now the whole social entrepreneurship personnel at the age of shrinking, in many schools in order to adapt to the whole society and the era of talent demand, constantly develop students awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to promote their entrepreneurial behavior.

8 at the beginning of the month, "Sage – global student entrepreneurship exchange (SAGE) thirteenth World Cup held in korea. China’s TeaMore team from the tea culture project, won third of the world’s good results.

"Saizhi – the global student entrepreneurship exchange" is a globally oriented students venture competition, team competition is the leader in the game.

Founder of the

TeaMore project is the new senior high school 14 students of Cambridge hangzhou. They spread the tea culture in China with the original comic books, the sale of calendar, the organization of parent-child activities, lectures and other public events as the background. More than a year of operation, China Saizhi obtained the first district, the best CEO Chinese division, China division most cultural project award and best new media awards.


TeaMore project sponsor named Wang Zhuxin, Hangzhou girl, gives a very stable feeling. She also won the best CEO Chinese Saizhi division who.

"Saizhi" training of students in the full range of

is creative, Wang Zhuxin quickly began to build a team. The original creative staff of 8 people, each division, responsible for media, art, finance, planning and other work. Then the whole project began to run up, do market research, do public speech, comic books, etc..

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