although many shopkeepers know that in the course of the business needs to get along well with customers, once the dispute, it will leave a bad impression to other customers, and thus the impact of the store’s business. However, in a step by step down the shopkeeper, some customers really bad attitude, many of the owners in such a time it is easy to control their own. In fact, Xiao Bian here stressed that as the owner, the shop is really doing business with the customer disputes, or by the loss of their own.

open the door to do business will encounter all kinds of customers. Some customers is very straightforward, as long as they are satisfied with the goods, the price is acceptable to their category will simply pay leave; some customers do not touch the East West look, do not say, also pretend to be a knowledgeable way to commodity prick, good to say good, authentic to say a fake.

I am the owner of an acute shop, most can not see those who distort the facts of the customer. I know that the customer can have diaoman with my difficult, most of them still have shopping intention, just want to through the commodity of the fault and I reached to bargain. At this point, I will crush the heart of the unhappy, put them aside. Encountered such a customer, if there are other customers in the store shopping, once because the mood is not good to control the dispute will affect the mood of other customers shopping, and even to me have a bad idea.

whenever the old customers naturally know that my shop is genuine goods, goods no problem, I have always shown to the customer’s character is impeccable. Since ancient times, there is a "trade is not concentric," said that the customer has a question about the price of goods are all human nature. Do not do too much explanation, because the words will be more and more; do not quarrel with customers do not quarrel, after all, the sale of justice. And the customer once the dispute and the face, will permanently lose the customer and produce bad influence after the sale.

I have a deep understanding of this.

just opened the shop that time, I often do not have a good time to control their emotions and customer disputes. Once in a while, is a customer to buy a bottle of bile in the afternoon to take back to the afternoon, said it is not insulation. Because there is no commitment to return the package, I did not hesitate to promise her a new.

who knows when I opened the bottle out of the base, found unexpectedly is filled with a bottle liner scale. To tell you the truth, I was really angry. Not when I was a fool, because I was just a shop to do business, I can not bully? It was very funny, the middle-aged woman mouth is very stubborn, that morning to buy, I want to change a new one can not.

I won’t change it for her. The results can be imagined