in the eyes of the people, after Beijing University graduates are out of the social elite, all-powerful in various fields, and the pig started started North wets, let the people below the glasses.

10 26 June three new board listed company world No. 1 announcement that the company intends to issue the number of shares of not more than 25 million shares, the issue price of $25 / share, is expected to raise the amount of not more than 625 million yuan. Issue of the object is not more than 35 new investors. Prior to this set up, the world’s capital has reached 410 million shares. And after the fund-raising, the world will be the number one shares will reach 435 million shares, according to a fixed increase of $25 / share calculation, its market value will reach 10 billion 875 million yuan.

if according to the current price of 30 yuan / share calculation, one world market value is as high as 13 billion yuan. The shareholding of more than 8 into heaven and earth one chairman Chen Sheng worth close to $10 billion. But Chen’s story is far more than that. In addition to the already listed on the new board world number one, Chen Sheng is the famous "pig guy", another of its subsidiary, one pig’s annual sales exceeded 1 billion. In accordance with the current development of the number one pig soil, in time, is bound to be a market value of billions of companies.

– a world No. 1 billion net worth accumulation

8 20 month after the successful listing, heaven and earth one quickly enter the state. This state is financing. 20 day of the listing, but also to the price of 17.5 yuan / share directional issuance of shares to raise funds of $175 million, one of the main uses of these funds is the layout of heaven and earth one O2O. And two months later, the evening of 26, heaven and earth one and nonstop announced the financing plan of the second pen. Plans to 25 yuan / share price again financing of $625 million. Less than two months, the fixed price increase of up to 43%, this rate can only be found in the new three board.

for the reasons for the increase in fixed, one world unknown. Chen, however, has done so on other occasions. Chen Sheng said FMCG industry strong marketing characteristics determine its strong financial needs, once the industry involved in the integration of mergers and acquisitions, companies need is big money". In fact, this is one of the world’s first choice to choose three new board. According to Chen Sheng: I

2015 semi annual report shows that heaven and earth in the first half operating income of 6.3>

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