breakfast is indispensable in people’s life is the most important meal, a meal, but now it’s time, few people make your own breakfast, so breakfast sales are very hot, open a breakfast shop will have a very promising market, so as to better open a breakfast shop?

in the city, the subway, the breakfast car in the village breakfast restaurant, office foreign fast food, the public can according to personal preferences and convenience breakfast breakfast market is very popular, which contains business opportunities, what business can make money? How to open a breakfast shop? Now we come to a concrete analysis.

"now, face, meat stuffing staff wages are up, the cost has accounted for 48% of overall revenue. But taking into account the residents of the price of breakfast is more sensitive, the company can not easily price adjustment." Yang Yang Catering Management Co., Ltd., chairman of the board, said Yang fast positioning working-class, breakfast prices can not be too high, 1 yuan a bowl of porridge, the majority of consumers can accept. How to open a breakfast shop? Dongtan Wang said, the positioning of ordinary people, and the pursuit of health, the quality of breakfast does not make money. Yang Yang is now the daily breakfast store sales of 2000-5000 yuan per month, but the more sold, the more compensation". We still insist on providing affordable breakfast, breakfast is mainly hope to train customer base, the use of dinner to make profits." Wang Dong said that their breakfast money as advertising company.

however, be regarded as "profit" and "money" in the early.

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