rural this vast land of infinite wealth, is a very good business place, where the achievements of countless people dream of becoming rich, this small series will give you to introduce a 80 youth to resign, rely on the rich examples raise eel!


2006 conscription began, Zhou Lin heard that soldiers can not only exercise the body and mind, but also a few million in the recovery of wages. Zhou Lin heart, he decided to resign from the work chose to join the army to serve the country. 2 years of military career, so that he is more courageous character, discipline, perseverance, determination, tenacity. Here, with the effort and courage, he soon got the approval of the head of the army.

2 times and won three in 2008 in the heart’s dream he again made a life choice, could stay in the army but he decided to choose professional, bid farewell to his comrades and army officers, he was reluctant to the 2 years of the brotherhood are reluctant to do the sentence. Just let the family live better.

to the hearts of the dream, professional home, military commanders are particularly concerned about looking for someone to help him arrange a teacher at school let Zhou Lin Baoyuan, it was moved to the heart of the dream. Weeks of work to find information on the Internet to find projects. Once home to visit her mother, met old classmate Wang Jian, two people talked about the eel farming chat together (the base, Liao Dusu to eel farming but it is not the size of powder sample) Zhou Lin felt this is a business, after careful investigation and analysis of market prospect Zhou Lin decided to resign to raise eel!

of course, Zhou Lin’s decision is entirely correct, with the demand of eel is increasing, his business is more prosperous, now has gained huge returns, with the achievement of his own dreams of wealth. If you want to start a business in the countryside,

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