24 years to start a business, does not have sufficient contacts, no solid backing, but some of their efforts unremittingly, can accompany their walk to success, then the 24 year old woman is how alone venture success?

but did not earn money to work with the 24 year old Liu Yufen, born at the junction of a small town called people and occlusion in Gansu and Qinghai, and my father worked in a small factory, the mother did not work. The only way to change your destiny is to go to college.

1999 graduated from technical school, after the recommendation, Liu Yufen into Shanghai, a Taiwanese run handbag factory. She studied at the technical school is art and design, I did not expect, and finally did a factory in the no one is willing to do the glue". In the hot shop, Liu Yufen covered with glue and dander overalls often close to the body, let her down, but she never complained.

soon, Liu Yufen was recommended to the sales department as a clerk, she is very cherish this opportunity, she read a lot of books, and quickly understand the market sales of handbags.

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