What are the food and beverage varieties of

affected by season? There are hot pot in winter, summer ice cream. However, with the change of people’s consumption style, these two distinct seasonal differences in the consumption of food and beverage has evolved into four seasons hot food varieties. Take hot pot, eat hot pot in the winter warm atmosphere. Summer eat hot pot. As long as the argument is not afraid to talk about consumers do not patronize. Because it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, hot pot restaurant business is as good as ever, so many investors want to open a hot pot franchise, to earn the wealth of life. What do you think about hot pot?

1. hot pot price positioning.

price determinants, so hot pot restaurants to do a good job in the hot pot price positioning.

At the beginning of the

Hot pot shop opened, the visibility is relatively small, so to meet the customers with high quality, high level of service, Hot pot at the lower price, so you can quickly win the hearts of customers, establish a good image in the minds of the consumers, to open their own market.

in the hot pot franchise decoration, to create a high grade decoration, a high level of service to attract high-level customers. To attract more consumers with unique products, recipes and products.

2. hot pot Market positioning.

in the positioning of the hot pot market, can be broadly divided into functions, sources, management and grade points.

can be divided into Hot pot, fast food, small Hot pot characteristics, Hot pot in accordance with the function of nourishing Hot pot Hot pot; Hot pot according to the source can be divided into Sichuan, Mongolia court, Hot pot Hot pot Hot pot and old Hot pot; according to the business can be divided into Hot pot, restaurant, buffet brand Hot pot pot, fire Hot pot etc.; according to the grade of divided words can be divided into high, medium and low-grade, or luxury stores, style shops, public stores, convenience store etc..

hot pot restaurant can also be a variety of popular hot pot, the price of popular low supply, mainly in small profits and quick turnover.