a lot of college students in the choice of professional is a stress, if it is holding the attitude of entrepreneurship, then you must be careful to choose a professional. What are the major universities suitable for entrepreneurship? The following are worth selecting. Interested in what a professional, college students can choose to learn which professional.

1.  English literature major

2.  finance, accounting

if you read the MBA, will also learn a few hall financial courses, but so two or three class can make you confident in the company’s financial statements to investors? It can teach you to run the company how to manage the financial data? Understand finance can make or break a company. If you have a professional degree in this area, you can consider setting up a financial consulting firm, which has a lot of money.

3.  communication class

"communication" in the field covered a wide range, including oral communication, written communication, and the expression of language. This degree will help you learn how to cooperate with others, and how to manipulate others to do what you want to do. Even without the professional degree, want to succeed must also be good at it.

4.  computer engineering

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