don’t always complain that you do not have this one, in fact able-bodied parents alive is the most precious wealth, because some people with disabilities but also to be strong in the face of life, compared with them we are really lucky today, the young man to say that such a brave Shencanzhijian, lost both legs in a car accident that opened a shop at home, business is good today.

an accident caused by lower body paralysis

said the accident occurred in 2012, 1989 born Zhu Ming think now also feel scared. "It was May 12th, when I was in the elevator in the factory, suddenly the elevator cable broke, and I fell from the two floor to the first floor." When Zhu Ming woke up, he was lying in the hospital. "I didn’t know I couldn’t walk at that time, and the doctors and the family were telling me." Zhu Ming said, in addition to lower body injuries, there was cerebral hemorrhage cases. Later removed several hospitals, have done many surgeries."

with the body gradually recovered, Zhu Ming slowly found his lower body without feeling. "Because I can not stand up, only to know their lower body paralysis." When I thought I was young, I couldn’t walk any more, when Zhu Ming was desperate. Later, a doctor advised me to open a shop." Hold a try attitude, Zhu Ming began to venture online.

open shop two years has been the blue crown

"I heard that I would like to open the shop, the people around me laugh, even my sister said that if I can open the shop, toad can climb the tree." In the eyes of suspicion, ridicule, in January 2013, Zhu Ming’s official opening shop.

"I am self-taught, and sometimes ask others in the forum." Shop at the beginning of the main oil gluten, and later sold dry goods, and now the main fruit sales. "Taking into account we have a lot of fruit cultivation of the mountain, the purchase of more convenient, so now the main fruit." From the source to the shop to beautify the care, Zhu Ming step by step slowly groping. The shop is now a blue crown." Speaking of his own small business, Zhu Ming said with a smile.

now, Zhu Ming shop monthly turnover of about 80 thousand yuan, the first day of the single business on the day, and sometimes there is no business, and now one day can receive an average of 30 single." Zhu Ming said that even if the business is not good to do, he never thought of giving up, I was originally a cheerful person." Guy’s face is always smiling.

wants to drive young people to start a business together

camera, printer, sealing machine…… Zhu Ming shows his baby". "The better the business is, the more I have the equipment." Zhu Ming said that he is now not only recommended

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