even if the shop decoration is luxurious, the store’s products are good, service and then quality, but the beginning of the site is not right, I am afraid that all efforts can only be wasted. Therefore, the correct choice of location, is the first condition to make money shop. I intend to carry out cigarette business, the choice of business address is very focused on the main considerations of the following factors:

first, consider the situation. Shopping conditions directly affect the flow of people, the region’s spending power. The so-called most prosperous is not necessarily the best, I chose to close to the mature central business district, and large residential areas, near the junction of the intersection of the lot.

on the one hand the lot near the residential area, commercial and entertainment center, the diverse needs of the cigarette structure, I ran 5 years, the variety of cigarette sales has been maintained at more than 50.

on the other hand, I borrowed a very close to the popularity of the shopping district, saving the high rent in the commercial center. The same size of the existing store, I shop to save nearly 1000 yuan, thus indirectly expanded my earnings.

furthermore, near the commercial entertainment, convenient transportation, and brings me many high consumption crowd, night cigarette consumption 19:00 to 22:00 concentration of more than 15 yuan in high-end brands, is the key to enhance sales. If the investment area of the shop, the flow of people is limited; at the same time, tenants in the area of consumption is only a convenience for the map, it is difficult to have a sustained, large consumption, which is difficult to improve turnover, the development of space is relatively narrow.

second, considering competition. The grocery store is distributed more widely, business profits, competition, it will only divert too close to the original consumer group, while the impact of long-term operation of the store, easily lead to vicious competition, reduce operating profit. I choose the shop as much as possible to avoid the open road has been occupied by other stores, and will look at the food store street, adjacent to the clothing, to avoid direct competition.

although I in this street cigarette business started relatively late, but since the operation has not been related to sales of cigarettes, cigarette retail stores, has been stable at 5 star level, and gradually become recognized by consumers in retail stores.

third, the locations of visibility. The location of the obvious degree can not only enhance the image of the entire store, but also to deepen the impression of the most direct consumer shops. My shop is located in the main road, the traffic lights at the crossroads of the store, rectangular, high visibility. In order to enhance the overall image of the business, to deepen the impression of the customer to my shop, I will shop in the main street walls are all installed on the glass compartment, the price of cigarettes, assortment of stacked, clean and bright. Through the crowd are able to directly and clearly understand the type of store operations, resulting in the desire to buy. Business people nearby, small