society has always been that young people are more impulsive consumption groups, so most of the industry are young people as the main consumer. In fact, the elderly economy has a huge market. It is understood that in the country, the professional supplies of the elderly are very rare. However, the elderly market opportunities have begun to show, recently Shenyang and other places on the emergence of a professional shopping malls for the elderly. In foreign countries, as early into the aging society, the elderly consumer market is more perfect industrial chain. In Europe and the United States is very common in the elderly, as well as the elderly toy store. In the highly aging of Japan, there are specialized elderly communities and the elderly commercial street, as well as a special restaurant for the elderly, the introduction of high nutrition, good digestion, small component of the characteristics of the elderly package.

"in foreign countries, the old shop and the number of children’s stores as much as common. At present, Ningbo and even the country’s current situation, it is true that the old stores or related products will be relatively small, which is mainly related to our population structure, not to say that there is no prospect of the elderly market." Research on the development of Ningbo economic trade association Zhong Changbiao introduced, now the most elderly people born in the last century before 60s, the elderly experienced a difficult period, experienced a leaner’s, more frugal life.

The elderly consumer market outlook

"broad, although may not be the same as the foreign development of a mature industry chain of elderly consumer market in the short term, but after 60, 70 after gradually into the elderly, their generation has not experienced hard times too much, consumer attitudes are also more open, it will be the old market future opportunities." Zhong Changbiao believes that from a change can be seen, the elderly market has been more and more attention: now the streets of Ningbo, a variety of elderly health care stores, health care equipment stores more and more. In addition, now in order to adapt to the elderly population, "three high" on the market of low sugar, sugar free, low-fat and targeted functional foods are more and more, in fact, this is also the market to adapt to a change of population aging.

degree of aging in our country is deepening rapidly, the elderly market is further increased, ahead of time to enter the market, can one step ahead to get rich. Zhong Changbiao said, "silver economy" have a brilliant future, but the old man is not equal to the goods in the low-end products, as long as the elderly find intensive and meticulous farming, consumer demand, the future of the elderly consumer market is expected to be a development direction for the traditional consumer market by the electricity supplier extrusion transformation.

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