grasp the needs of clients, to lay the foundation for building service platform.

at the same time, the employment of college graduates, taking many forms of employment policy consultation and employment information publicity, the establishment of "Huangyuan County College Graduates" policy, the use of mobile information network platform ", township and community labor security platform, collect and release recruitment information of labor administrative institutions. Rural employment policies to carry out in-depth activities to help people with employment intention of employment without a way out of the successful employment of the masses, while the development of grass-roots public service jobs, expand the size of the employment internship, ease employment pressure.




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