would like to run a restaurant, there are a lot of skills need to pay attention to, this is a very important restaurant location. How to open a restaurant location? Do you have any tips? Xiao Bian today summed up some of the restaurant location skills, this is to look at the location of the restaurant where to open it!

two   when is the best choice: one is the company office in contrast to much of the local, local residents living with two. Selected in the office of the company more than the local, to ensure that the business at noon. In some restaurants, there is always a midday   too much, but not at night. Old restaurant is very concerned about the midday business can not do a good job. This will ensure a healthy day. In the commercial and residential areas, large hotels are usually open less good, do a good job is the characteristics of small restaurants   shop.

The effect of

can also use store dolong City, do not think that many local shops should not enter. A street if the characteristics of small restaurants and more, will form the duolong shop effect rather than the lonely battle, the business is more simple to do. The key is between so many stores, and other stores to make a difference.