in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial activities, now the country are actively engaged in the construction of innovation base, but also to create a good social environment for entrepreneurship many entrepreneurs in Guangxi, creating city project construction is like a raging fire.

established since June in Nanning high tech Zone of Nanning city project construction hit off since the autonomous region, Nanning municipal government departments attach great importance to support, to ensure the smooth development of the project, and the Guangxi venture contest in Nanning city held a guest.

6 at the beginning of the month, the construction that Nanning high tech Zone hit off the city project, the autonomous community department leaders immediately to the high-tech zone of investigation, and the project positioning, operation mode, policy support, investment and other aspects of the work and put forward suggestions and requirements of Nanning city and high-tech zones to mature mode with reference to Zhongguancun business street and other advanced areas, build innovation and entrepreneurship platform for college students, and strive to before the end of September and the college settled enterprises before the end of November, the formation of scale. And decided from the level of the autonomous region, in terms of policy and funding to support the construction of Nanning city.

to promote the project construction, during the period from June to August, mayor Zhou Hongbo repeatedly to the high-tech zone on-site office, coordinate and solve related problems. Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Wu Wei chaired a special meeting to discuss the implementation of the construction plan.


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