many investors have a misconception, that if the road of entrepreneurship, that is because of my money, can be free to do business, it is not, because of the money, so it should be to conduct business, change your life.

I first said: I want to make money by working against the extreme to raise own startup funds, they are the most deep retarded. You work to earn enough money to do business less than 2 years, after the social changes in the past 2 years, the business needs to do more money, perhaps you do not look good business before.

work the accumulation of things you do is call a qualified workers exploitation, but not to learn the businessmen have in the market observation and project correspondence skills. If you can not accept this point, you can use their own youth and time to verify.

if you now have no money with me, but also want to start, after reading this article, whether has the feeling, feel whether he should not immediately act, to start their own business in the long-term accumulation of wealth, since the rapid road to get rich?

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