said KFC, it is not only the countless people to the dining venues, but many investors in the eyes of the gold project, as long as you can meet the conditions for joining, if operating properly, money is that leverage. Of course, all the premise is that there is sufficient funds. So, Kentucky Fried Chicken need how much money?

China to expand in the mainland business, yum "from scratch" franchise, is the mature KFC restaurant for sale to join the applicant through the qualification assessment, and authorize the use of the KFC brand continue to operate. That is, the franchisee is to buy the KFC restaurant already in operation, rather than opening a new restaurant.

shop rules, Yum will be based on the development plan of the KFC to join the qualification assessment by the applicant to join the franchise franchise, by joining the applicant to decide whether to purchase and join. Yum temporarily does not accept the specified in a city to join or specify the purchase of a store to join the application, the applicant should be in order to migrate to work in other cities and the willingness to work and mental preparation.

KFC in China open "from scratch" mode, in principle, do not accept the designated in a region or city "open shop" to join the application. If you just want to be your property leased to the Kfc Corporation, please contact the location of the Kfc Corporation development department, they will assess your property is in accordance with the shop needs, you can query the local Kfc Corporation development department by telephone operator yum.

Kentucky Fried Chicken need how much money?

join initial investment costs:

· join initial fee: about RMB 300 thousand; · training fee: RMB 53000 yuan; · restaurant purchase fee: RMB 2 million.

operating expenses:

· franchise fee: 6% of restaurant turnover; · advertising and promotional expenses: no less than restaurant turnover of $5%.

, after all, is an international brand, therefore, if you want to participate in the cooperation, there will be more stringent financial requirements. In short, if there is not a few million, want to join KFC, will become an unlikely thing. So, if you want to join the cause of Kentucky Fried Chicken, your money enough?

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