now the food and beverage industry has been a lucrative industry, many people also want to engage in the catering business, do snack business, but always hesitate to do what kind of snacks, which kind of snack sales the best, the highest profit. The following Xiaobian recommend a project for you, grilled wing shop. Now already enchants the wings on both sides of the Changjiang River, grilled wings suddenly pop up, but become worse. Generally, most of them are overcrowded, and if you don’t make a reservation, you may go to the empty space and even queue up for a reservation. A 50 square meters of grilled wing shop can earn $one hundred thousand a year.

key to have unique features and

reporter investigation, the two newly opened wings shop was Business Flourishes, characteristics and skills can be said to be the key.

variables: push new prices make up the loss of

due to rising costs, some grilled wings shop has taken the price strategy. A wing shop owner told reporters that the price of raw materials, chicken wings may not be so high profits, but you can get high profits from other products.

The average sales of 200 to 400 bottles of beer every day is calculated according to the

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