with people’s pursuit of health is getting higher and higher, advocating sports has become a new hot spot, new demand! Therefore, outdoor sports, but also with the vigorous development, it is also a natural outdoor market opened a huge gap, opened a huge market! Outdoor products which brand is good? Might as well take a look at it!

outdoor products which brand is good? Leroy (SALEWA)

outdoor products which brand is good? Woodchuck (MARMOT)

outdoor products which brand is good? Archaeopteryx (ARC’TERYX


R2Jacket recognized as the top. Regardless of workmanship or technology are filled with luxury! Archaeopteryx is Canada’s top outdoor brands, and MountainHardware said the best North American market outdoor clothing factory   home. Founded in 1989 2002, Canada VANCOUVER, Arc’teryx company was acquired by Addidas-Salomon, then with   in 2005; Salomon from A-S group split sale to Finland AmerSports group, Arc’teryx is now owned by Amer Salomon corporation. But  , Arc’teryx still maintains its independent operations in Vancouver, although some of its subsidiary products have moved to New Zealand, Vietnam and china.


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