electricity supplier’s booming development, the rapid development of the industry is also constantly. Therefore, in the Internet era, want to rely on electricity suppliers to obtain great economic development, we must also determine their own perfect logistics system, in order to better promote the comprehensive development of the economy. The following is how to build Zigong city logistics demonstration zone, we look at.

(1) tamp logistics foundation. The introduction of the middle peasants group, Shen Tong and other large enterprises to establish the city of supply and marketing China · Sichuan agricultural products (000061, stock it) wholesale electricity supplier logistics park, South Sichuan distribution distribution of electricity supplier logistics distribution center, third base in South Sichuan, speeding up the regional distribution center and distribution network construction, accelerate the improvement of urban and rural distribution terminal facilities, improve agricultural products cold chain logistics system.

(2) strengthen the subject cultivation. The establishment of the Zigong Logistics Association, built between government and enterprises, enterprises and between enterprises of the "bridge", to promote the city’s logistics enterprises to develop, produce, logistics industry, Oriental sanchen Sichuan Beibu Gulf port (000582, shares) investment 28 key logistics enterprises, the A-class logistics enterprises 3.

(3) to enhance the level of information. Invest 6 million 500 thousand yuan to build traffic demand, freight logistics, bulk products as the main content of the city distribution logistics information system, promote the integration of RFID, GPS and other modern logistics technology, improve the response ability to market changes and supply chain collaboration. Set up e enjoy campus express supermarket, the first batch of 500 intelligent express box has been put into use, effectively improve the logistics and distribution, delivery efficiency.

through the above reports we can see that in the process of economic development, the city of Zigong for the city to build logistics demonstration area, given a series of complete solutions! It mainly includes three aspects: strengthening the logistics foundation, strengthening the cultivation of the main body, improving the level of information. It is hoped that under these measures, the logistics industry in Zigong can be further developed.

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