although the hunger breeds discontentment under the background of the times, the catering industry is an enduring industry, the development prospect is considerable, but with the rapid development of economy, the change of the times, people change the diet management of consumer life, want to successfully operate a restaurant, or to follow the trend of the times, grasp the future direction of the catering business. In order to have better development.

investment and operating experience of the food and beverage industry veteran pointed out that open restaurants, restaurants, to grasp the social status quo,  .

today, with the development of the city, the population is too concentrated and caused the deterioration of the living environment and living quality, the city’s population is rapidly to suburban development, so the investment can be considered as long as the restaurant away from the urban area, convenient transportation, a large parking lot in the suburbs can open a large restaurant.

is regarded as the early birds do not lay eggs, the night sight range of Guangzhou city on the edge of the Baiyun Mountain area, now many night owls to drive to the consumer, all through the night, outside the popular hot drink, hot springs, night tours, become a modern city the most popular night dining place, it is also times have changed.

Effect of

(1) urban residential quality

A lot of

in the city, because the administration work is not coordinated, efficiency has always been snail’s pace of road construction, traffic congestion caused by the world without end, day and night, sunny dusty, rain water is not refundable or muddy. The restaurant for parking is a problem, not only that, shop rent expensive, the store is small, business is good to accommodate guests, poor business will have to put up the shutters. In addition to environmental conditions, the current national income has increased, there are more and more car owners, want to eat a meal, go to the suburbs than in the urban areas can not find a good parking. So these years belong to the field mire suburbs, began to appear a number of super large illegally built restaurant, parking lot to the cheap rent, wide and large stores, and only half the hotel banquet dishes, attracted a large population to urban consumption. As a few years ago, Tianjin seafood cheaper than Beijing, even there are many Beijing people to the wedding arrangements in Tianjin.

originally built they removed, although these large local authorities in illegal intervention were removed, but the industry had to recover the cost. As the saying goes, "no one to do business at a loss, there are certain industry to seize the initiative, a lot of profit. This indicates that these regions have business potential, as long as the legal registration will be able to benefit.

(2) structure change and leisure time increased


government on population policy "advocated eugenics". "Only one child, as good as men and women". A family of three children, a few playmates, adults have to treat it as a pearl in the palm, love in every possible way, all actions in life and children are. And dual family, "

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