now, "entrepreneurship" has become a magic word, so that many successful people to give up working for others, or for income, or for the dream, have to squeeze into the business of a single plank bridge.

"new year, we are most busy!" Near Pan Chunting probably, but a moment not stop. At 10:30 in the night, she was still in the warehouse. "Tomorrow is the last time before the delivery of the last year, we have to put all the goods on the online order packing, light Beijing, there are 80 boxes." Pan Chunting speaks fast and works faster.

under incandescent light, Pan Chunting face a small fine lines more obvious, also it is because the adhesion of dirt, skin dry skin long. Used to take a bath every day in Guangzhou, and now a week to get to the village to wash a bath, usually do not wipe the face of oil, no time no consciousness." You know, before returning to Henan Lankao County in 2014, Pan Chunting has worked hard for 10 years in Guangzhou, was a major air conditioning company’s sales of gold, Cantonese exchanges are not a problem.

"before each home new year, so hard to see their parents home, so poor, very sad." In Pan Chunting heart, there has been a voice to urge her to go home, but she is very tangled. Until his father died in 2014, as the oldest child, she made up her mind back to Lankao 10 years of savings.

only more than a year, Pan Chunting was based on the father of 80 acres of yam, circulation expanded to 180 acres, the establishment of the Lankao County to remember the father named pan root and root planting cooperatives Lankao pan Kee Food Company Limited, apply to the "Pan Johnson" trademark, and through the national pollution-free agricultural products certification. Because the business is doing well, the village people call her "yam girl".

"home is not good stuff, but do not know how to sell." Pan Chunting told reporters that she is on the kind of organic manure, after the Spring Festival, it is necessary to pull the more than and 200 car chicken manure fermentation. "Our yams are greener and healthier. Whether it is a physical store, or shop, mostly repeat customers."