shop to do business, if it is to develop a new customer, the cost will be far more than the maintenance of an old customer, and these loyal old customers may also bring more new customers to the store. So, for any one shop, loyal customer training and maintenance is a very important thing.

if the customer has a sense of trust in a shop, it will continue to patronize, but also bring new customers to the store. Therefore, the cultivation and maintenance of loyal customers is worth the effort.

experiment, a loyal customer will bring you at least about 5 customers, and these new customers may become your loyal customers, thus gradually formed a huge sales network stability. Therefore, often with the old customers to cultivate feelings, close the distance is a good course to open a good shop. The owner can often provide some unique services to customers, such as gift promotional gifts, send cards or send some birthday or holiday greetings, promotional information timely notice, regularly organize some old customers fashion salon and other activities, stable customer groups.

The successful implementation of

‘s customer loyalty depends on the high sense of responsibility and the spirit of cooperation of all staff, because it directly affects the customer’s attitude and acceptance of the product. In the traditional sense, it seems that only the direct contact with the customer, such as sales staff and maintenance engineers will have an impact on the customer. In fact, this is not the case, the warehouse keeper for negligence to the customer to take the wrong car parts, so that the customer’s car failure, it will have a negative impact on customers.

sales and reception staff often deal with customers. By paying attention to and helping customers, they can gain the trust and respect of the customers, and they are really contributing to the establishment of customer loyalty. Employees who work in technology are not, they rarely see customers, let alone talk to customers.

but if they can do their job well, so that customers buy the product works well, customers will be very satisfied and will cooperate again. Inside the store, it is very important to establish the user loyalty into the responsibility of each employee, so as to gradually move to the popular shop.

is a popular store any often will have a very large group of customers, and these customers are loyal customers from a step-by-step development, or simply continue to develop new customers, I think a lot of the heart should have a clear answer. In short, it is very important to cultivate and maintain good customer loyalty in store business.

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