novice entrepreneurship has become a more common phenomenon, a lot of new entrepreneurs fancy dessert market opportunities, want to open their own dessert shop. Since it is a shop, you must first solve the problem of location, novices often misunderstanding, find a wrong location, which is not a place for dessert shop open?

1) on slope road

under normal circumstances, the dessert shop should be on the ground floor of the road surface and a basic level, which is more conducive to the store, is considered to be an ideal location. Dessert shop located on the slope of the road, generally considered undesirable. However, there are some dessert shops will encounter such a situation, such as the dessert shop located in the mountains. Therefore, if the dessert shop had to be located on the slope of the road, we must consider the appropriate location between the dessert shop and the road to set up the entrance to facilitate customer access. In addition, the location of the window, the arrangement of the channel, the display of goods, etc., should have the appropriate design.

2) the difference between the road and the shop floor

this place should not open dessert shop. However, in the land of the city, opening a store in a few steps in the underground houses, upstairs floor or is a common thing. In this situation, to design a dessert shop facade, population, ceiling and other signs should pay special attention to, is not only beneficial to attract customers into the store, but also convenient access, the width of the door ladder stairs, should be particularly careful scrutiny of A.

3 (fast lane side


with the development of urban construction, more and more highways. Due to the requirements of the rapid opening of the highway, there are general isolation facilities, the two sides can not cross. There are fewer parking facilities beside the highway. Therefore, although the road side of a fixed and mobile customer base, it should not be used as a dessert shop location. People often don’t stop on the highway for a consumer.

4) residents with low or slow population growth

this area should not be used as the new shop dessert shop, this is because in the absence of floating population under the condition of limited fixed total consumption will not increase due to the opening of new stores and desserts.

above is not suitable for the opening of five dessert shop, do you remember it? Now more and more people have begun to choose their own business, for the novice to learn something is still a lot of, first of all, quickly follow me to learn the location of the skills it, we want to help.